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INHS editorial/founders board
(Site editors & founders)

Dr. John Fielder
Dr. Paul Goldberg
Dr. Stanley Bass
Anna Nelson


John Fielder1944 Studies & work in Australia with organic agriculture and animal husbandry.
1959 Commenced studies in osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathy at the Naturopathic College of South Australia Inc.
1961 Commenced extracurricular studies in Nature Cure under the personal direction of Kenneth S. Jaffrey, continued 1962 under the personal direction of C. Leslie Thomson of the Edinburgh Clinic, Scotland; Biogenic living, under the personal direction of Professor Dr. E. B. Szekely of Rancho La Puerta, Mexico; and Natural Hygiene, under the personal direction of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, of Shelton's Health School, USA.
1963 Graduated in osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathy from the Naturopathic College of South Australia Inc.
1963 - 1967 Lecturer in:†The History, Philosophy Practice†of Natural Hygiene,Nature Cure & Biogenic Living, Principles & Practice of Fasting, Physiological Chemistry at the Naturopathic College of South Australia Inc.
1967 - present Doctor and director for Clohesy River Health Farm fasting retreat .
1993 Established Academy of Natural Living --- long-distance courses and local classes teaching Natural Hygiene, Nature Cure, and Biogenic Living. Read more at Dr. Fielder's website
New article: "Natural Hygiene, Nature Cure & Naturopathy"

A Natural Hygiene Practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia, and a University Professor of Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, and Clinical Nutrition since 1979, Dr. Goldberg has long been devoted to helping others reverse chronic illnesses through Natural Hygienic/Biological Measures. Stricken with a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and ulcerative colitis in 1975, he searched for help for his ailing body trying numerous systems and doctors without help. In 1976 he came under the guidance of Dr. R.L Cheatham at the Natural Hygiene Institute where he recovered, and became the institute's health and fasting director. After working for the Government as a Chronic Disease Epidemiologist, he became a University Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology while also operating an outpatient Natural Hygiene Clinic with modern laboratory facilities to monitor the progress of his clients. Website

New article series: "20 common errors by Natural Hygienists"

Dr. BassDr. Stanley S. Bass, New York, began the study of nutrition in 1936. In his late 20's he was introduced to Natural Hygiene by Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio and worked closely with him for over 40 years. He graduated from The American School of Naturopathy in 1955, from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in 1959, and in 1953 he graduated from the N.Y. Institute of Dietetics as Dietician. Dr. Bass earned a Ph.D. in Public Health & Nutrition from Trinity Hall College & Seminary in Springfield Illinois. Dr. Bass has been a Natural Hygiene doctor since the 1950's in the New York area, supervising thousands of fasts and health recoveries using diet. Due to his healing success and knowledge he is Knight of Malta. Dr. Bass has published 8 books including In Search of the Ultimate (Vegetarian) Diet (Testing Nutritional Theories on Mice), Overcoming Compulsive Habits, Ideal Health Through Sequential Eating (Perfection in Food Combining). Website

First read about Natural Hygiene in Diamond's book Fit for Life in 1985, soon tried fasting, and little by little got rid of persistent skin problems. Swedish-born engineer, geoscientist, has worked for petroleum companies onshore and offshore. Also has learnt some CranioSacral therapy, reiki, and EFT - for family use only. Belongs to the Natural Hygiene Network NHN in Houston (Texas), M2M, and has been a member of ANHS since around 1986. Has fasted with Dr. Cinque, and Dr. Esser. Longest fast was 10 days. Tried to be a vegan for a decade plus. Has a hunting & fishing husband and embraces "paleo-hygenic" ideas, kind of. INHS webmaster.

INHS executive board
(Only grassroots, except for 1 doctor. One representative per volunteer team.)

Rachel Andrews
Terry LaFave
Anna Nelson
Stefan Rudovic
Dr. John Fielder


Rachel (Andrews) is currently studying for a degree in health/nutrition.††She lives in CT, USA with her husband and cats.††Her goal is to learn more about Natural Hygiene and educate/motivate others.

