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Note: In 2009 INHS has over 1000 members. Many of which used to be ANHS members.
How many old hygienists are out there? Remember that ANHS at one point is supposed to have had some 10,000 members. And that Fit for Life, who introduced many to Natural Hygiene, was purchased by 10+ million after it was published around 1985.

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Thank you for offering the opportunity to join your group. My friend in NY state sent me your web site to check out. I have been interested in hygiene since 1966, when a naturopath - Harold Brown, a South African practitioner, visited New Zealand, where I grew up. Because there was no Healthy Life Organisation in Christchurch where I was living, I started one up, and it was a most enthusiastic group. Although I have been back, I have never checked to see if it's still running - a task for my next visit! I will look forward to your updates and newsletters.
Regards, Dion, South Australia

I have been practicing this lifestyle after reading Harvey Diamond's books. Hopefully you can direct me on this topic - My 16 yr old son is the kicker on his high school football team. He's 5'7" and weighs about 135. He eats naturally (most of the time). The coach would like for him to 'bulk up'. I am looking for a natural diet that, along with weight lifting, which he's already doing, would help him add some muscle.
Thanks for any info, Haven , Tampa FL

I learned about you almost 16 years ago from Anthony Robbins (Living Health). I bought the books " Fit For Life " by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and now Harvey's new Book" Fit For Life " A New Beginning" . I have such a testimony how I am living "disease free" that I need to put it together and add it on your web page. I am now teaching your principals and getting the greatest results. I am doing a TV show in the Boston area on March 24th. It is an hour show on cable, but I can take it anywhere in the country once it is finished. I am so grateful to you for your research and am so happy to be a part of your success.
I sang professionally for years, now I am going to add speaking and writing to my career.
I am at work, so this is the address you will see. I have another one I would like you to use also, as I am only working here temporarily until I am speaking/singing/writing full time.
Thanks so much and I will add my letter when I have time to put it all together.
My name is Fran , Somerville, MA

Aloha! I have been a practicing NH'er since 1994 and in the summer of 1995 I completed my home study course and rec'd my certificate in natural hygiene from TC Fry's course purchased and renamed to "Feeling Fit for Life!" My partner and I both practice natural hygiene principles and we are "Anima Journey" - an educational business where we conduct workshops, retreats and provide consultations.
This is exciting! I agree that the "other" no longer NH organization has compromised the original principles of natural hygiene and I'm happy to see people attempting to return to those principles based on Shelton's work!
Mahalo for your great work!
Willow, Instructor, consultant, counselor, tree hugger, Ocean View, HI
Dreams are the seeds of reality...

I would like to join the Natural Hygiene Society. I have already completed a course and I'm interested in further information and reading more books.
Andrea, Hungary

I have just recently discovered the Natural Hygiene method and am thrilled that something finally makes sense to me in its simplicity.
I'm looking forward to learning healthy living.
Sharon , GA

I was very pleased to find that a Society has been "re-formed" that aims to rejuvenate the Natural Hygiene movement and restore interest momentum to the concept. If I can be of any assistance please send ideas for consideration. As a brief background I have completed T.C. Fry's course and the preliminary course from Robert and Elizabeth McCarter's former school. By other formal training a herbalist, I consider the natural health field a field of lifetime work and currently do part-time consulting in that area. For membership purposes see the contact information below.
Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Greetings from New Zealand,
We wish to become members of your newly formed society. John and Jan , Rongotea, New Zealand.
We learnt about Natural Hygiene from Dr. Alec Burton's lectures in 1966 while living for 2 years in Sydney, Australia. We were also past members of the A.N.H.S. for some years and recieved the bi-monthly magazine. We wondered about the name change of the old group and are pleased this new society has been formed. We wish you great success.
Kind Regards John

Love to join
Dear friends,
I am a mother, a publisher and have been practising natural healing for eighteen years.
When I look around I feel we need to network more, provide more information on these issues and sensitize people to make them aware that health and well being are essentially simple concepts—an understanding this complex world cannot come to terms with.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Vinita , Earthcare Books , Calcutta , INDIA

I would like to become a member of the INHS. I was once a student member of the ANHS and IAHP back in '98 and just recently left Dr. Goldhamer's facility in CA after supervising fasts for 10 weeks. I am currently a licensed D.C. in the state of Delaware and will be arranging my clinic to promote natural hygiene and also offer short-term fasting supervision. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Sincerely, Dr. Rockey ... Newark, DE

Hello everyone My name is: Helio, Arica, Chile
Qualifications: Doctor of Naturopathy, ND (2000) Instituto Naturista Advenstista de Guatemala [Ecuador Branch] Doctor of Divinity, DD (2002) Seminario Teologico Latinoamericano, Arica, Chile
Activities: President & C.E.O. of Escuela Cristiana de Capacitacion Ministerial- ECCM [Christian School of Ministerial Equipping] a non profit Christian Institution recognized by the State of Chile. ECCM is providing educational programs in natural hygiene, naturopathy and religious studies in order to equip people to serve God and Humanity.
ECCM mantains three educative extensions: a) Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias de la Salud Natural (Natural Health Studies in Spanish only), b) Seminario Teologico Latinoamericano (Religious Studies in Spanish only) and c) Southland University (Higher education programs in Natural Hygiene, Naturopathy, Divinity, and Religious Studies in Spanish and English).

