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INTRODUCTION to The Hygienic Care of Children by Herbert M. Shelton
INTRODUCTION to SYPHILIS - Is it a Mischievous Myth or a Malignant Monster - HM Shelton

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The Hygienic Care of Children
by Herbert M. Shelton

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Published by
San Antonio, Texas.
Copyright 1931 by the Author.


An intelligent man may be wrong sometimes, but a fool is always right. He is never wrong. The medical profession is never wrong. It never changes, except superficially.

This is the reason it is necessary for me to write this book. There are many books on the care and feeding of infants, but most of them consist largely of repetitions of ancient mistakes. There is little in them that can be recommended to the parent who desires to care for his or her child in the best manner possible. They are full of statements which have been known to be false for many years. But the medical profession is never wrong.

An intelligent man may be wrong sometimes, but a fool is never wrong. The medical profession is never wrong.
I constantly see children who are cared for as advised by these books or by the ex-purts who wrote them, or by the doctors who follow these ex-spurts, and I can't work up a great deal of enthusiasm over the results of such care. Indeed, as a rule, to which there are some exceptions, those children who are most under the care of specialists are the ones who suffer most.

It will be said that they are under the care of the specialists because of their sufferings; but I am convinced, from over ten years of careful observations, that their sufferings are largely the result of being under the care and misguidance of the specialist.

The greatest charge I bring against the medical profession, one that outranks the charges of ignorance and commercialism, is that it is artificial and unnatural in almost everything that it does. It is a huge system of antinaturalism, based on ignorance and bolstered up by law and commercialism.

In its dealings with children it is estranged from nature and children are suffering because of this. Its scheme of so-called "immunization" is as unnatural as anything can possibly be. This scheme has been appropriately called a "world of biological make-believe." But it would not be so bad if we could stop there. There are two sides to biology - health and disease. Serums and vaccines possess none of the elements of childhood fancy when viewed from the pathological side. Each and every one of them are pathogenic and their devastating influence upon childlife is difficult to over estimate. We find babies adjudged 100% perfect in baby contests denied first prize, and given a place inferior to less perfect children, because they have not been vaccinated, have not been made sick, have not been scarred and marred. It is criminal.

Medicine's feeding scheme disregards nature to an astonishing degree. It is a complex and anti-natural affair which all too often completely overlooks the physiological needs of the child and which almost constantly disregards the chemistry of digestion.

One can only register pain when he sees the great emphasis which they place upon cow's milk in the diet of the child and greater pain when he finds them to be determined that no child shall ever receive milk from a healthy and properly nourished cow.

As I write these lines there lays here on my desk a copy of the Golden Age, for April 16, 1930. In it I find these words: "Dr. Morris Fishbein, of the American Medical Journal, has been addressing the Nebraska Millers Association on the value of white bread."

Dr. Fishbein is the official mouthpiece of the American Medical Association and, while it may be true, as is often stated, that there are some members of this association, who disapprove of him and his reactionism and bigotry, it is true that they remain silent and continue to aid in paying his salary.

Be this as it may, the fact is that the great mass of physicians, including almost 100% of the child specialists, are still feeding white flour products and denatured cereal products to children of all ages, even to infants. Many of these defend white flour and disparage whole wheat. Many other denatured products are advocated and employed by physicians in feeding children.

Their opposition to sun-bathing is being slowly broken down. But it has required nearly a hundred years to accomplish this. At this writing, however, there are still many physicians who regard sun-bathing as a silly and harmful fad. Others think the sun-bath may possess some virtue but they never advise it and go on day after day just as though it has no value.

Of the other so-called schools of healing, I need say very little. Physio-medicalism and homeopathy are all but dead. Eclecticism is little if any in advance of the allopaths, while its members are few.

Chiropractic has nothing to offer in child care except spinal examination and adjustment. The same is true of Naprapathy. Osteopathy follows the allopathic medical program very closely. The new thought people and Christian scientists have nothing of their own to offer. The Naturopaths, physcultopaths and natural therapists, all of which are really one, have the most to offer, of all the schools, in the care of children, but even these mix in too much of the artificial and unnatural.

