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This is an article by Dr. Dimitri Karalis, Hermanus, South Africa,   website:,   email:

ABOUT THE CLINIC: "The Natural Hygiene Clinic serves as a healing, training and advisory center for people who are ill, that do not feel drugs and conventional medicines are curing them no matter what the problem - even weight reduction and beauty. Dr Karalis has been a Naturpoath for many years and his experience is invaluable. This site was designed to aid those who need the help of Dr Karalis and his staff no matter where you are in the world."

My experience with this fast was taken after living for two years on 100% raw eating, when not even a drop of hot water passed my throat. As you probably know, when the body becomes totally clean the blood circulation is liberated to run freely all over the body, and the breathing capacity increases to such a degree that it over-powers the earth gravity. Energy is not derived from food but from an unobstructed circulation.
Of course it would be foolish and dangerous for someone even after only a four(4) days fast to run for 4 hours, as I did in my first fast.
One must fast a few times until one arrives at "natural hunger", and then live on 100% raw food for awhile in order to fast safely with wonderful experience.There is no room for fanaticism in nature, the penalties are quite severe for the irrational individual. It is better and safer to fast under the supervision of a qualified practicioner, who is well experienced in fasting.

My first water fast in 1972

By Dr. Dimitri Karalis

water glass There is no better way for a diseased and prematurely aged body to be restored back to robust health, than through the fasting vehicle. A complete supervised fasting by an experienced doctor is the safest, quickest and surest way to health, beauty, and happiness for all mental and physical sufferers. It restores not only the precious health, but also opens new horizons for mental and spiritual possibilities that were never dreamed of before. A new lease of life derives from it, like being reborn again in life. Body, mind and soul become so serene and harmonious together, that one feels so peaceful and confident as if sitting in the lap of God. No matter how sick you are or what your life problems are, nature wants always to assist you if you give her a chance. A supervised fast is the only way that can bring all your heart desires if you persist with it wisely to the end. Health, beauty, power, success, courage, freedom, peace, inspiration, spirituality and love, all are yours after a successful fast.

When I took my first water fast in 1972, I had the most amazing pleasant experience one night. I woke at midnight on the 17th day of my fasting, feeling buoyant and with a strong desire for running. I tried to reason for a while by ignoring this strange midnight longing and to go back to sleep. Yet my love for it was so overpowering that I went running instead at one o’clock in the morning. After four hours of running, I lost all my gravity and I felt as if I was weightless with a total lack of fatigue. All of nature around me took on a wonderful hue and I felt so eager to greet every human being who passed me by. I felt exceptionally happy and my only wish was how to express and transmit this wonderful feeling that I was experiencing to others. I discovered at the same time, that love and happiness is a product of perfect health, of harmonious functioning body, mind and soul. Nothing else can give it to us, except a perfect functioning metabolism like in the healthy infant.

All negative habits like fear, doubts, jealousy, envy, hate and lack of confidant, disappear after a long successful fast. You can easily say that one has been reborn again like a baby. Why don’t you give this natural and absolute safe method the chance to help you? What do you loose by cleaning the blood, body, skin, mind, and soul and renewing your inner organs again? Are the lethal drugs with the vandalizing surgical knives more attractive to you? Why don’t you trust the fasting instinct method as all the animals do when they are sick? Whatever your physical and mental problems are at the moment, there is definitely a better solution for you than pain, depression, worry and sorrow every day. Try to find a qualified and well experience doctor in your area, and obey to his fasting instruction. Not only you will achieve better health with proper fasting, but you will also open new outlook in life with a happier and brighter future that you never dreamed of before.

Dr D. Karalis

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"The orthodox medical profession has a sacred duty to enlighten humanity and to prevent them from early physical and mental degeneration. We need more of enthusiastic educating doctors to distribute knowledge to humanity and not only dispense of drugs that enrich the pharmaceutical industries."