Some 7 years ago, Terry became disenchanted with traditional medical care and turned to the Alternative Medical Community for help in managing chronic disease for himself and his family. In that time, Terry has earned diplomas and certificates in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Medical Herbalism, and Energy Theraputics. He believes that Natural Hygine is the Gold Standard that each of us should strive to achieve.
At age 58, Terry is married and has one adult child living in the Houston area.††His working background is in Hospital and Clinical Administration, and the Medical Insurance Industry.††Today, Terry has a private Theraputic Foods practice and a Financial Consulting practice.

Stefan followed a whole foods diet in the 70s, macrobiotics in the 80s, a raw vegan diet in the 90s, and anopsology now. He is an information systems consultant whose interests include small houses, country living, and the blues.

INHS advisory board

Dr. Keki Sidhwa
Steve Solomon
Bob Avery
Dr. Peter Fenton
Dr. Virginia Vetrano
Dr. Alec Burton
Rosie Taylor


Dr. Sidhwa Dr. Keki Sidhwa N.D., D.O. has over 50 years of professional experience as hygienic doctor. He was born in Bombay, India of Parsi, Zoroastrian parents. After studying in Bombay University, he graduated from the Edinburgh College of Natural Therapeutics and the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. He has been in private practice since 1952; co-founder and president of the British National Hygiene Society and ex-president of the International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists (now IAHP), founder and director of Shalimar Health Home, where he has helped over 25,000 people to overcome their ailments by fasting and following a Hygienic life style.
He has lectured extensively in Europe, India, Asia, America and Great Britain where he now resides. He is the editor of the magazine The Hygienist, the oldest Natural Hygiene magazine in existence - that is celebrating 45 years in 2004.
He has authored six books: The Problem of Ill-health, Medical Drugs On Trial Verdict Guilty, Fit For Anything, First Aid the Natural Way, Words and Music and All Alone (Poems on Health, Love and Life). His latest book is The Quintessence of Natural Living - find a selection of articles from this book at

Dr. Vetrano Dr. Virginia Vetrano D.C., hM.D, Texas, worked with Dr. Shelton for many years in San Antonio, and has been a doctor and educator since 1964. Dr. Vetrano currently lives relatively close to San Antonio on a beautiful Texas ranch and health retreat, and advices clients over the phone. Her daughter and grandchildren have all been brought up as hygienists, and her daughter with husband (both medically educated hygienists) are now supervising the health & fasting retreat ROYL: "Rest Of Your Life".
Dr. Vetrano: "It is very wise when health seekers desire a genuine recovery of health, instead of merely the suppression of symptoms by medications. My Health Information Service via the telephone can help you because the body heals itself, providing you supply conditions for recovery. I can teach you how to supply the correct conditions so that your body heals spontaneously, almost like magic."
Websites: and

Dr. Burton Alec Burton, M.Sc., D.O.Hons.(Lond.), D.C.(U.K.), M.R.O., graduated in Chiropractic and Osteopathy in England. He studied physiology in England and United States, holds a Masters Degree in human biology and has done basic research in physiology towards a Ph.D. degree. He is a co-founder of the British Natural Hygiene Society, The Australian Natural Hygiene Society and the International Association of Hygienic Physicians IAHP of which he is a past President. He has been deeply involved in osteopathic and chiropractic education in Australia and has lectured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe for the past 34 years.
The Arcadia Health Centre receives patients from all over the world and is one of the few clinics in the world recognized as a teaching institution to qualify graduate doctors for IAHP certification. A correspondence course is also offered, that is designed to equip people with the necessary knowledge and information to be able to talk intelligently about the subject of Natural Hygiene. On admission to the centre, a complete case history is taken followed by a physical and biomechanical examination, Stress ECG, spirometry and other tests may be performed. The techniques of fasting, nutrition, sunlight, activity and relaxation may then be employed under close supervision.