When we consider the sick child, we find medicine to be equally as unnatural and artificial, but more destructive, than in her feeding and general care of the semi-healthy child. Poisonous drugs, filthy, putrid serums, septic vaccines, surgery, over-feeding and the same denatured diet mentioned above make up their armamentarium.

When one considers the abuse that parents and physicians heap upon children, it causes him to marvel, not that so many children die, but that so few die. For, he soon sees that the child enters a conflict against sinister foes the day it is born, even granting that it has not been. forced to fight with them before birth.

When one considers the abuse that parents and physicians heap upon children, it causes him to marvel, not that so many children die, but that so few die.
There is nothing in this world more beautiful and lovely than a healthy, well developed, happy and contented child. Nothing elicits our sympathy and compassion so quickly and so abundantly as a suffering child. The freshness and joyousness of healthy childhood, the purity and loveliness of their minds and hearts, the frankness and candor of their little souls is the admiration of the whole world. Small wonder that Jesus declared that unless one become like unto a little child he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

We can have a nation of healthy, happy well-developed, lovely children when we become sufficiently interested in them to place their interest first and commercial interests last. Men are naturally strong and handsome; women are naturally beautiful and graceful. That we are a nation of animated cartoons and caricatures is evidence that there is much that is wrong with the conditions determining or influencing our development.

We can build a nation of super-Venuses and Apollos, with minds as well developed as their bodies and with splendid morals and lovely characters as soon as we as a nation, and as parents, develop sufficient interest in the welfare of our children, to prompt us to acquire and make use of the now available knowledge of how to care for them.

One of the greatest curses of child-life is parents and teachers and doctors. The ignorance and stubbornness and all around cussedness of these deny the child all opportunity for normal physical, mental, moral and social development. These set bad examples before the child, force artificial conditions upon the child, impose their own wills upon it and train it in their own perversions.

The average parent can see no reason why his or her child should not be fed and clothed and cared for as he or she, or as all other children are fed and clothed and "cared" for. Like the average teacher, the average parent is bound, hand and foot, to the traditions of the past, the conventions of the present and to his or her own bad personal habits. These are early made into yokes to fasten upon the necks of children. The normal, natural unfoldment of child-life is impossible enough under such conditions.

But added to these we have the vicious practices and still more vicious ignorance of the doctor. His ignorance of feeding is lamentable. His ignorance of the body more so. His insistence upon the removal of the child's tonsils and adenoids, and upon the frequent and repeated inoculation of the child with vaccines and serums and "anti-toxins" of many and various kinds, his repeated drugging of the child and his many other crimes against child-life, are damnable.

To offset, counteract, subdue and suppress the results of all these crimes against child-life, we have a huge army of police, courts and jails and houses of correction, and reformatories, and prisons, and electric chairs and gallowses, and churches and hospitals and asylums and all the machinery and personnel and pretense and injustice that go with these things. These but add insult to injury. It is as though we placed a dam across a stream and, then, whipped the waters that overflow the river's banks, get out of their normal channel and play havoc with the crops on either side of the stream.

So uniformly bad is the treatment and management given to these helpless babies, so uniform and universal their wails and tears, and so common their deaths, that people in general think little of the frightful infant mortality, while the sufferings of these little ones and their perils are, along with the trials and tribulations of parents, treated as jokes upon which the wits and of high and low degree harp at will.

Parents, educators, nurses, physicians and all others who care for children should strive to care for these little mites of humanity so that they may be healthy and happy. It is one of the curses of our boasted civilization that our children are the prey both of ignorance and of an unscrupulous commercialism. Manufacturing drug houses, physicians who can only be regarded as criminals, food manufacturers, and sweat shop owners, who exploit the labor of children, live off the bodies and lives of these little ones. Like huge vampires they suck the life-blood of children and cause them much suffering and unhappiness and kill untold thousands of them.