By Dr. Dimitri Karalis

There is no better way for a diseased and premature aged body to be restored back to robust health and youthfulness, than through the correct fasting vehicle. A complete supervised fasting assisted by an experienced doctor is the safest, quickest and surest way for all physical and mental sufferers. It restores not only the precious human health, but also opens new horizons for mental and spiritual possibilities that were never dreamed of before.

A new lease of life is derived from it, like being reborn again. Body, mind and soul become so serene and harmonious, that one feels so peaceful and confident as if sitting in the lap of God. No matter how sick you are, nature wants always to assist you if you give her a chance. A supervised fast is the quickest and the only sure way that can bring all your hearts desires, if you persist wisely to the end. Health, beauty, power, success, courage, freedom, peace, inspiration, spirituality and love, are all yours after a successful long fast.

All negative habits like fear, doubts, jealousy, envy, hate, nervousness and lack of confidence, disappear after a successful fast. Why don’t you give this natural and absolute safe method the chance to help yourself? What do you loose by cleaning the blood, body, skin, mind and renewing your inner organs like that of an infant? Are the pharmaceutical lethal drugs and the vandalizing surgical knives more attractive to you? Whatever your physical, mental and financial problems are at this moment, don’t despair. There is definitely a better solution for you than to suffer daily with pain, depression, worry, insomnia and sorrow.

Try to find more genuine information about the fasting cure method, - or even better try to approach a qualified well known experienced Doctor who can guide you safely into supreme health again. You should not fast alone, unless you are familiar with the method and persist wisely until your natural huger returns again. It is harder and more dangerous to break a long fast without supervision. Remember, if a complete fast cannot cure your problem, nothing else ever will. Fasting or very small pure eating, is the only real curing vehicle.

Don’t believe my words; don’t believe anything before being proved first in your own body by the fasting method.

Men’s greatest blunder is to scoff and ignore what he doesn’t understand and will not investigate.

By Dr. Dimitri Karalis

A friend of the Hellenic philosopher Isocrates spotted once a tall young man with large strong arms in a gymnasium of the ancient agora in classical Athens and remarked! "He is an ideal model to become a good boxer with a little training, he said". "Yes, replied Isocrates, but only if the wining trophy hangs high up and he has only to win it by reaching for it". We observe in nature that tall trees do not always resist storms more than the smaller shrubs, but some times uproot and crumble easier instead. The strongest wood in nature is a little shrub called "crania" which bares delicious read fruit in mountains of Greece in early winter. It is valuable wood for making shepherds sticks and is a reliable defending weapon (lethal) against any given danger.

In the kingdom of insects, we observe the lice that are the smallest and most disgusting parasite in nature upset whole societies with their colonial skill. "Weight, said the well-known German physician Louis Kuhn, is not indication of power but rather serious metabolic disease". Muscleman may appear stronger than a man of nerve may and sinew, but he cannot do the work or endure the disease as his slimmer brother does. A well-proportioned healthy body is usually elastically supple like weaving reed, and elegant like cypress tree. The impressive power of a boxers and wrestlers is due to the gravity of earth. Outside in space where there is no gravity, mass-weight has no power. Mass and physical strength does not represent the real inner power. What is power then? Certainly not weight neither lots of food and regular gymnasium, all of them waste energy for transportation, digestion and exercising when abused in excess. Every gram of food in excess more than the body requires, means waste of energy in expelling it again. If we leave this excess of food and replace it with extra work instead, we will gain both in body's strength and business profitability as well.