Hi there, My name is Deborah. I've read Harvey Diamond books "fit for life" and the fit for life solution". I'm very interested in what it has to say about our diet and lifestyle. Harvey writes in an understandable no-nonsence way about what we need to do to attain a healthly body/mind/lifestyle. However, while I believe what he says about natural hygiene/monodieting/foodcombining etc. to be make sense.. how do you get yourself motivated (for a laidback but not unbelieving) woman to get out there and practice what she reads.? I know all the principals and I have put them into practice for a day or two (fruit and veg juice only and felt great) but Old Habits Die Hard! I'm a working mother of two youngish children (aged 7 and 5) and dearly want to change my old bad habits (all that's bad for you) for new "good habits". I rant and rave about the benefits of fruit and veg but I find it difficult to adhere to for a prolonged period of time because of my "old ways". Also (autumn/winter) is no picnic in Ireland. The Irish weather does not automatically induce thoughts of raw fruit and veg if you spend most of your day trying to stay warm. It's all very well to order refresing drinks from juice bars if you live in warmer climates!! Really what I'm looking for is that bit of information that pushes me over the edge to really give this a fair chance to maybe change my eating habits. Any fresh ideas for a mother in Ireland (with mostly damp drissly weather).
Regards Deborah.

Hello everyone, I live in Manitoba, Canada. I am a registered wholistic health practitioner who has embraced the NH lifestyle and teach it to my clients. I am eager to go beyond my self teaching on this subject and take a good course in NH. I am looking at taking Robert Sniadach courses in the new year. In the meantime I am learning and learning.
Seasons best blessings, Delayne

I am Bill. I'm 82 years old and live in Costa Rica. But I did live near San Antonio for many years. I met Dr. Herbert Shelton in 1954 and thru him I learned about Albert Carter Savage and his soil remineralization methods. I studied personally with Savafge for manymonths. I've spent the time since working harder to get better food grown than I have at learning more about natural hygiene methods. But it's time and I'm in the right place to correct that omission now. What happened to the old natural hygiene society? How many doctors are there now who try to practice with natural hygienic methods?
Thanks for registering me as a member, Bill

My wife and I were members of the Natural Hygiene Society and Life Science back in the late 70's and early 80's. We are trying to get "back on the wagon" to lose weight and increase our level of health.
Thanks, Rick, Michigan

Yes, I would like to join.....I am a Registered Nurse, and am always interested in the improvement of health and healthy living.
Thank you, Walter, Florida

I am interested in joining. I attended meetings in Lake Worth, FL in the 80 s. I am now in High Springs near Gainesville, Florida. Is there a chapter anywhere in this area?
thanks, patricia

Hello everyone. I bought and read the Diamond book, Fit for life, and this all seems like a logical way of living and eating. I haven´t put it to use yet, but plan to in near future. I would like to learn more, and study this a bit. I´m a 29 year old man, living in Reykjavik, Iceland, So I would like to join this society, mostly for the newsletter, at least for now.
Greetings to you all, Sindri, Iceland

My interest in natural hygiene is purely "amateur". I have read quite a lot about it and it immediately struck me as the most rational, logical and natural explanation of how the human body functions. I don't, sadly, manage to live up to all the principles of natural hygiene, but I do try to apply as many as possible. I also try to "spread" the word among my friends ... I would be interested in learning more I look forward to receiving your newsletter which I am sure I shall find very interesting and enlightening. I wish you all good luck.
Kind regards, Janina, Mauritius

I've been following NH since the early 90's. I was surprised to find INHS and the newer views on diet, so I just had to join.
Robin, Michigan

I would like to join this Natural Hygiene group. I was a member of the other group, that has lost its way. I am currently living in San Diego California. Theodore

I did natural hygiene 20 years ago, and although I loved all the fringe benefits, 4 small children who were eating at the table, I found the recipes weird and not the normal fare. I'm hoping to be able 20 years later with nearly adult children to incorporate this type of eating into simple meals that will be consumed and loved by all!
Susan Ohio

I certainly would be honoured to become a member of the INHS. My name is James and I live on a small farm at the southernmost tip of the African continent at a place called Cape Agulhas about 200km south-east of Cape Town (South Africa). I keep a garden to supply most of my needs for a mainly rawfood diet. I am a journalist by profession writing for an Afrikaans language farming magazine specialising in biological farming practices. Through membership I hope to increase pace on my long walk to health and freedom which really started after reading Diamond's FIT FOR LIVE.
Thank you. James PS English is not my first language so please forgive any mistakes in grammar and spelling.

I am Theo of Sydney, NSW, Australia I have perused the INHS website and generally agree with what is presented there. In the past I received Dr Shelton's Hygienic Review, and read as many of his books that I could find. Here in Australia I have had contact in the past with Kenneth S Jaffrey, an Australian naturopath of the "old school". It is important to me that information on natural hygiene is passed on to future generations. People like Herbert M Shelton have devoted their lives to natural hygiene, and are role models for us all. A reality check of the commonly accepted views on life, health and diet is a stark reminder of where the human race is actually at. The desire for cures and the belief in curative substances is still very much part of modern society.
My favourite interests include fasting, and exploring just what is a meaningful existence.