Our school system is a blot on civilization and a curse to child-life. It is not only defective in itself, but it is the prey of unscrupulous commercial ghouls - physicians, politicians, theologians, manufacturers, militarists, etc.

The churches are also curses to child life. The greatest crime of organized religion is its method of filling the minds of children with groundless fears of God, devil, purgatory and hell and its emphasis upon the unreal and frequently unimportant. By its doctrine of the nastiness of life, religion has been one of the greatest evils that ever befel the race. It has hid the truth. It has taught the lie. It has cursed many more lives than it ever blessed.


Over against these evil forces and destructive practices I shall place a system of natural hygiene and natural education (not training) which cannot be exploited and commercialized. I shall leave the mistakes of the past and present in the rear, and build upon natural law and the physiological requirements of the growing infant and child.

In the matter of the care of the sick child I shall completely abandon the methods of the schools and offer you a system of remedial hygiene that respects the instincts of life and recognizes the orthopathic character of so-called disease.

The hygienic principles and practices herein set forth have been developed during the past one hundred and eight years and have been thoroughly tested in practice. The names of Jennings, Trall, Graham, Taylor, Shew, Page, Dewey, Walter, Oswald, and Tilden in America, Combe and Densmore in England, Rikili, Hensel, Lahman and Berg in Germany and on the European continent, are deserving of special mention in connection with the development of these principles and practices.

Mother's Hygienic Hand-book, Trall 1874; How to Feed the Baby, Page 1882; Natural Hygiene, Lahmann, 1898; Physical Education, Oswald, 1901; The Care of Children, Tilden, 1916; and Children Their Health and Happiness, Tilden, 1928; are the best books that have appeared which deal with the care of children. All but the last two of these are out of print while these two leave much unsaid that should be said.

I shall draw freely upon these splendid works and upon other splendid books, which are not directly concerned with child care, as well as upon my own experience and study. I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to the authors of the above mentioned books, to all the men mentioned above as adding to our knowledge of the science and art of natural hygiene, as well as to the many others not mentioned.

Having cleared the ground somewhat, I desire to give the reader a few definitions before preceding to the development of the book proper.

Hygiene is that branch of biology that relates to the preservation and restoration of health. We recognize two kinds of: Hygiene - namely, Natural Hygiene and artificial or spurious hygiene.

Natural Hygiene is the instinctive and intelligent employment of the forces and agents of nature for preserving and restoring health. It comprehends those eternal and ever present needs of life, health, growth development and activity - light, air, water, food, rest, sleep, exercise, cleanliness, cheer, hope, courage, poise and freedom from devitalizing habits - and is divided, for convenience, into:

Preventive Hygiene, or the hygiene of healthful maintenance, by which is meant the instinctive and intelligent employment of hygienic principles, forces and agents for the preservation of functional and structural integrity and the promotion of growth and development) and -

Remedial Hygiene, or the hygiene of health restoration, by which is meant the instinctive and intelligent employment of hygienic principles, forces and agents for the restoration of sound health. It studies life and health.

All of this together we include under the term, Orthobionomics. Bionomy is the science of the laws of living functions; or that branch of biology which treats of habits and adaptation. Orthobionomics is a word which I have coined to designate the correct adaptation of environment to life. Orthobionomics is natural Hygiene. Orthotrophy, is a word I have coined to designate that part of orthobionomics which relates to food and feeding in health and disease. The word means correct food.

Artificial or Spurious Hygiene, is the use of artificial and unnatural principles, forces and agents in an effort to prevent and cure disease. It studies disease and death. It employs, as the proper means of preventing and curing disease, poisonous chemicals, of mineral, animal and vegetable origin, septic vaccines, putrid serums, fly swatters, sterilizing processes, antiseptics, surgical processes, and fear, apprehension, panic, etc., as the proper elements of hygiene, and is divided into:

Prophylaxis, which means the prevention of disease; and -

Therapeutics, which is the application of remedies in the treatment of disease.

Together these two - prophylaxis and therapeutics - are designated modern medical Science. A medicine is a remedial agent.