A physical and mental power is not generated in the stomach with lots of food and drink, but from long and restful sleep. Tiredness is not an indicator for food, but always for sleep; we renew our energy in the bedroom and not in the dining room. Excess of food, said the ancient Hellenes, kills not only many dreary hours, but kills also many dreary human beings. We observe many enthusiastic athletes who spend lots of time in the gymnasiums to become strong physically, as they say. Of course, they eat a lot if they exercise a lot, but what is the use? When with less food and exercise we become quickly healthy and strong, saving time, money and energy. We know from experience that when the body is overdeveloped the brain usually is underdeveloped. Corpulent people usually are course and make their living by fighting or as bouncers in nightclubs. It has been said, that when the muscles of the ancient Hellenes started to expand, they lost their admirable culture simultaneously. They violated their well-known proverb "nothing in excess". Perhaps they were misleading themselves by the course and spiritually indifferent Roman conquerors. Well said by E. Purrinton that the ability to do well in our work, comes from the heart, lungs, brain and soul. The soul needs no nourishing at all, the brain almost next to nothing and lungs with heart so little, that I do not need to mention at all. All physical power comes from the breath, mental from the brain and spiritual from the soul.

Man is a gigantic electric dynamo and does not need many coals like a steam engine to produce power; he generates enormous energy with pure food and less of it. We need an alert brain, steady nervous system, elastic body and soul courage to be whole as human beings. None of those qualities must be absent if we wish to succeed in life. No one can think and a waste his energy with heavy meals and hedonistic excessive pleasures at the same time. Saving nerve energy is more vital, than economical thriftiness. The illusive impression that one feels stronger after meal is the waste of nerve energy to through off the excess or unnatural food from the body. In other words, it is a reaction of the body against the unwanted intruder. This is the reason that misleads many unfortunate individuals into gluttony, alcoholism, narcotics, insolvency, jail and eventually death.

The orthodox medical profession has a sacred duty to enlighten humanity and to prevent them from early physical and mental degeneration.

That prevention is more effective and less costly therapy than the pharmaceutical prescriptions, no one can deny. The healing profession is supposed to be a liturgical (functional) one, and not an exclusively profitable institution that keeps people in ignorance for their personal gain.

We need more of enthusiastic educating doctors to distribute knowledge to humanity and not only dispense of drugs that enrich the pharmaceutical industries and their own coffers!

Johannesburg June 2003

By Dr Dimitri Karalis

The most frightening enemy of the primitive man were the wild beasts until he learned to tame and exploit them, which was impossible afterwards to do without their help. He plough the soil, transport, hunting to assist in war and become his best friends to protect him from other dangerous untamed wild beasts. He adopted milk and flesh for food, skin and hair for cloths and shoes, bones for needles and musical instruments, and the bile and rennet for medication. Nothing was left to waste, even the excrement was used for fertiliser and kindling. The same he did with the vegetable kingdom. Poison trees and vegetables used for furniture and medication. The Stinkwood used for luxury furniture, the poison belladonna as nostrums and other toxic herbs for tea refreshment and mental boosters.

The sea is salty, undrinkable and dangerous for man to live on, yet the fishes breath, swim, eat, reproduce and thrive in it. Men learned also to swim, play and sport with the waves and to mine precious diamonds, gold, pearls, sponges and catch tasty fishes for his food. He drilled at enormous sea depth to extract petrol, gases and other valuable minerals. He learns to sail the oceans to any part of the world, with boats to be more luxurious and more romantic than any land transport. Nothing left unexploited no-matter how difficult or dangerous. Like the wild beast with strong digestion, who eat poison snakes and Scorpios without danger what so ever? The Hellenic philosopher Chilon, listened once to a man saying that he avoided all kinds of enemies as useless and dangerous for his life, and he replied. “If you act like this, naturally you won’t be able to exploit the hidden treasures that hide often in difficult men, neither to grow strong and respectable human being, he said”

