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Madelyn Krystal Hill is a manager in administration for a large acute care teaching hospital in New York. She is also an educator and nutritional consultant. As well as a web-board moderator in INHS.   Email:


by Madelyn Krystal Hill

First and foremost, don't ever let anyone take away your hope.

Madelyn 11-03 I was 22 years old when I noticed blood in my stool. I chose to ignore it. But when it continued to recur, I came out of my denial and paid a visit to the family doctor. He diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis. My first question was: "What is causing this?" My doctor told me the cause was unknown-it could be a gene, allergy, nerves and so on. This perplexed me. No one in my family had the condition, I had no allergies, and I wasn't nervous. My next question was: "What cures it?" And he couldn't tell me the answer to that either. I proceeded to see a series of gastroenterologists, right up to the doctor who "wrote the book" and started "the foundation" in the hope that someone could cure me. Throughout this journey, I was; in and out of hospitals, took a series of invasive tests; and lived on rectal and oral medications, including sulfur and cortisone which did not agree with me. I had swelling, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, and felt disturbed much of the time. My condition worsened with time and there were days when I was so weak, in so much pain and losing so much blood that I could not get out of bed. I was told that I would soon need a colostomy and that the severity of my condition would no doubt lead to colon cancer.

After three years of severe debility which propelled me into a state of depression, I awoke one morning with an intuitive prodding and a sense of urgency to seek a new path. I instinctively knew I was doing something to contribute to my condition but didn't know what it was. I was determined to Find Out which changes I needed to make to get well. With the help of what must have been an angel, I made my way to the library and a used bookstore to research my condition. Searching for answers in many books, I found Fit Far Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. When I read eat only fresh fruit till noon, I thought: "What kind of gimmick is this?" After all, I grew up in a family where we were taught to be grateful for all the food we had on the table. No one thought about whether it came from a can or ajar. I thought anyone who wouldn't eat my grandma's lamb stew (e.g. a vegetarian) was a total weirdo. But something about the book captured me, and it was from this book that I learned about Natural Hygiene, a discipline which changed my life. Natural Hygiene is not taught to doctors in medical school or influenced by government or industry. It is solely based upon biology and the immutable laws of nature which do not violate the innate wisdom of the body. I immediately elected to study it.

It was by following the tenets of Natural Hygiene, including a natural hygienic dietary, that I established the conditions for my body to heal itself. Once I learned how my choices were destroying my health (acts which I had previously not known were unhealthful), it was easy to make the changes and jump-start the innate healing powers of my body. I started out by giving up artificial sweeteners, then foods with chemicals and preservatives. I saw a remarkable improvement in my condition. Then I followed the principles of food combining and gave tip hard-to-digest combination, like yogurt with nut, and raisins. I added more and more fruits and vegetables and live foods to my diet ... and so on. Within three months, I was totally healed and haven't had a recurrence since. That was over 15 years ago.

Today, it is estimated that approximately 30,000 women each year die from colon cancer, the third most common cancer among women in the United States. Health care costs are soaring, yet there are no "cures." I am sharing my story with you in the hope that more and more patients and clinicians will seek out systemic truths and open their eyes and ears to the tenets of Natural Hygiene in determining both the cause of disease and and principles of healing.
Don't ever let anyone take away your hope. Especially you.

This article originally appeared in: Living Nutrition Magazine vol. 15, POB 256, Sebastopol, CA 95473 --- Web Site:

March 13, 2004

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