The reader will see from these definitions that that our entire approach to the subjects that are to occupy our attention in the following pages, is diametrically opposite to that of the traditional approach. This will become even more apparent as the following chapters are mastered.

My only request, dear reader, is that you do not condemn those portions of this book which may be new to you or which may appear revolutionary or radical, until after you have throughly studied, and investigated them and given them a thorough trial. Snap judgement should be avoided. Prejudices and prepossessions should not be permited to blind you, to new truths. Test all things and retain those which prove true.

Herbert M. Shelton

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SYPHILIS - Is it a Mischievous Myth or a Malignant Monster?
by Herbert M. Shelton

Read the complete book here:

Published 1968
Health Research
Mokelumne Hill California

The Medical View
"As a danger to the public health, as a peril to the family, and as a menace to the vitality, health, and physical progress of the race, the venereal diseases are justly regarded as the greatest of modern plagues."
—Milton J. Rosenau, M. D.

The Rational View
"The present medical opinion of venereal diseases is an infinitely greater curse to the world than will be all the diseases of mankind when they are understood and treated properly."
—J. H. Tilden, M. D.


   Today we are faced with a new crusade, the knights of which promise us everything short of the millineum itself, if we will but adopt their program and supply them with the billions of dollars needed to put it into effect and carry it on. Yes, they have launched a crusade, a crusade motivated by the highest ideals and the purest altruism, but they do ask for money and, long-time jobs at good salaries. It is amazing how much altruism a man is capable of when he sees an opportunity to reap a golden harvest out of it.

It is amazing how much altruism a man is capable of when he sees an opportunity to reap a golden harvest out of it.

   They ask us for billions of dollars and for autocratic authority over us. They ask us to pay them well to make us do what they, in their infallible wisdom, want us to do. Give us your purse and your life, they demand, and let us spend the one and control the other as we decide best.

   The anti-venereal campaign is presented to the public as a defense measure. "Gonorrhea and syphilis constitute a menace to national defense" and the anti-venereal fight now proposed would be "a distinct measure of national preparedness."

   Indeed the ghouls who fathered this crusade have not missed a single appeal to the public, and our legislators. Their members have been present at every legislative hearing on bills providing for appropriation of millions of public funds to be put into, the empty purses of a dying profession, reminding us of the biblical statement that, "where the carcass is there will the buzzards be gathered together."

   With the plea that it will cost us less money to hire these men to free us forever from venereal disease than to go on as we are, they seek to get their hands into the public purse and to gain a firmer hold on the lives of the people. Indeed they have already attained a measure of success.

   Several cities have established and maintain, at the tax payers expense, clinics for the detection and treatment of veneral disease. Several stales have passed laws providing for compulsory testing and compulsory treating of certain groups. The Federal government has appropriated a huge sum of money to finance a long-term fight against "syphilis."

   Many industrial organizations have been induced to require a Wassermann test of all their employees and to require out reporting to the police. This makes it difficult for the medical profession to hound their victims. He complains about the difficulties that have been met in the effort to "establish the same control as prevailed in Europe." He especially likes the European method which he thus describes: "If a patient fails to appear for treatment, a government agency is notified and the missing syphilitic is located no matter to what part of the country he may have gone." He also approves of Denmark's laws which require treatment of "all infected persons" and which "under certain conditions" force "infectious patients" with "syphilis" to enter hospitals. He finds in the people of Denmark "respect for and obedience to authority."

   It cannot have escaped the notice of discriminating readers that this anti-venereal campaign was launched and is carried on by those who expect to reap financial rewards from the discovery and treatment of venereal disease. The doctors are clamoring loudest for the appropriation of millions of dollars and the creation of legal powers to enable them to "wipe out" the venereal diseases. That they have help from other sources, some interested, others disinterested and well-meaning, though misguided, goes without saying.

   Becker says that "the people of the United States again are syphilis conscious," while Parran speaks of a "curt popular mandate to stamp out syphilis." Of course no such popular mandate has ever been given and the "syphilis consciousness" of Americans was created by a flood of propaganda, largely financed by the hoarded loot of buccaneer, Rockefeller. A group of scare-mongers, whose scaremongering almost equals that employed in 1916-17 to get us into war, is responsible for any mass fear of "syphilis" that exists.

