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TESTIMONIAL: Problems becoming pregnant

August 22, 2001, Dear Dr. Goldberg,
Here at last is my belated thank you story for your patient album. Sorry it's taken me so long to write. I've been singing your praises and referring to you those looking for improved health for over a year, now I am documenting my progress in hopes that It can help others, like myself, who are having problems becoming pregnant.

Tn April 1996, my husband and I were married. We used no form of contraception and after over two years of marriage we were wondering why I never just "got pregnant". In the summer of 1998, we began Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes at our Catholic church not only as a means of having a natural form of contraception, but more to know when the fertile times wore so that we could choose to plan a family. After a couple of months we were seeing that my charts didn't look like the examples of those seen in class. We queried our instructors who said the charts were looking like those of a woman who is breastfeeding who would be having an anovulatoiy cycle. I was a bit concerned when they said we might want to consult a doctor if my charts did not change. We charted my cycles for many months and by May 1999 it appeared that I had only had one cycle with a true ovulation. It was obvious to us that without a release of eggs there would be no baby.

In May 1999, I sought out a doctor who was familiar with NIP (or Sympto- Thermal Method). Not many doctors are truly knowledgeable about this method. My experience with gynecologists over the years had been the same when I asked about my irregular and extremely painful periods - they all say, "take the pill". I tried it for 1-2 years in my early 20's and stopped because I knew that it was not solving my problems, only covering them up. Upon my first visit, my GYN looked at my charts and stated that I was not ovulating, that by most standards one possibly two ovulations in almost a year's time is considered sterile, and I had polycystic ovarian disease. Needless to say I was devastated. I was in a daze as I underwent tests to check my thyroid, blood sugar and hormone levels. She wanted to put me on glucophage, a drug used for diabetics but I was not, And her words still ring in my head, "I can get you pregnant." Tempting offer but I felt that I wasn't a sickly person that should need artificial means to conceive. I never did have any tests to determine if my ovaries were cystic or not so I don't know how she decided I had a disease just by looking at me and my charts. I have always led a natural lifestyle and was concerned about eating good food and not taking medications - well, I would take Advil when my cramps were unbearable even though I have a fairly high tolerance for pain. The cramps would get so bad that I couldn't stand, I would get nauseated, curl up in fetal position and sometimes vomit.

Starting September 1999, I began seeing Dr. Goldberg. My husband had been one of his students and felt that he could help me get my body as clean and healthy as possible to function properly. This could be done naturally and then even if I didn't get pregnant I would still be in better health. Many different factors can affect ovulation - mostly hormones - much of which is affected by nutrition. I prefer to try more conservative methods before drugs are utilized. So, I began my testing with Dr. Goldberg, diet analysis, and went on a liquid diet for 7-10 days. I thought there was no way I could survive all that time just by drinking that nasty, chalky shake. I loved food and what's worse, I worked in a restaurant as a server carrying plate after plate of yummy food. It was torture at first but after about 3-4 days into the liquid fast, I started feeling clean, light and empty (in a good way) on the inside. My mind became very clear and there came a sense of freedom from not having to figure out, find and cook food three times a day. When I was allowed to start eating vegetables and brown rice, it was amazing how delicious the food tasted and how it was appreciated. Weight came off quickly and steadily which was an added benefit to this regime. I was so determined to be healthy, to be able to have a baby, that it really wasn't that difficult to stay on Goldberg's plan.
Time went by, I lost weight quickly at first then slowly and I kept charting my cycle as before. In the beginning of 2000, I finally had a cycle with a true ovulation and I was so excited! But next cycle was anovulatory as before and I became discouraged. I recall crying in Dr. Goldberg's office that I was never going to have a baby. He told me to be patient and to stay on the course and that it takes many months to see results. I did have results already - I was physically feeling great, I had no headaches anymore, my periods were no longer painful, my skin cleared up, and I lost 28 lbs.(wearing a size 3 pants!), but I still didn't have the result I wanted. I was being a model patient and eating/ not eating everything I was supposed to. My physical housekeeping was in order, but I was still sad.