Xenophon, a disciple of Socrates, said, “The man who is able to extract skilfully the most benefit from his enemy, is at the same time the most suitable leader to govern the world to a better future”. Andisthenis the cynic, remarks that, “One receives often more benefit from an honest enemy. than from a flatterering friend. The enemy, he said, looks for our faults to justify and feed his anger, while our friend ignores them because of courtesy”. Since the prime object in life is “to know our selves”, we do not mind if an enemy unwillingly helps us to correct our faults and arrive at self-realization. The fire burns and kills, but at the same time gives light, heat, and assist in cooking and for all the arts if we learn to use them skilfully. The same applies also with an enemy, in spite of his course behaviour; we must try to look deeper if there is a possibility to convert his rage and to benefit, instead of reprisals, hate and revenge like the animals in jungle. Thyme is a juiceless, bitter and astringent herb, but the bee with skill extracts the tastiest honey from it, and sheep produce the best milk when they eat it. When one despises the unpleasant difficult things, one loses also an opportunity to discover the hidden treasures. Coco and macadamias nuts are very difficult to crack their shells, but when we manage to open them, the delicious meat inside was worthy of our effort. To listen and respect the words and opinions of others is an indication of prudence, dignity and highly respected being. We gain dignity when we remain calm, and attentive to opinions of others. They are some individuals who like to be noisy when their idle talk, like the water bubbles in waterfall that soon break and leave just wind behind. The philosopher Socrates used to say, “I know nothing, I am just asking question to learn”.

Many times, we regret that we spoke prematurely or foolishly, but never when we remained silent. Once at an Athenian symposium, Socrates spotted a young man that remained silent all night, at the end approached him, and whispered into his ear. “Young man, he said, if it happens that you are a fool, it was a good choice to remain silent to night, but if you are wise, you are a fool to stay so mute”. Personally, when it happens to be in uncongenial environment, I too remain silent like a grave tomb. Sporadically I throw a word here and there to warm a bit the frigid atmosphere. The worst behaviour is when one over talks and is trying to undermine the mentality and dignity of others. “What do I gain to try to convince an angry and foolish man, said Diogenes, because I know when he is cross and foolish, neither knows what he is talking about neither what he is doing”.

Annoyed, by the naked truth of the writer Andreas Laskaratos who published his views in his weekly newspaper on the Greek island Kefalonia; the local authorities sent him a parcel with beastly horns and faeces as a blasphemous revenge. Unaffected from hurt or anger Laskaratos, gathered some roses from his garden and sent them back as gratitude. He also placed a card on the rose-bouquet with the following, “every body sends what he has”. Restrain, respect and love are precious natural gifts that adorn the human personality with grace and exemplifying for others to follow alike.

The difference between developed and undeveloped human being, is how far behind they have left the animalistic primitive behaviour and replaced it with restrain, respect, modesty, knowledge, wisdom and love. All these admirable human qualities the ancient Hellenes with their profound language technique, wrapped them together in a single tetra-syllable exquisite female word, named “SOPHROSYNI” (PRUDENCE).

Johannesburg December 2003

By Dr Dimitri Karalis

Human qualities like beauty, love, virtue, power, inspiration and spirituality are all interdependent with our physical health. The ancient Greeks knew this too well, when they were deifying athletics and hygiene as the bridge to beauty, happiness and divinity. They dedicated their athletic games to Gods Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon and Athena in order to signify their value as sacrament. “Virtue and love said Plato, are both a kind of health” while hate, envy, fear and jealousy, are the products of disease. Disease of stomach and liver for instance, can easily alter the entire human character, by disabling the solar plexus (or the emotional brain) from its natural function. When such a mighty solar gland is out of order, peace, virtue and love are dethroned from their natural function, while worry fear, hate and jealousy sets in.

Fear and love are opposed to one another, when the one set in the other has departed. We never see a loving man or woman to fear, or a fearing to love. The same applies also to spirituality; Spirit is a divine current, which flows freely in us, if our physical and mental health permits it. “A dormant faculty in the brain; a dead fibre in the body; a thought of failure in the mind; a feeling of constraint in the heart; a stoppage any where, however so slight, will make a man less spiritual by so much’’ said the a American philosopher Purinton. Climate plays also an important role to body’s mind and soul harmonious faction. The Greek philosopher Heracleitos new this to well when he said, “Where there is dry light, the soul is wisest and best.”