I am reading Fit for Life and was made aware of a group of people interested in this subject. Thanks for making me a member.
Ron from the New Orleans, Louisiana area

good afternoon, I am Melissa, I live in MN where I serve as a Youth Pastor. My interest in natural hygiene has been a lifetime interest but of course it has now been renewed as I have looked at fasting and found you on the website!. I appreciate your time in facilitating my membership at this time, I work from a basis of holistic health so I am looking forward to the newsletters!
thank you, melissa

Hi, I'd like to join and learn more about you health principles. I'm a raw food vegan and am researching nutrition and health. When I was in my late teens I remember reading Herbert Sheldon's books as I was just beginning to become vegetarian and found them helpful, Paul, Hawaii

Congratulations on what you're doing.
Belonged to the NHS, spoke at some conferences, but quit when they became corrupt and a platform for their Hyg. Practioners. Thought I joined you either last year or in 2003, but apparently I didn't, since can't log onto your member's site. It's bound to be a good service and I like your philosophy, as written up in your introductory pages. More power to you all.
Personal sketch: Been 100% raw in dietary since 1976, and still going strong, with no intention of ever reverting to cooking, again. Have gotten a number of friends involved in the Hygiene lifestyle, and they really could use what you're doing here. Lived for many years in CA, mostly in Malibu and North County San Diego, but moved to NM in 2000. Began the raw food dietary in 1976, while living in Florida (Pompano Beach). My two children raised almost all raw (they're both now in their thirties) and remain at least 85% today, my daughter often reverting to all raw. Am encouraged by the almost explosive growth in the movement, especially among younger people. Good luck and Godspeed, ric, CA

hi. i would like to be a member of the natural hygiene society. i have been reading and studying the raw food and a more natural lifestyle for the past 2 years. and while i am still not yet 100% living it, my 2005 resolution is to get there by the end of the year. here is my information: erika, Illinois

First joined original NHS in 1964 and was a member till it become moribund. Became an IMMEDIATE convert to Natural Hygiene after reading Jack Dunn Trop s book YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SICK in a single evening on April 19th 1964 and became a vegetarian next morning and have never wavered since. Am now 84 and exercise every day including a twice weekly 30-mile bike ride through the Texas Hill Country. I author and edit the website DO-IT-YOURSELF BICYCLE TOURING < and have cycled through 38 countries, and since 1964, eating vegetarian all the way. I also wrote a dozen health books including the 18 NATURAL WAYS series published by Keats (18 Natural Ways to Look and Feel Half Your Age) and THE HEALTHIEST PLACES TO LIVE AND RETIRE, Ballantine Books, which was endorsed by AARP and sold 350,000 copies in the 1990s. Right now, I'm writing and editing the website YOU CAN LIVE TO BE 100 <www which closely follows the NH philosophy and is updated to include the latest scientific discoveries that support the vegetarian lifestyle. I consider daily exercise to be equally as important as a plant-based diet plus, of course, a positive attitude and similar attributes Norman, TX

January 17 2005 Hello! I'm Rembrandt from the Philippines, 42yrs old. I'm a small time businessman. I believe in hygiene procedures to improve health.Im practicing them myself. I read about it. I want to help other people in my country, but i need a lot of backing and support from you.

I am originally from the Dominican Republic. I studied Occupational Therapy, Optometry and Medicine in my country, though never graduated. I also took some training on psychology and psychiatry. I then went to Colombia to complete a Medical Missionary training from the Seventh-day Adventist Church I have been involved with Natural Hygiene for the last 9 years. I am currently a lecturer and trainer on Healthful Living for my church community Regards, Miguel, NC

My name is Daysie, I'm from Venezuela, living now in melbourne Australia. I m very interested in this topic, I'm vegetarian since i was a child, and my health is very good, but i have so many problems with friends and family whom always critize me about my eating style, expecially my husband... any way, I'd really like to know more about natural hygiene. And if there is any hygienist close to my area. Victoria, Australia

My name is Peter and I have only recently discovered Natural Hygiene. I am reading the works of Sylvester Graham, John Tilden Herbert Shelton and others - I consider myself fortunate to have recently acquired an (1880's edition) of Sylvester Graham's large work "Lectures on the science of Human Life" and consider this to be the ONLY sensible understanding of medical problems and their solutions/treatment. I very much would like to become a member of your society. And would certainly do whatever I can to help spread this approach to medical problems. I have been a vegetarian for thirty years do not smoke and have been a complete non-drinker all of my life. I would certainly like to start learning more about Natural Hygiene. Thank you and best regards,

Hi, my name is Christy. I am interested in learning more about The Natural Hygiene Society. I read Fit for Life a few years ago and have since then realized that I want to teach others about this wonderful way of living. I would like to find schooling/certification through information available via your newsletters and other links. Thank You!! Christy, FL

My name is Linda , and I am a natural health consultant in Kansas. I would like to become a member because natural hygiene is my way of life and what I educate people about.

Have Diploma in Natural Hygiene and am currently organising myself to start my own practice. Would like to speak to others about how they started out.
Carmen, Oxfordshire England

I would like to become a member. I am very interested in health and the lack of it in our society today. I look forward to the education that you can provide.
Thank you, Doug, Missouri

I've read some of the publications of earlier natural hygienists and appreciate and derived benefit from their idealism and efforts to help others. I believe health is governed by natural laws and that it is good to cultivate one's health by striving to follow a wholesome regimen of life. Jeffrey, CA

Aloha Friends! Absolutely! I'm in! I'll look forward to hearing from y'all soon! May Your Light Always Shine in It's Best Fashion!