   These men who expect to profit from the search for and treatment of "syphilis" have deliberately lied to the public about the prevalence and evils of "syphilis," in what de Kruif describes as "a fight that will be pretty rough on its victims." The statistics they issue are false and unreliable, but effective in creating mass fear, therefore useful. De Kruif says that doctors and "health experts" don't know how much "syphilis" there is, and that "all statistics are guesses, nothing more." They tell us there are a half-million new cases of "syphilis" each year. The figure is a mere guess and is placed high for effectiveness in producing fear and panic. Those of us who went through the propaganda that got us into war know the power of lies to create mass hysteria and cause the people to give up both their money and their liberties. Doctors who traffic in Hell's Commerce run the same kind of lie-factory the Allies did.

   Statistics are made up of diagnoses and are subject to the whims, caprices, hobbies, prejudices, misconceptions, mistakes and studied deceptions of the doctors making the diagnoses. There is nothing reliable in these.

   In Chicago, efforts were made to get a "popular mandate to wipe out syphilis." After a strenuous campaign the matter was brought to a vote and the alleged results were published. The truth about this historic ballot on the blood test has never been published. Somebody is lying about the outcome of the ballot.

   None-the-less the Chicago campaign of ballyhoo led by Wenger and that ill-famed tool of the candy companies, Bundesen, gave the doctors of Chicago a real taste of prosperity. Then Wenger, the leader of it all, had to give up because his own heart went bad — it is not reported whether from "syphilis," or from tobacco or alcohol. He is only fifty-two but the great medical scientist, who would save others, but cannot save himself, is out for the count.

   They suspect that "chronic carriers" may be a factor in "the spread of syphilis." Here is ground for the creation of more Typhoid Marys, and the life-long persecution of healthy men and women. "Soon," says Dr. Alsaker, "it will be proven that there are but two classes of people so far as the doctor is concerned; namely, one class that carries germs and is well, and another that carries germs and is sick. Soon one class will be in the hospitals and the other in quarantine."

   Becker tells of an "enthusiastic public health nurse of a Chicago Welfare clinic" who "keeps the number (of untested expectant mothers) in her field of work at a minimum by making periodic back door calls to ascertain what women are pregnant, so that the women may be taken to the clinic for the blood test." He seems to favor this snooping and spying and there can be no doubt that the adoption of the medical program would usher in another era of snooping such as we had during the prohibition period.

   He also recommends the use of "scouts" to seek out "syphilitic" patients and to induce those "who have allowed their treatment to lapse to return to the clinic." He says the "medical social worker is indispensable to the management of syphilis clinics," because they are "well trained in follow-up work" and do not "possess the physicians scruples against seeking out" patients. "The code of medical ethics forbids solicitation of patients, and some doctors maintain that a follow-up of any patient, syphilitic or otherwise, is a violation of the code," hence the need of "scouts" camouflaged as "social workers." He would also use the "social workers" as salesmen to sell the treatment to the "syphilitic."

   Becker wants laws passed "requiring physicians and midwives to take a blood test on every pregnant woman at her first visit." "Every pregnancy means that a Wassermann test is necessary," says Dr. Parran. He also says: "Certainly one place where there should be complete agreement as to the need for universal Wassermann tests, is in connection with applicants for marriage licenses." He adds, "Twenty-eight states now forbid marriage when either man or woman is infected with a venereal disease." He neglects to tell what people do after they are forbidden marriage. We seem not to have learned from the bootleg era — 1920-1933 — that prohibitions foster the bootlegging spirit. In an appeal for such a law in New York, Elsie Bond stated that New York state was "being flooded by diseased people who can't comply with Connecticut regulations." She wants every state in the Union to pass a law such as that in Connecticut. She too failed to say what those will do who are refused the right to marry upon the strength of a positive Wassermann, when there is no longer a free state for them to go to. The Connecticut experience shows that they will marry — legally or otherwise.