Nietzsche observed the same also in his little book “Ecce homo” when he said, “selective regimen and good climate with clear sky’s and dry air, are vital for a good metabolism and spiritual growth. Athens, Florence and Jerusalem wasn’t just an accident for its wise thinkers, but their climate helped as well, he said” We cannot obtain spirituality from Sundays schools, and theological studies? These are the “mumps and measles for our soul” said Emerson- and unless we are cured from them first, there is no hope for any spiritual progress. Wisdom is not part of schooling either. Over learning, teaches as not understanding, said Heracleitos. Excess of academic learning are more harmful some times if over forced upon us to early and to fast.

They destroy the natural magnetism of a child to select its own wisdom and convert them into to hybrid human or an academic fool with no thoughts of their own. Wisdom is an unfolding evolution, or a spiritual journey; no specific school or foreign assistance is necessary for this trip, save only the guiding of the individual instinct. So long, we keep our inner rectitude for truth as a spiritual compass at all cost. “We arrive quicker somewhere, said Cromwell, if we don’t know where we are going”. Just by following our dreams and our natural instinct, (the sinews of our soul) we will be arriving their safer. Hurdles in our unfolding journey, are strengthening friends and must never be abounded. They content vital inspiring instructions for our trip. There is a guiding spirit in all of us, if we but only listen carefully and followed with no fear and hesitation. Sinning and suffering are all part and parcel for our spiritual growth, they are indispensable Soul exercises; No ball can bounce high enough, unless it hits hard the ground first; Body healing too is an internal guiding process. It has nothing to do with medical and pharmaceutical pseudo-assistance. The body has been equipped internally for this kind of job; it is totally a biological task. Benjamin Franklin wisely said that, “God does the healing and doctor takes the fee. It is preposterous to say that if something will take internally or put on the outside of the body that it will cure. All acute diseases are the body’s own healing efforts to expel obstruction from its internal domain and to restore the circulation.

Healing is an on going process day and night in order to correct our living mistakes. It is a biological auto- therapeutic action for every living creature. All discomforts, like cold, pain, lack of appetite and so forth, are signs of this internal repairing activity. The body is telling us to rest and not to eat until this repair is finish. Animals in the wild know this truth and obey it, but we humans don’t? Drugs have no curing power; they only interrupt the body’s healing process by stupefying the nerves and supplying false comfort or palliation. The side effects of these practices are horrendous! They create incurable and often deadly chronic diseases later.

"Obedience to the body’s voice is an act of a developed mind" said the philosopher Dr Alexander Wilde, “Show me your doctor which you are employing, he said- and I will tell you of the Intellectual level to which you have attained. Your belief in regard to drugs, remedies, church worship etc, marks the stratum of the intellectual level to which you have attained”. Man is supposed to be the embodiment of Deity, the crown of the creation, the God in human flesh, but is he? Unfortunately, the contrary is true.

Modern Civilization with its misleading therapeutics and religious superstition has made him the sickliest and the cruellest creature in the universe. Isn’t a great pity? Omnipotence gave us a free will and the intellect to ride high.

This is our main task. We are not made to crawl and beg after the pseudo- religious dogmas and therapeutic cults. For all the needs in life, we are directly responsible. No one can give it to us, but our selves. No one can take it away from us, but our selves. Omnipotence in us is willing to supply whatever we desire if we trust and believe in our self’s. Man in a perfect state is a God in flesh. Separate God in anthropomorphic shape up in the sky, is the product of ignorance, fear and pure superstition. “Superstition is worse than atheism,” said the Plutarch the Hellenic biographer.

The best faith and the rarest to find, is to have complete faith in our selves. If we believe in our selves, work and persist in our dreams, we will be richly rewarded. We have the same share in the universe as God him self. The choice is ours.

Johannesburg 2002

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