Hi. I'd like to become a member of the new International Natural Hygiene Society. I am sick at heart that the old AHNS has changed its ways (and its name) and no longer appears to adhere to Dr. Herbert Shelton's principles.
TCR, Texas

My wife and I were members of the Natural Hygiene Society and Life Science back in the late 70's and early 80's. We are trying to get "back on the wagon" to lose weight and increase our level of health.
Thanks, Rick, Michigan


My name is Donald. I am currently living in Slovenia. I am 52 years of age, have studied herbs and aromatherapy. My researches into my own health have led me to the conclusion that diet and lifestyle contribute more to health than any other thing.
Responsibility of ones own health rest squarly on ones own shoulders. I came to this conclusion from my own studies of nature and the cosmic and natural laws that shape this universe and beyond.
Peace, Donald
"Spirit sleeps in the mineral, breathes in the vegetable, dreams in the animal and wakes in man."

I am interested in becoming a member of the Natural Hygiene Society. I am a nurse and have been a vegetarian for 14 years. I presently live in Southern California.

I am interested in recieving newsletters and corresponding with others that don't believe that people with a MD after their names are gods and who are not suviving on whole hog sausage, pysdo-food in boxes and fast "food" poision. My special intrest are excito-toxins(MSG) and the poisioning of our food source in the USA. Wholesome food and people who understand what that is, are very hard to come by in my neck of the woods.
Harrisburg PA

Short Bio -
I am 63, married, in excellent health but somewhat overweight. Am a regular exerciser (hiking jogging, mountain trail hiking, etc.) and have begun to learn about fasting which has opened the door to NH.
Many thanks, Leonard,
BC, Canada

I used to be a member of ANHS but lost contact with the group.
Julie, San Marino, CA

I am interested in Natural Hygiene. I would be interested in membership but am primarily interested in knowing if there is a place like ShangraLa Health Resort in Bonita Springs. I have been to the resort in Bonita Springs but have no idea what happen to it. Is there someplace similar that I can go to at this time.
My address is Tallahassee, Florida. I am a teacher and have a spring break coming up. I was searching the web for a healthy place to go on my break or over the summer.

My name is Eric and I am interested in joining. I am an individual who is interested in learning more about Natural Hygiene
My address is Deerfield IL

My name is Raymond, live in Texas. I read "Fit for Life" by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond about three months ago and that started me on a road to find out what I could about living healthy. I have read about twenty books so far on Water, Raw Foods, Juices, Sprouting, Etc and have been talking to anyone that will listen long enough to hear me preach about eating better. I believe eating processed food is the main reason for the increase in our poor health and want to find out more about what exactly is the proper diet to live a healthy life. I think your organization is on the right path to finding this information.

Hallo there,
my name is Angelika and I would like to become a member of INHS.
My interest in health was sparked more than 30 years ago through the writings of the Braggs. During the subsequent years I have learned more through many books and various authors. Being able to read and speak German, I have also had the opportunity to study the work of Maria Treben, Dr Kneipp and Otto Buchinger. Having used this knowledge as a lay person taking responsibility for mine and my families health, I'm looking to this membership as a way to remain motivated and to share my experiences with likeminded individuals. I have undertaken many fasts on my own and am building my understanding of personal health, but feel the need for the latest information. my address is :
Williamstown Australia

I was a previous member of ANHS
Tom, NY

Hello, I am interested in joining the Society. I am finishing a 30 day fast with Stanley Bass and want to continue learning.
Thanks kindly, James

Greetings. I would like to sign up to be a member of INHS. I am 49 years old and live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I would also like to find others in my area who are involved in or interested in Natural Hygiene. I am overweight and have had high blood pressure. I have been treated by doctors and put on medications which had bad side effects. After reading several books on fasting by Herbert Shelton and others, I am convinced that I can reduce my blood pressure, weight and other physical maladies by fasting and natural hygiene. I would also like to talk to others who have changed their health through natural hygiene. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Frank

About myself: Although by education and profession I am an environmental engineer, by passion and inperience (as against experience), I am an inpert (as against expert) on Life Natural - a science that looks health as the triple entity of body, mind and spirit. (inperts apparently attain inperience (as against experience) by inner knowledge) I learnt this science for my own cure. When no conventional methods of disease treatment could help me with my long chronic ailments, I started searching for a system which targets towards positively improving the health and not merely fighting the diseases and providing symptomatic relief by external means. A little detail about me and some of my published articles on this field can be accessed at: and then click on e-enter for holistic living (on the left hand side) Possibly you can go through at least FAQ and About the Expert section to get an overview. Now, while I dont have any degree in the conventional sense, I have the expertise which has come through internally and as my Guru says, are eternal knowledge which no classroom can teach. I am also an expert on Yoga which involves both asanas and meditation is for improving the internalities. I have been helping health seekers, some of them suffering from long standing chronic ailments, when they approach me on their own which happens to be by the word of mouth. I have also published about 200 articles in the leading newspapers and magazine of India and will be publishing a book shortly. Bhuwan

My name is Fabio and I am brasilian. I just graduated in Music about one year ago and when I was about to launch my piano goals I got sick. I have a polineuropathy that's affecting my members terminations. I got really depressed and though my vegetarianism diet I started smoking a lot. Now I've got not only nervous but respiratorian problems. Since I was a child I heard about natural hygiene and now I'm really inclined to start from the theory I believe. My geografical adress is Juiz de Fora - Brazil

My name is Gary and I am currently living in Riverside, CA. I am 55 years old. Last year I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and am returning to my eating habits of early adulthood. Thank you for the information.