Steve Solomon Steve Solomon is the creator and editor of, a free online library of public domain hygienic and other books. He has written several regional garden books with specific information for a climate, in a wish to engender independent living and non-dependency. When his health started deteriorating due to self-damaging dietary and drinking habits he discovered Natural Hygiene in the 1980's through a local hygienist Isabelle Moser, who became his wife. He fasted, changed his dietary, improved, healed and learned. In 1997 he published a book about Isabelle's life experiences online, and next started making an online library, which has continued and expanded to this date. After moving to Australia he found himself in a freer environment regarding copyrights and libraries, and the scope of the library expanded.
Steve likes to put the medical model into proper perspective and has interests in the whole spectrum of nutrition, from soil fertility to dietary to longevity. He believes the older books by the originators of these areas of knowledge are often far better than the academic stuff being churned out these days by people seeking to publish or perish. Find an interview here.

Bob Bob is a former editor of M2M, "The Natural Health Many-To-Many". He worked as a computer programmer, analyst, and supervisor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before taking early retirement. His favorite hobby is playing chess, and in 1973 he achieved the ranking of Master. He practices yoga and enjoys folk dancing. He has been a hygienist since 1992, is a raw-foodist, grows his own organic vegetables, and has always been open to new ideas and information.
From 1990 he found that his concentration and learning ability had dropped off in middle age, and felt as though living in a mental fog, and was also suffering from minor middle-age health complaints and life-long pollen allergies. Determined to get to the root of these problems, and sensing intuitively that the Medical approach wouldn't work, he began searching through alternative health literature. Finding Natural Hygiene was like finding a needle in a haystack amidst all of the curing modalities out there, but finally in 1992 he stumbled across a book by Paul Bragg, "The Miracle of Fasting," that led him to Shelton, Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, and other hygienic writers.
Bob: I believe in the Laws of Life.† I believe that cooking food damages it more than helps it.† I believe that the medical establishment kills far more people than it helps and that health care is self care.†

Rosie Taylor (Dip. Nutr.,B.Pharm-Syd.) lives in Sydney. She first found out about NH thru fasting at Alec Burton's, and has fasted numerous times since then, longest for 4 weeks, mostly at home.
Has a daughter (b.83), and a son (b.80) who was weaned at 18 months onto conventional diet, and shortly after started developing ear infections and 30% hearing reduction. Started looking for alternatives. Took him off all dairy products and after 3 months his hearing returned.
From 1989 she studied herbs and homeopathy, and worked in medical clinics employing dietary & lifestyle modifications, together with vitamin and herbal supplements. Also experimented with urine therapy, juice fasting and colic irrigations. She finally became a raw fooder and Natural Hygienist and now includes raw egg yolks, or raw home-made goats milk, and sometimes raw fish. Apart from a chronic skin condition feels fantastic and will continue to look forward to improving health. Enjoys yoga, weight lifting, jogging, bushwalking, music and growing her own veggies and fruit. On a continual journey of self improvement by way of education, lifestyle and dietary refinements.
Rosie: I would like NH to provide a discussion forum, articles on various topics such as optimum diet, fasting, case histories, hygienic retreats and conferences. It would be nice to meet other like minded people in one's own city. I look forward to participating in the INHS.

Dr. Peter Fenton N.D., D.O., England, first became interested in natural diet and vegetarianism in 1953 in high school aged 15. Studied conventional medicine 1956 - 60 but discontinued due to disenchantment with the course and serious respiratory illness: recovered via the help of a local Kingston naturopath. Worked for 6 years as an estimator/surveyor in civil engineering and building. Studied naturopathy and manipulation in 1968 at Kingston Clinic, Edinburgh working for 5 years as clinic assistant to Alec Mi and C. Leslie Thomson B.Sc. (son of pioneer naturopath James C. Thomson*).
Outpatient naturopathic practice in Leeds from 1973 - 2004. President Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths 1996 - 1998. Senior lecturer JSRN Post-graduate course of Naturopathic Training 1985 - 2004.
Interests: training young naturopaths, short story writing, yoga philosophy and practice, running, rock climbing, walking longódistance footpaths.
(James C. Thomson and Stanley Lief pioneered naturopathy in the north and south of the British Isles respectively. Kingston Nature Cure is the nearest parallel to Hygienism in Britain).

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