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Here are some raw parties INHS members attended, in late 2008.

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La Jolla, 12-2008

Met with Happy Oasis & Susan Schenk this weekend, at River's house.
Happy spoke about her world travels in the Himalayas, the Pacific Northwest & the Tropics. She runs the Raw Festivals on a grassroots level & wants to make a difference in society accepting raw food.
I told her about Arun's noble goal to reach out & make a difference with the Obama groups. Happy got very excited & said Arun translates into something very special in Hindu & that she wants to call Arun & start networking with him. Happy is a born leader I could tell that right away. Happy can be found on previous page of rawkinradio, where I can also be heard. Happy has an interesting story about all these people dying practically in her arms while she was in Bangledesh where a dying man smiled at her shortly before passing she renamed herself Happy Heavenly Oasis as a result.

Susan Schenk spoke about her updated book "The Live Food Factor" Susan spoke about her interactions with Virginia Vetrano the wonderful photos of Vetrano doing calistentics up in a tree. Susan also summarized Shelton's Fasting Can Save Your Life work into about a four page outline, also contained in her live food book.
The food was wonderful, I do not eat most raw gourmet but there were plenty of fresh greens & salads without those less than hygienic dressings, etc. as I do not eat dehydrated, blended, salted, oiled & vinegar laced foods, they are so unhygienic. Fortunately there were plenty of fresh greens &/or fruits available.

I announced to the group that my wife & I planned on following Arun's suggestion Obama's Coming of America. There were all kinds of alternative energy issues were brought up, when self- sufficiencly was made a goal, I brought up NH as a very real aspect of self worth & self reliance. NH was added to the list.
This wish list will be electronically forwarded to the local assemblemen & congressmen in Calif.'s 37th congressional district presinct. We will be notified via email what the outcome & plans are from there, as we are considered a sounding board for the government, from the grassroots level.
Sincerely, James

The grapevine ... Helena

Susan speaking

Happy - director of the RawFoodFestival


Houston, 12-2008

We had our annual NH Xmas party & potluck on Saturday, for members, spouses & supporters. Lots of raw veggie dishes, raw cheeses, and a few cooked veggie dishes.
Everybody appreciated the food, e.g. the raw "cauliflower pate" from Susan Schenck's book, Mamiko's kale with walnuts, Mary's grated sweet potato on lettuce-boats.
We got small gifts from Japan - e.g. cows (it is the year of the cow), & newly designed member certificates.
We talked about travels members had done & were planning. Mamiko talked about her Japanese books & lectures, other books, and distributed food pyramids. Anna gave a talk with slides, about energy & sex & Natural Hygiene, based on Dr. Bass new book on Energy-Karezza, and the discussion got pretty wild after that.

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