Hi, I'm a long-time vegan, now mostly raw about 5 years. I know people who have lost teeth on the fruit diet. Glad to see the article warning against this. Please add me to your member list. Jordan

I would like to join the INHS. The first time I have fasted was for 3 days. I am starting again, hoping to do it longer, having a hard time with those initial symptoms in the beginning. I am 178 lbs and 5'2", I need to lose some major weight! I would like to lose 40lbs total. What I loved about fasting was that eating was not an option, therefore, I could focus on the water. I am looking for support during this fast! Barbara, WI

I would like to join your group. I have only recently (about 4 years) been aware of this approach to a healthier life-style and am slowly (it can be difficult at times) becoming a convert. It has already made a big difference in my general wellbeing. My name is Alun and my address is Leigh on Sea, Essex. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks

I discovered natural hygiene about 15 years ago via the diamond's fit for life books, I no longer have those, but I do still have a couple books by shelton including one on fasting which I've been reading again lately, I look forward to seeing what you're org is up to these days and I anticipate with delight to receive your newsletter Alexander Los Angeles, CA

Hello, my name is Dr. Phil , (N.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.) I'm very interested in 'natural health' and have been involved now for more than 20 years. I received my Ph.D. from American College of Nutripathy, Scottsdale, AZ and then my D.Sc. from Lafayette University at CO. I and my wife, a RN, worked in a wellness spa ( Rocky Mountain Wellness Spa ) in Steamboat Springs, CO. I'm also the product of allopathic education earning my AS in Respiratory Care. Anyway I'm, now of all things, working for the county and helping in any way I can-----still holding onto the dream of someday opening another 'Natural Hygiene' practice. We had a very nice practice in Hayden, ID from '88-'89. I'm also interested in the school that Dr. Shelton operated at San Antonio? Well that's it for me at this time and I'll be looking for your response. Thanks, Yours in Health Phil, AZ

My name is Branka and I m from Slovenia, I m very interested in Natural Hygiene and I practice it for one month only but I recognise this is the best thing for my health. I feel very well, I had problems with my Tyroide ( i do not know the exact name) but after 14 days of eating raw food I 50% improved. I would like that many people that have anykind of health problems, would at least try to live on base of Natural Hygiene. In Slovenia we have one very good expert in N H Mr. Alois Kolar who has speaches al over Slovenia right now. Greeting and a lot of sweet fruits, Branka


I am planning to fast with a friend of mine, starting on April 30. I have arranged time off from work from May 2 through May 6 in order to rest. We have read several books on fasting (water only), and my friend has previously fasted for several days. I have fasted for 24 hours recently, but I really would like to fast at least 9 or 10 days. I am 250 pounds and five feet tall. I am 57 years old and am concerned about my health. I don't want to have a stroke or heart attack and have to be dependent on anyone (or die!). I would love to be under a professional for this fast, but know of no one in this area. My own doctor knows nothing about fasting, except to say "Don't fast". I want to start eating the right foods and taking better care of myself, in addition to losing at least 100 pounds or more. I hope to get a lot of good, reliable info from your web site.
Patsy, LA

Trying my best to get healthy and learn as much as I can in the process. Thanks. Julie, Quincy MA

It's nice to have finally found a group that addresses all I've been practicing and lecturing my friends and family about for years now. I just read Fit for Life for the first time and felt at home and then I typed in "Natural Hygiene" into my search engine and your site came up. I'm a mother of two young children and am trying desperately to raise them in a healthful lifestyle. It's tough, considering the society I'm up against. But, I am doing it and I hope they live to 110 (and me too). I live in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. I will be moving to New Jersey in the fall, where I was raised and where my family lives. Please send me information on how to become a member. Thanks. Debbie

Hello. My name is Tamara and I would like to become a member. I used to be a vegan and backslid about four years ago, which resulted in a 50 pound weight gain. I am ready to reclaim my birthright of health and vitality but first I feel the inner desire and need to detox. My geographical address is Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

I am a retired family doctor with an interest in nutritional medicine. dr tim , bawdeswell, uk

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My name is Ricardo My home is in Connecticut and I am a little dissapointed that there are no natural Hygienists in my area. You encourage people to take an active role in their halth rather than a passive one and this is what I like about you. I put your web site among my "favorites" and I am planing to visit it often.

I would like to be a member of the International Natural Hygiene Society. I have a DX of Parkinson's Disease and am well into L-dopa addiction. I tried various modalities when first diagnosed without success. At this time, I have one last chance to save what's left of my mind and my body. In less than a year I fear giving in to dementia and a wheelchair will be my fate. God has blessed me with several lives. I have lived more than most people. I've nothing left to do in life myself and would not choose to live in chronic pain less: I''ve four children, the youngest are twins at 15 years and need a father. I am very determined and know I can inspire young people who do not have guidance. They need to know what courage is about. What faith can accomplish. The power of love. At 53 years I've learned plenty. I regret having raced through addiction for temporary relief. Politically, I'm outside the system and not would loose my freedom Just thinking about the truth. Unfortunately, I've lost material wealth and am loosing a wonderful plant nursery. If I can stop my progression, I will grow the best food on earth. I'm sharing myself as I need help from someone more knowledgeable than I. I've a good juicer. Access to more and more good Organic vegetables and fruits. I've cut back 50% on L-dopa from 2 grams to 1 gram in the last 14 days. Still a long way to go. Don't know if capable of endogenous production. Can't walk, talk, or think without L-dopa every 3 hours. Stop at night. I'm attempting to go all raw cold turkey and watching for detox symptoms vs. ??? I take nothing for chronic pain in arms and shoulders that robs me of sleep. Dose mediated and naturopathic in nature. Drugs don't help anyway. My wife and a few friends are a good support group though we're all at a loss.
Thanks for your time and hopefully some advise coming. Chip New Braunfels, TX.

