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These results are from people who strictly followed the Gen. 1:29 diet (85% raw, 100% vegan) in the long-term:

The results are from the Weigh of Wisdom website
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Quote: "But, as our own health problems became overwhelming, we began to sit up and take notice. Being a scientist at heart (an electrical engineer for 30+ years), I wanted to get a handle on the scope of the problem. So, we created a survey. So far, we have identified the most common fifty-four health problems people have developed on the Genesis 1:29 Diet, and have incorporated these symptoms into the survey."

The Hallelujah Gen. 1:29 diet consists of 85% raw fresh fruits and vegetables and 15% cooked, while eliminating: all meat and dairy products, refined sugar, salt, and refined white flour products.

Symptom with Reported Percentage

Scattered or foggy thinking 67
Cravings for cheese, other dairy and/or nuts 62
Don't feel like exercising or working 60
Lack of stamina, endurance and strength 60
Plagued with food cravings 60
Eating lots of fruit or breads 60
Dry skin 58
Loss of muscles and muscle tone 56
Difficulty staying warm 55
Adding supplements to your diet 55
Memory loss 55
Constantly snacking, never satisfied 51
Low tolerance to stress 51
Ridged fingernails and/or thin fingernails 49
Losing look and glow of health: pale skin, dull hair and eyes 45
Food drags you down rather than picks you up 45
Hair loss 44
Joint pain 44
Slumping posture 44
Negative thinking 44
Mood swings 40
Grouchy 40
Depression 40
Dry, burning eyes 38
Inability to concentrate 38
Trouble coping with certain food combinations 38
Lack of motivation for daily tasks 36
Eating less, but no weight loss (common in women) 36
Snacking on nuts constantly 35
Headaches, neckaches and/or shoulder pain 33
Salt cravings (sign of adrenal fatigue) 33
Unable to digest food quickly 33
Run down, chronically tired 31
Diminished sex drive 29
Cravings for meat 29
Look older than should 27
White spots on skin (or loss of skin color) 25
Leg or foot cramps 25
Skinny neck, arms, or legs 24
Heartbeat irregularities 24
Blood pressure too high or too low 24
Whites of the eyes becoming yellow or bloodshot 18
Excessive dental cavities 18
Low thyroid 15
Bleeding gums 15
Too skinny, can't put on weight (common in men) 13
Panic attacks, paranoia 11
Tooth loss 11
Retarded growth (too small for their age) 2
Retarded mental development 2

Neck muscles atrophied to the point that they were only pencil thin:

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