Throughout the Lenten season at church, as always, it is a time of repentance and forgiveness. But for sonic reason the message was stronger and louder than ever this year than in years past. It seemed there were words of forgiveness in every song we sang and every homily spoken. A true calling to go to confession and clear the slate no matter how much time had passed. Well it had been a long time since I bad gone to confession. Much time had passed, so much that I truly could not remember how much - at least ten years most likely longer. I regularly attended and participated in mass and was very faithful, but I never cared for the idea of having a mediary to God. Why couldn't I just speak to Him directly and apologize which is what I always do? There was one transgression in particular that I regretted deeply and repeatedly asked for forgiveness, and I believe God beard and forgave. But I never felt it in my heart and I never completely forgave myself. The err had been seven years past but it kept resurfacing/haunting me frequently. I kept feeling that God was calling me, I literally heard Him through the readings. Plus 2000 was a Jubilee year- a year of forgiveness and starting anew. Many opportunities for confession came and went - I was conveniently working so of course I couldn't attend. Oh well, missed it. Maybe next time. But there seemed to be a lot of next times being offered. More than I ever noticed before. It surely wasn't a coincidence. Being the consummate procrastinator that I am, I waited until Lent was almost over and Easter had almost arrived. I recalled the announcement about confession being offered at the Cathedral which was good because it wasn't my church and I hoped no one would know me. I remember the day vividly, I went after work during the day. Many times I wanted to turn the car around. I got there and didn't want to go in. I went in and carefully surveyed the system and then I really wanted to leave. Gone were the dark booths where no one could see you - not even the priest. It was all out in the open. Just stations with two chairs and one priest were scattered around the church with not an ounce of coverage. When did everything change! It was then that I realized I had stayed away too long, I sat watching the system for half an hour before getting up the nerve to go to one of the stations. When I got there, I was so scared I could barely get the words out say what I needed to. The priest was very kind and helped me through the prayers that I had so long ago forgotten. To audibly hear the words, "You are forgiven" "This is forgotten in the eyes of God, now you must forgive yourself", was so wonderful and freeing. I left the church as I had entered, crying, but this time the tears were of joy, relief and pride in myself that I bad faced my demons and cast the past away. I learned a valuable lesson about the rituals of the church that I thought were needless. I learned humility and that I was worthy to be forgiven most importantly by myself The world looked new again and I felt clean inside - like a new person!

April and May 2000 were difficult. My birthday reminded me I was getting older and being childless on Mother's Day is too depressing for words, not to motion the well meaning, unsuspecting people wishing me a happy Mother's Day as though they were wishing me a Happy New Year. It was more than I could bear. My birthday was very sad, and to add insult to injury, I had my period. It was like my womb was crying too because it was empty. My husband took me out to lunch and then we went to a park. We sat in the car crying, he trying to reassure me that everything would work out. I finally let go of the need to give birth to a child. We didn't want to go through artificial means to conceive. We came to the agreement that what we really wanted was just a child to love and that if we couldn't conceive, then there were plenty of children in the world that we could adopt. We really discussed the issue thoroughly and were content to do so if "plan A" didn't fabricate.

I had also been evaluating my job situation. I was presently in an unrewarding, monotonous job that I daily hated, truly hated. Besides guiding my health, Dr. Goldberg questioned why I was in an unsatisfying job and asked me to think about what I wanted out of my work. I wanted to make family a priority and to have a job that I enjoyed, that was flexible so that I could care for our children so that they would not be in day care. I stumbled into massage therapy when I went to an open house with my husband at Atlanta School of Massage. We both became interested in massage for a career and I started school in May full time during the day. I started school first because my husband bad been going to school since we were married and now it was time for him to support me through school. It had been many years since I was in school and I forgot bow much I loved to learn and use my brain. I was very happy and preoccupied with school when, guess what? I got pregnant!!!!! June 13th to be exact (I keep very good charts). We took a home pregnancy test on July 8th and we jumped fur joy! We were so excited - it almost didn't seem real.

Dr. Goldberg did a double take when I told him. I received excellent prenatal care from Dr. Goldberg and my midwife. Both their philosophies were that a healthy baby starts with good nutrition, green veggies, quality supplementation, lots of water, much rest, etc. I had a lot of great personal care from both of them as well as my chiropractor who was training to be a doula as well. She was fantastic support at my home birth. I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy - no morning sickness, no edema, no headaches - it was text book. I loved every minute of it, every kick and stage of development. In my mind, I could have stayed pregnant forever which is probably why I spent 5 of my 20 hours of real labor pushing! I had spent so long focusing on getting and becoming pregnant that I hadn't fully worked out the reality of actually having a baby. I was on the threshold of motherhood and it took me a while to transition (mentally) into that next stage. I was thankful that I was at home and we had created the environment where I could work at my own pace. The baby's vitals were always excellent - it was although he was just fine banging out until I worked through what I needed to.

On March 14, 2001, I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy named Jake. 7lbs., 2oz. he was truly perfect. I have never felt so much gratitude to God, my family and friends with their countless prayers for us, my birth team, and of course Dr. Goldberg for "getting me pregnant"!

I don't think it was any one thing that enabled me to become pregnant, but it was the cumulative effect of my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental housekeeping that prepared the nest for my Jake. It all started with Dr. Goldberg and for that I will forever be thankful to him. It has been very empowering to take charge of my own health and the choices surrounding my life, Jake is a constant reminder of the good choices I have made and all the hard work and sacrifice needed to get to this place in my life.
I now lead a wonderfully mundane life of changing diapers, breastfeeding 5-7 hours a day and spending precious, amazing fantastic time with Jake!

Thank you. My life will never be the same!,

Shannon Pengitore
Kennesaw, GA 30144

P.S. Please feel free to give out my name and number to anyone who is having similar problems and would like to ask me about my experiences.

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