I would like to join your organization. I live in Cudahy WI. That is just south of Milwaukee a few miles. I am 43, I first learned about natural hygiene via the religious books "The White Mans Bible" and "Salubrious Living". Those are 2 of the 3 main holy books for the religion I adopted called Creativity. Health and science are a big part of my religion. Anyhow I do not want to join to talk religion but am just giving some background. I live in accordance with the principles of natural hygiene as much as I can. My diet is 90%+ in accordance with the principles of natural hygiene as I understand them mainly from books by Dr. Herbert Shelton. I sun, and get as much fresh air as is available within an hours drive of a city. I get plenty of rest, and I exercise 3 times per week. My first long fast was for 29 days. If you have a mailing list let me know so I can get on it. Thanks Bill

I am definitely in favor of this organization. Dr. Goldberg was among my favorite instructors ever!! Christine , D.C. Hampton,

My name is John. I live in Ontario near Toronto. I have been juice fasting for health and healing for about 20 years now. I am 49 years old. My sister-in-law has a tumour near her Thyroid and is going in for surgery very soon and I would like information to send her. Tobias

Hello International Natural Hygiene Society. I have just found your website and am interested in joining your organization. I am interested in all of the elements that I understand comprise optimal health - rest, water-based fasting, raw plant foods nutrition, exercise, emotional poise, sunshine and water. I have experience in fasting and raw foods nutrition, and currently lead a locally based raw foods group in the Washington DC area ( I look forward to communicating with other members, and learning more about the vital subject of Natural Hygiene. Thank you. Grant

After reading "Fit for Life" and also articles on your website, I would like to receive your e-mail newsletter. Thanks! Cheryl St. Louis, MO

I'm a 50 year old mother and wife exploring health and nutrition. I've been eating raw for only a few weeks...have also started a yahoo list for raw food, and am also on several others. I'm confused that most everyone I've run into (on these groups) promote Natural Hygiene emphatically and solely as a frugavore diet, whereas your website seems to say that a long term fruititarian diet is not optimal (from Bass's research to mention one...) so I'd like to hear from REAL natural hygienist. I, too, want to base my decision for optimal nutrition on science rather than some raw guru or because of vegetarian ethics. Thanks! Denise, Lacombe LA

My name is Debbie aka Gypsi aka aromaticwings. I live in Dallas Tx with a wonderful man , two cats, and a tank of fish. I have three grown kids and 5 grandkids. Three of which I see often. My introduction to raw food eating was through a general serch of bodybuilding sites.. Somehow I came across one and hit on a link and it went to another and whala!! I am at some site talking about eating raw foods and feeling great. so I thought I would try it. I am not a bodybuilder but at that time was in search for something to help me lose weight. And I did some... but still didn't feel right. still had some arthritis in my knees.. and it hurt to walk after I got up from sittling along time.. I figured it was because I was not eating the veggies as much as I should. Then I found a site about juicing veggies so I figured I could get my veggies in this way... I would rather drink them then eat them....since starting raw foods tho I have started haing cravings for veggies and fruits... I just got off a challenge where we were to try and eat 100% for 30 days... well I almost made it.. went something like 20 or something... but have had alot of stress due to my daughter not having a place to stay and ahving the grandkids here for the weekend... was running out of food ourselves... so I just made due.. me and the grandkids ate alot of banana strawberry ice cream. I came to natural hygiene through several of the raw food sites, forums, yahoo groups. And Nora from rawschool made a comment there was a INHS yahoo group so I was anxious to join to see what more I could learn.. I am very inteested in this form of life as it makes so much sense and since eating raw I have felt soo much better.. But I am hoping to learn the actual correct way to eat through this group.. there are so many different ways to eat "raw" I just do not know how one know which way is right for an individual. Debbie


I am very interested to become a member of INHS My name is Veronica, my address: Haifa, Israel

My name is Nancy and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am very interested in the concept of Natural Hygiene for the reasons that I am a very active individual who has recently turned 47, and I'm feeling it :) I have weight that I have battled with and I am looking for support and information on how Natural Hygiene can improve my physical and mental well being and continue to do so as I get older. Thank you, Nancy

Make a Difference: Tell U.S. Congress to stop hurting our health care!
Katie, Norwalk, Oh

I live on Lamma Island, Hong Kong. I love what I know about natural hygiene so far and I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge. I am secretary of the local animal welfare society and, once I've got my human family more organized, would like to be involved in organizing a section for pets. Pls let me join! Regards, Kate

My name is Julie. I live in Los Angeles,CA . I am currently on my 29th day of eating 100% raw food and I wish to continue this as a permanent lifestyle. I look forward to seeing what I can learn from your society. thank you

Hello INHS,
It seems that my spiritual search for Truth has propagated to my behavior and beliefs around my diet and my physical health.
Thank you for providing this educational resource. Grace and peace,
Rodney, Crawfordsville, IN

