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Listen to Dr. Goldberg about how to become a Natural Hygienist means to depart from conventional thinking at some juncture. To avoid being part of the "sheeple", to dare think on our own. --- We share ideas and thoughts. But we also must process information carefully, always working to keep ourselves in a position to be the final authority on those decisions that affect our health and well being.

Common Errors Of Natural Hygienists (And Other Health Seekers) - 7

  by Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C. D.A.C.B.N.

Error # 7:   Relying Excessively On Authority

Sheep are herd animals. We mock them for blindly following each other, yet people act in similar ways. People generally feel safest when doing what everyone else does. Humans value independent thinking but few willingly stray far from the herd. One of my college students remarked to me years ago, “I don't mind being different as long as everyone else is different in the same way that I am”.

We are followers. Observe the mobs in their devotion to crazed leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Saddem Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin, Ayatollah Kholmeni, Jim Jones, and a host of others who depended on the sheep like nature of people i.e.sheeple.” Many choose to follow others no better equipped to understand life's truths than they are.

Despite the sheepleness, however, is a desire to both survive and to have control over our lives. Most of those things we fear most e.g. torture, imprisonment, etc., involve threats to our survival and loss of personal power. Virtually everyone wants to survive and be in control of their destiny. This seems to be biologically inherent to being human.

To become a Natural Hygienist means to depart from conventional thinking at some juncture. To put aside some of what many refer to as “common wisdom” and as Thoreau said “march to the beat of different drummer”. I think this is true of many Natural Hygienists. Nonetheless, there is within the ranks a general tendency to be different in terms perhaps in what we may choose to eat, the manner in which we regard conventional health care, the manner in which we address illness, and our interest in doing things in accordance with natural law….yet one thing remains somewhat the same…a desire to put trust in authority and follow that authority. This can mean therefore that rather than put ones faith in the American Medical Association, the American Dairy Council and the American Dietetic Association and their spokespeople, that the faith is re-directed to one or more Hygienic or other Natural “Professionals”.

How often one will hear at a gathering of Hygienists comments such as …but Dr. Hygienist C said this….Dr. S said that….Dr. F believed such and such or Dr. Hygienist G proved that Dr. Hygienist W is not really a Hygienist because he saw him drink a Sprite! The problem in putting total faith in believing what someone says (even a “Doctor”!) not only is that:
  1. No one is always correct.
  2. Some people are never correct.
  3. Whoever your authority is will not be around always to lead you by the nose.
  4. Eventually something will happen that will make you lose your trust in your authority figure and where will you be then?
In my life I have studied, in depth, the works of many Natural Hygienists. I was a student and worked under R.J. Cheatham and Dr. William Esser who were dear friends and mentors of mine. Dr. John Fielder who has long pursued a natural life in accordance with the laws of nature/Natural Hygiene (more than any person of my acquaintance) remains a close personal friend of mine to this day. I have learned a great deal from all three of these men as well as many brilliant and dedicated men and women outside of the Hygienic Movement…yet I realize they are all human and all had/have their own strengths and weaknesses (and because all three of them were/are quick to admit it is one reason I admire them!)

We all put on our pants one leg at a time. The most brilliant men and women are those who in the final analysis realize how little they actually know and strive to continue to learn…but always to think on their own.

Learning from the wisdom and experience of others is a part of what makes a civilization a civilization. Modeling ourselves entirely after any single person and accepting every work they say as the gospel is what makes a fool a fool. I am quick to point out to my patients the need to listen to what I have to say and to run it through their own filter, separating what is relevant to them from that which is not.

The single greatest lesson of natural Hygiene is not about diet, fasting, or any single aspect of health. It is about developing an inquiring mind and learning to think for ourselves. That is what impressed me most about the pioneering natural hygienists…their independence of thought and character… as Dr.Shelton so appropriately said…”to seek the truth even though the heavens might fall.”

So…we share ideas and thoughts. We make suggestions to one another and learn from each other. At all times, however, we use that wonderful tool our creator gave us that lies between our ears and process information carefully, always working to keep ourselves in a position to be the final authority on those decisions that affect our health and well being. To make the final responsibility for our actions our own.

Dr. Goldberg Paul


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Dr. Paul Goldberg is a graduate of Bowling Green State University (B.A.), Life University (B.S.) The University of Texas Medical Center, Graduate School of Public Health (M.P.H.), and Life College (D.C.). He has been awarded Diplomate Status (D.A.C.B.N.) by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and is a Certified Natural Hygiene Physician. For twenty-three years he served as a Professor of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition at Life University. Since 1983 he has practiced Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Epidemiology, Biological Medicine, Natural Hygiene and Chiropractic as the Director of the Goldberg Clinics (Georgia and Florida).

Dr. Goldberg's clinical focus in practice, teaching and research has been on chronic disease conditions including Rheumatoid and other Autoimmune Conditions and Gastrointestinal Disorders. He is well known for his successful work in the reversal of chronic degenerative diseases by seeking out causal factors utilizing clinical epidemiology and a comprehensive nutritional/biochemical/hygienic approach.

Dr. Goldberg also serves as Senior Director of Physician Relations for Original Medicine, a Division of Garden of Life Inc.
His website can be found at


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