   Morris Fishbein, the great mouthpiece of the American Medical Association, issued a propaganda book under the title, Syphilis, the Next Great Plague to Go. He, like Becker and others, attempts to impress his readers with the "fact" that one out of every ten Americans have "syphilis" and need medical care. This callous, conscienceless, irresponsible promoter of medical interests says: "every woman who has ever had syphilis should have extensive anti-syphilitic treatment throughout every pregnancy. This should be done whether or not her blood reaction during the pregnancy is positive or negative or whether her infection is recent or has existed for a long time.

   "It has been found that the treatment for syphilis during pregnancy is not harmful to the mother."

   Depending on these unreliable tests is" going to result in many pregnant women being treated for a disease they do not have and in many young people being denied marriage license when there is really no reason why they should not be allowed to marry. Doctors and Medical journals admit this, but the campaign goes on.

   Dr. Parran seems to place chief reliance in Wassermann tests. Becker says that the "requirements of certain states that prospective husbands and wives have blood tests before marriage is not quite sufficient, since a single negative blood test, as explained in an earlier chapter, does not always mean freedom from syphilis". If one test is not reliable, will any number of repetitions of the test increase its reliability? A positive reaction is no more dependable than a negative one.

   They are after the child also and want to test all the children of the country. Parran insists that if a married person comes with "syphilis" the marital partner must also be examined. If "late syphilis" is found, not only the marital partner, but the children must also be examined.

   Other means of coercion are advocated. For instance, Parran wants life insurance companies to require a Wassermann test of every applicant for a policy, for "self-protection." He does not say in what manner the test will prevent "infection" subsequent to the test.

   They also want employers of labor to require tests of their employees. "After all," says Becker, "it is merely good business for a company to refuse to employ new employees known to be infected with syphilis." Parran and all other crusaders approve of this form of coercion. Business "for its own sake" says Parran, "must look for syphilis among its employees." By claiming that the "syphilitic" under treatment is safe, they hope to both prevent loss of jobs and to provide another means of coercing men and women who might, otherwise, reject their treatment. Palm wants every company to adopt and publicize a policy that a worker's job will not be jeopardized by reason of a venereal infection, provided the disease is treated by a legitimate physician." By "legitimate physician" he means an allopath. Thus the medical racket slowly unfolds itself — patronize us, or lose your job.

   The reader may be curious about the reason for all this effort to enslave the people of America. Why do they seek the passage of laws to compel everybody to submit to the will of the medical profession? Why do they seek the establishment of a dictatorship of the medicos?

   Power is always used to enrich those who wield it. Power always masks itself with a pretense of altruism. All tyranny is for the public good. All of this cry for compulsory treatment is motivated by a desire to control the public in the interest of a sordid profession. Let us look at a little of their own testimony.

   Parran says: "Carl Warner recently given honorable mention by the Pulitzer Award Committee for his graphic series of articles on venereal diseases in the New York Daily News," sent "a surge of new patients to the physicians and clinics." Private physicians in Chicago reported that the campaign there brought them seventeen per cent more cases of "early syphilis."

   Discussing the practice-building effect of the "sex" movies that are used as part of their devilish program, Parran says, "Certainly it works; at least in the beginning. The health officer of Oklahoma told me last week that in a small town in his state he had shown a moving picture depicting the dangers of syphilis. Shortly afterward he checked up with the 11 doctors of the town to see if they had any new patients as a result of the showing. They reported from 4 to 10 apiece." Here is a man in the pay of the public, employing public time and money to drum up trade for the medical profession, and going back later to check up on the effectiveness of his advertising campaign. It is "unethical" for doctors to advertise only when they, themselves, have to pay for the advertising.