Hello My name is Calvin , I am a dietitian and I practice Natural Hygiene. As, such I will like to become a member of this organization. My address is: Trinidad, W.I. (Caribbean)

Hi! I'm glad to see you're in existence. I was a member of the American Natural Hygiene Society a dozen or more years ago and attended a number of their conferences. Even then, I detected their efforts to join the mainstream of more orthodox healthcare, which was very annoying and disappointing. When they finally dictated that only a licensed medical doctor or chiropractor could supervise fasting, I left them for good. Also, nobody but a well credentialed professional could get an article in their magazine, which promoted ideas that were totally contrary to pure Natural Hygiene. I did some studying with T.C. Fry, who was, to be polite, a bit eccentric, but he had some great material. I still have his whole course, which probably weighs 50 pounds or more. I have been working on a "personality theory" for the past 30 or so years and my first book, "Eliminate Stress Forever with Psychoharmonics(TM)" will be out within a week or two. The second will be: "Psychoharmonics(TM): A Course in Joyful Living." The next will be "The Language of Life." And others will follow in the Baby Simple Publications line, such as "Eliminate Anger Forever," "Eliminate Depression Forever," etc. See: And also: In all of my works and classes, I teach that it is essential to take care of all parts of your self, including the body, mind, and spirit, if you want to be healthy, happy, productive, and at peace with yourself and the world. I am convinced that my system for dealing with stress is better than anything else available. It works. With bright people, the system can be taught in just a few minutes. For average folks, it takes a little longer. I'll be glad to send you a complimentary copy of the book. Let me know. Anyhow, I am happy to learn that you are taking up where the original AHS left off, and I will be glad to support you in any way that I can. All good wishes, Jack, GA

My name is Emanuel . I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years but I did not even begin to understand my body until I ran across a book I found in a thrift shop for 25 cents called "Fit For Life". That is when I discovered natural hygiene.

i am a life science wellness coach, RN, MHA i am a survivor of cervical/uterine cancer 20 yrs ago. i was to live less than a year if i had surgery, chemo, radiation. i refused all! i was introduced to life science by a 74 yr old man called john. he had cured his colon cancer and was determined to help me. i water fasted for 40 days, then juicing 1/2 and 1/2 for a few weeks, the raw food for three years. today i am 90% raw and 10% cooked. still juicing daily, at 66 yrs old i now teach "HOW TO" and counsel many cancer patients. i show people how to make their lives simple. my booklet "Celebrate Life: Eat to Live" is a good supplement for my clients and students. i also do a monthly newsletter "Helen's Lifewell Paradigm ". i would like to recieve your newsletter, verymuch. thanx helen

Lot's of folks call me "Bink." I became a friend (not close) of T.C. Fry's back in 1982. Although I never followed N.H. completely, the few changes I made in my life helped my overall health considerably. During the next five years I began questioning Mr. Fry's stance on a number of issues and I eventually lost interest in N.H. I was very glad to find your website and your "open mind" approach to getting well and /staying/ well. (My apologies to Victoria.) Please add me to your membership. Thank you kindly. Burleson, Austin, Texas


I have been interested in "Raw Health" for many years. I have struggled, but am managing to maintain a 75 % raw diet. My greatest challenge has been caffeine. I can go for days and sometimes weeks without, and do great, but then I slip, and I am back in the rut again.
Looking forward to my membership and learning more! Pamela, Yakima, WA

I am retired chiropractor. I have coped with rheumatoid arthritis, severe for 18 yrs and have found some answers with juice fasts would like to follow more the natural hygiene concepts sincerely, woodrow, Helena, Montana

I am a 55 year old woman who is looking for ways to be healthy in a natural environment. Thanks You. mary , Lancaster, MA "For the Lord God helps Me; therefore have I not been ashamed or confounded. Therefore have I set My face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be put to shame. Isa 50:7"

Hello there
I am a member of the N.H.S in Sydney, but am living semi-permanently in the uk now. I have been looking for you for a long time, and so pleased to have found your site. Are there any 'residential' NHS clinics in the UK where one may fast and/or go on a 'cleansing routine' ? If so can you let me have details. Thanks Chris

hello, i am interested in becoming a member of your web based community. i am a professional massage therapist specializing in shiatsu and eastern modalities. i ran into a book by joel fuhrman, m.d. titled, "fasting - and eating - for health." he had mentioned dr. shelton in it. since this book i have been inspired to learn more about natural healing via fasting and whole foods. i have been vegetarian for 3 years now and still feel like i could keep learning about my body and it's relationship to its fuel. i am also interested where i could go to learn more in new york city.
thank you for your time. blessings, aaron, L.M.T.

