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- The following is an article by an INHS member. Note that INHS does not endorse veganism (100% plant based diet) because of its longterm health dangers - but regards up to 98% plant-based diet as acceptable. Read more about the diet concept in INHS here. INHS also warns that a diet overabundant in fruit can be dangerous - see the article "Fruit - friend or foe?" -

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by Alois Kolar, Practitioner and Consultant of Natural Health - Hygiene, Nutritionist, INHS member

Natural Health Natural Hygiene is the one true science which is based on laws of nature and biology and this is the reason why natural hygienists understand and take this big media pomp which is produced by the art of medicine with its spreading fear of so called "new virus" which according to the art of medicine causes new disease with intimidating consequences, as just another attempt of academic heads to mystify once more their "mission" with causing new massive hysteria of the population, like they once succeeded with inventing AIDS and HIV virus in the 1981. They are tempted by the financial success they achieved with launching the invented disease AIDS which is supposedly caused by HIV virus (this was never proven, but yet it was incontestability proven that it does not!), they gain a huge financial funds of taxpayers money all over the world which improved their economic status, got them new jobs, possibilities for new researches, improved hospital interests and made the pharmaceutical industry with its production of drugs, serums and treatments to treat and "cure" people, richer and stronger, so that they can manipulate and control people with intensifying the fear of new diseases every day. Recent attempt of launching potentially new economic success was the attempt with SARS but people did not buy it, so they tried again, this time with Aviar influenza or a H5N1 virus, as the eminent experts of WHO named it.

Natural Health Natural Hygiene is teaching us that viruses and bacteria never cause disease (virus H5N1 does not cause Aviar Influenza, just like HIV does not cause AIDS!). Hygienists see clearly that disease is not contagious, like health as well. Even for this disease of fowls (birds which are fed in outdoor farms) people are to be blamed with their pervert manipulation and commercial breeding animals, which are squeezed in a small space and eating chemical processed and toxic food and this is the reason they get sick and ill, not because the H5N1 virus. And if we consume food we are not biologically, physically and anatomically adapted for normally we get sick. Especially if we consume commercially breed dead bodies, which were fed with toxic food. We can not blame viruses but we can only blame the art and science called medicine, because they can not and will not understand this simple fact. Not even in the year 2005. They are hiding themselves in their 40.000 diagnoses (and creating new ones all the time with the help of pharmaceutical industry, which is developing new drugs) and fictive healing with drugs and poisons and vaccines, electro-chemo therapies (sadly this is still something spectacular in the eyes of the people) most definitely it is well paid, even though this branch of business is creating new diseases because of this.

Drugs medicines never cure, vaccines never protect us from diseases. Our body is a beautiful self healing system and it always heals itself, only if we enable this with proper, implementation of simple laws of Nature and optimal nutrition, which are the best possible ways captured in Natural Health and Hygiene.

People who feed themselves with food they were biologically adapted and who live according to Natural Health and Natural Hygiene do not get sick and ill with any kind of disease.

Feeding with professionally dissected parts of animal bodies (in this case especially ill ones), which were bred and brutally slaughtered in commercial interests, so that they gain weight as quick as possible and are ready to be slaughtered.

Photo: this abnormal food is not appropriate for human being
Source: the internet

Eating thermal processed food causes toxication which is the main cause for developing some new form of disease and is developed in 7 stages (you can read more on this in AIDS JE OZDRAVLJIV in party paper of Club of Natural Health).

Photo: the lust for taxpayer money, intimidating and controlling people, is unbelievable

The devastating citizen-like way of living and eating, eating with animal flesh, consuming social drugs and life (like the art of medicine recommends it with nutritious branch roped up with pharmaceutical industry) unavoidably leads in developing diseases with final stage of cancer which is fatal in most cases.

Only a sick person is a profitable person, and is then cured undercover of humanity.

The lifestyle of Natural Health Natural Hygiene gives you optimal and highest stage of health. The basic rule of Natural Hygiene is optimal nutrition.
This lifestyle enchases benefiting natural life by the laws of nature: enough sleep, rest, creative work and thinking, breathing fresh air, sunbathing, physical activity, meditation, love and creative hobbies and optimal nutrition, which is compatible with our anatomic, physiologic and biologic capabilities of human organism.

You alone have the chance to choose, this means freedom, the highest stage of Health without the fear of any kind of viruses, bacteria. Not even the H5N1 virus.

Choose it is your health, your body, your life at stake.

Alois Kolar

Alois Kolar, Praktik & Svetovalec Naravnega zdravja -
Practioner & Consultant of Natural Health
Klub Naravnega zdravja - Club of Natural Health:
Gsm: ++386 (0)51 350 086
E-mail & msn:

Naravne Higiene


'morning from my place, I've been finding out that the best way of promoting Natural Health - Natural Hygiene is to write as much newspaper articles, to go to the Radio stations, TV stations to present in the best possible way our personal way of living according to Natural Hygiene - Natural Health way of living, to present to the people who self-heal themselves through those natural principles for orthodox medicine doctors uncurable diseases.

The best results come when I make a powerful lecture all over through my country and at the same time presenting a book: AIDS is curable (authors are journalist Damjan Likar & me). It will be translated soon in English, German, Russian and of course in Thai language), people join as impressed with achieved results of just these simple natural way of living, without medical or alternative fictive therapies, cures...

We have to present this wonderful lifestyle through Optimal food eating. This is probably the main thing which MD are not capable to understand and for sure they will not understand for the next may be 10 years, because medicine is just a medieval science based on "evil, insidious, mysterious" viruses, bacteria, which brings to them nearly a greatest part of tax payers money.

For sure Slovenia is a good place, it is one of the most beautiful countries I 've ever seen, but don't forget, that human coming from their natural habitat: warm places where a period of 365 days is not conditional with 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter). We are coming from sunny, warm places, where is abundance of all sort of fruit as the natural food for humans...the only fast food for humans are all sort of fruits, a bit of fresh vegetables, vegetable fruits, nuts and seeds in their natural state.

Natural Health - Natural Hygiene is just a personal choice, decision; all those who will take this choice, will become healthy, vital, slim and will have the most possible beautiful body, the other one will chose MD, their illogical ways of fictive treatments, which never lead to health, they lead to greater poisoning and developing of new iatrogenic diseases. This will be their way, their way of decision. We all have a possibility to understand, to make a choice between medical illusions and real scientific facts, which based on natural laws, laws of human biology...but depends of personal logical thinking. And this is also personal, individual right...

There is one more thing, Natural Health - Natural Hygiene is the only one science, there is no place for fictive "alternative" treatments as homeopathy, naturopathy, bla bla is not possible to be hygienist and naturopath at the same time. Someone can be or hygienist or naturopath or homeopath. It has to be absolutely clear!

Natural Health - Natural Hygiene is just an educational process where no one cure anything. The body is self-healing organism and needs only to live according to the principles of the nature. Everything is perfect presented in hygienic lifestyle.

Have a nice fruit day, Alois

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