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"What we are attempting to do with this new organization is to establish a core of natural hygiene professionals, doctors who are well experienced in the basic principles of natural hygiene, the laws of life, the writings of Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, and bring them to the highest potential.
We are also open to all other nutritional teachings following Dr. Shelton's motto: "Let us have the truth though the heavens fall." Without discrimination we shall examine all theories and concepts from all directions which promise health and only after fully testing them in all possible ways upon ourselves and only when they are confirmed and proven to be fully accurate shall we recommend them.
You may look upon us as a clearing house, which will test everything and present the best of all health knowledge, which proves to be true."

Stanley S. Bass, N.D. D.C. Ph.D.

"Yes, we do need a new society as the old one (ANHS) no longer exists. Not only has it changed its name (NHA), it has at the same time abandoned the very principles upon which Hygiene is based, those of open discussion and search for truth. In addition it has turned to and literally accepted a medical paradigm of life in its teachings as well as forgoing the principles of democracy in its function, limiting the control of the organization to an elite few.

In our search for the truths inherent in Natural Hygiene it is important for us to always bear in mind that we are like Alice in Wonderland, seeing through a glass darkly. We do not know all there is to know.
The laws of life are immutable. It is our understanding of them that is at fault when things do not turn out as we think they should. And when this happens we should not, as so often occurred in the past, blame the system and the laws upon which it is based.
Instead we should examine our understanding and knowledge in this regard so enabling ourselves to further grow in wisdom and fulfilment. For it is in this way that we shall really appreciate the benefits that Natural Hygiene has to offer. It is not the arrival, it is the journey.
I, along with all the other members of this society would like to invite you to join us in this most fascinating journey."

John Fielder, D.C., D.O., N.D.

"Let's put true science back in Natural Hygiene and facilitate debate and discussion. As grassroots, do we know what different ideas exist today? The dissent? What the latest discoveries are? Which professionals actually test concepts to learn the truth? Let's allow all hygienic doctors to join the discussion, not only a dominant few. Let's listen to all voices.
Isn't it time for us, the Natural Hygiene grassroots, to become more vigilant, to know what's going on, to keep greed and corruption out, and to create a strong contact net among ourselves?
Let's create a Natural Hygiene organization that is not top-down, that uses new technology to discuss and develop theory, that is volunteer-based and no-fees, that gives hygienists and all hygienic professionals a forum, and that has a strong grassroots representation."

Anna Nelson

"As a young man afflicted with autoimmune disease, Natural Hygiene proved to be a beacon of hope to me. This was not because of information on diet and fasting but because reading the Hygienic Pioneers shifted my thinking about life, the world, and the nature of the laws that influence our existence.
Thirty years later the lessons I learned while living at The Shangri-La Natural Hygiene Institute in Florida in the mid 1970's have not lost their impact upon me and they continue to influence my practice, my teaching, my writings and my daily life.
Staying busy in private practice and as a College Professor in Clinical Nutrition, teaching Hygienic Principles to both students and patients, I was not actively involved with the former ANHS or the IAHP till the late 1990's. At that time, I became greatly concerned that the organization was discarding its hygienic foundations. Furthermore, rather than being a grass root organization operated by laypeople, it was fast becoming a medium, in my opinion, for several "professionals" who directed the affairs of the organization for personal gain and notoriety. This involved their ostracizing those who disagreed with them and (taking advantage of the generally mild nature of ANHS members) pushing themselves into influential positions on both the boards of the IAHP and ANHS, which they then ruled in an autocratic manner. Not being a wallflower, I was not one of those who was left entirely on the outside, but I saw a number of professionals and laypeople (more mild mannered and polite than I am) left in the dust.
Even a casual glance at the last few years of publications coming out from the ANHS/NHA reveals articles on the same topics written by the same few people, lectures at the conferences by the same few people, and a cascade of photos and shameless promotionals on the same few people by the same few people over and over and over again. The works of Shelton and other pioneers were relegated to the back pages to be replaced by the more "politically correct" writings of this priviledged few who eliminated from the magazine and from the podium dissenting voices as well as the works of Hygienic Pioneers.
This view was shared with me by my friend and mentor, the late Dr. William Esser co-founder of the American Natural Hygiene Society, who expressed his dismay regarding these controlling influences with me on several occasions. Ironically, Dr. Shelton himself had warned that medical physicians and medical dietitians or those influenced by them would likely one day corrupt the teachings of Natural Hygiene to little more than a therapeutic fasting and dieting club. The recent history of the Hygienic Movement as expressed by the "NHA" leads one to believe that the glorious movement which led to monumental reforms in Public Health in this country, have been relegated to nothing more than a very few professionals using the organization as a podium to hawk their fasting and diet regimens, books, and centers to a herd of desperate sheep. It is of little wonder that the ANHS/NHA has a failing membership.
"Life is not", Herbert Shelton said many years ago, "simply about filling up and emptying out" i.e. about eating and fasting. The resurrected organization, a reformation of the previous American Natural Hygiene Society intends to explore Natural Hygiene and the Laws of Life in all their many facets. To become again a grass roots organization that is inclusive rather than exclusive and most importantly in the words of Dr. Shelton to "Let the truth be known even though the heavens fall".

Paul A. Goldberg, M.P.H., D.C., D.A.C.B.N.

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