   Parran, who is Surgeon General of the U. S. Public Health " Service, says he is "willing to go all the way to work out an American (sic) method with the whole American Medical profession." He means an "American Method" of compelling free men and women to patronize an obsolescent medical system. Decker insists that "the practitioner of medicine must not be left out of any program" of venereal control. He asks for legislative action to compel "syphilitics" to patronize the medical profession if "appeals" fail to maintain regularity of attendance for treatment. He says: "There just is no remedy available for self-treatment of syphilis. The patient must go to a physician, a clinic or a hospital." He means, to an allopathic physician, clinic or hospital.

   Besides compulsory treatment these men want to "obtain public funds which assure adequate treatment for all infected persons." They want to dip their hands into the public treasury. They want to tax all the people to support a dying profession. Becker, who wants more public money, is very guarded in promising results. Certain cities have already requested WPA funds to cany on an anti-"syphilitic" campaign.

   Of all the schools of medicine or "healing" in America, only one, the self-styled scientific school, that is the "old" or allopathic school — miscalled "orthodox medicine" — is back of these compulsory medical laws. This school of "medicine" (school of poisoning, blistering, serum-squirting, electrocuting, baking and carving) is married to the state and seeks to have all of its superstitions, dogmas and mistakes fastened upon the whole populace by law. The doctors of this school organized as the American Medical Association, "fight physicians of other medical schools with a ferocious savagery and vindicativeness rarely seen outside the jungle," as Bruce Calvert says in The Open Road, May, 1938. He adds, "They are pressing at every point and in every state for legislation preventing the other doctors from the free exercise of their chosen profession."

   Approximately half the population of America patronizes these other schools of healing, and do not patronize the Allopathic school. The present anti-"syphilis" drive is intended to compel all to patronize this school and to prevent them from receiving the care they desire. As Mr. Calvert has it: "Only one school of doctors, the strongest medico-religious church, will profit by giving the Wassermanns and Salvarsan treatments. *** Whether you like it or not you will be compelled to take the tests and swallow the holy water (medicines) of the one particular medical church in power. *** All others are taboo, spurius, anathema, expergatorious, spurlos versenkt! — he might have added, verboten!

   They want the Emperor to issue a decree that "no one shall get well of syphilis who has not felt the divine touch of King Allopathy." They want the laws of Nature and those of the land altered to favor medical bigotry and absolutism. In all such sumtuary enactments as the pre-natal and premarital laws requiring tests and treatment, there is seen the entering wedge of a union of medicine and state, for our salvation, of course, that will prove to be much more dangerous than the state religion against which we have so long struggled and only recently rid ourselves of.

   We should not think for a minute that they intend to stop with venereal diseases. Indeed they have already in-dictated that they are going to wage war on cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatism, and other diseases. The shibboleth here is the same as with syphilis—it costs the public less money to cure these diseases in their early stages than to support their victims after they have been made into helpless invalids. They are going to save the tax payers money by giving themselves fat jobs.

   Already a campaign has been launched against rheumatism, which is held responsible for much heart trouble and helpless invalidism. Rheumatism is claimed to be due to germs which find entrance into the body through the sinuses, tonsils, gall bladder, appendix, ovaries and seminal vesicles.

   Invalids cost the tax-payer money. Rheumatism causes invalidism. Prevent rheumatism and you save the tax-payer money. How prevent rheumatism? Easy! cut out the tonsils, remove the gall bladder, excise the appendix, extirpate the ovaries, chisel out the sinuses, and take out the seminal vesicles. Suppose the people don't respond to the appeal of the surgeons to have themselves dismembered; what then? The answer is, "legislative action that will enable us to force people to submit to examinations and operations."

   Where can this program logically stop? If we recognize the validity of the principal of state medicine and compulsory treatment, to save our money, as state religion saved our souls, there is no logical stopping place short of the universalization of the program. Thus, if they have their way, we are to have salvation forced upon us. We are to be placed under the autocratic control of one small group and their unstable and everchanging theories and damaging practices are to be forced upon all.

   More than once in the world's history infant dragons have been mistaken for harmless lizards. If the American people don't awake and defend their liberties they will wake up some morning and find themselves the victims of a Medical Inquisition that will make the Spanish Inquisition look like a Sunday School picnic. 

Herbert M. Shelton

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