I am not qualified in the health field, but have a keen interest. My wife is an MD with a local family practice.
Regards Colin, Queensland, Australia

I am just starting on the Natural Hygiene pathway or learning. I wil be starting a course soon by Dr Sniadach in Esstential Natural Hygiene. I am very excited about this way of living and have started applying principals in my everyday life. Starting with diet (vegan) raw food, exercise, fresh air and sunshine. I am located in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Faye

I am mum to 5 boys under 7 and pregnant with #6. I have been researching and reading about natural hygiene and the raw food diet for a few years now but have been unable to achieve it. I am currently trying to work towards ridding myself of my cooked food addictions and cleanse my body prior to the birth of my baby which is only about 11 weeks away. All my boys are homebirthed and #6 will be born at home as well. My boys free learn at home too. I consider myself a true rebel as is my aborigine husband from the system and its contraints. Looking forward to learning heaps more.
Blessings Tracey, Nowra NSW Australia

A little about myself: I've been interested in natural health for about 15 years now...started doing yoga about a 1.5 years ago. My interest in natural health/hygiene started in high school when I had a friend who was beginning his path of vegetarianism and is now a doctor of natural medicine in Europe. I'm curious, I'm interested in improving my health and lifestyle.
Dawn, Milton, PA

hi, i just read anthony robbins book "unlimited power" and was intrigued by the section on natural hygiene. i am a physiotherapist and also studying to become a life coach with a slant on health and wellbeing... and would very much like to learn more about your society and philosophy.
jade, kings langley, herts

I'm ART in Portland OR. I was a founding member of HLI and became disenchanted after a few years. I've been a hygienist since 1987 after reading FIT FOR LIFE. I used to work with TC FRY in Austin TX, and after he died and after he had tax problems forcing him to sell his school, I continued to work for LIFE SCIENCE INSTITUTE enrolling people in his correspondence course. My wife and I love natural hygiene, and live by its tenets. We are both totally raw, and enjoy it thoroughly. I've been totally raw for 4.5 years, my wife for 3.5 years. We went to India for a month in Feb 2005 with our meditation group and had no problem maintaining a totally raw diet. We loved it so much, we plan on returning there in JAN 2006 for another month. Both of us work in the medical field. She is an RN with over 20 years experience, and is currently a home health nurse, and I fill doctors prescriptions for medical equipment (wheel chairs, etc) and do maintanence on the equipment. I wrote a book years ago on natural hygiene AWAKENING OUR SELF-HEALING BODY. Even though I no longer teach natural health classes, the book continues to sell without me marketing it (over 5200 copies so far). I am NOT looking for customers to buy my book, since I have no plans to reprint it. Rather, I am interested in corresponding with other hygienists to share ideas and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you.

My name is Kate . I live in Upstate NY, about 25 minutes from the State Capital of Albany. Years ago, I read the book Fit for Life, which introduced me to what I now see as a broader and more socially acceptable form of Natural Hygiene. It helped me see how my body worked and some of the things I was doing to hurt myself, the things I was doing which made me gain weight and feel physically poor. I enjoyed the book greatly and felt very empowered by it. However, I didn't have the support of my immediate family (they thought it was a dangerous plan) and going out to eat was too difficult for me at the time. Though I saw changes in how I felt (lighter, no acid indigestion, weight-loss), I stopped eating the Fit for Life way. Now I am older and dieting has not worked for me in a myriad of ways: yo-yo weight loss/weight gain, extra weight I find difficult to lose no matter what I do, emotional stress due to fad diets, etc etc, and I have decided to come "home," and find out all I can about Natural Hygiene, and to implement it in my life--seriously and, if you will, religiously. Regardless of what others may think of that. I have many questions I hope can be answered as I avail myself to the information on your site. I hope, at some time, that I can also help others. That may be a way off, but I would like to learn as much as I can right now and practice this lifestyle with everything I have. Thanks for making membership free.

My name is Ken, Redford MI. (West of Detroit) I would like to rejoin the ANHS. I used to be a member years ago. I used to be a friend of T.C. Fry and saw him daily when he lived in MI. I have also fasted at Esser's Ranch in FL, but that was 13 years ago. I also attended the ANHS conference in 1992 in Georgetown. I did well for a short time but fell off the wagon. I am working my way back to eating more raw foods. I have reached a critical point in my life. I am 47 and I am severly overweight. I have checked my blood sugar recently and it is in the high 100's (194 today). I think it is time to rejoin the fold to get my life together. Let me know what is needed for me to rejoin. Thank you for your time,

Dear Sir, I want to get the membership of International Natural Hygiene Society . I am also a Life Member of Indian Red Cross Society & Patorn of Vancouver Native Health Society ,CANADA, please see the details in CURRICULUM VITAE,attached . I MY SELF IS FROM THE DEVELOPING COUNTRY & ALSO FINENCIALLY SOUND ENOUGH TO DEPOSIT THE FEES, IS THERE ANY PROVISION THAT I GOT THE MEMBERSHIP FREE. I WILL BE HIGHLY OBLIGED TO YOU.Sir, kindly send the details of membership on the following postal adress; Thanks, with kind regards. Dr.AMMAR, ALIGARH, U.P, INDIA

I'm not sure if I joined already but I will now. I'm 51yrs young but take nothing for granted anymore concerning health. I've been a vegetarian as much as possible for the past 31yrs..Many circumstances would dictate what was available to eat, but when given a choice I would try to make the right decision. Maybe that's why I'm still in a decent "state of health". There is still a lot more I want out of LIFE and I know it can't be accomplished with the S.A.D. way of life. Look forward to future communication with INHS.Thank you!

Dear Sirs, I am a student of Naturopathy. I am very much interested in Naturopathy. I am going to start my Nature Cure Clinic. Please allow me to join as a member of your enteemed organisation, and send magazines and other information which will help me a lot. Thanks, Kanubhai, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Hi, My name is Maurine and I would like to join. I live in Prince George, B.C., Canada. I have been involved with natural hygiene and raw food for a little over 20 years, since just before the birth of my second child. For a few years when I was first involved I ate 100% raw food and juice with 1 or 2 raw eggs a week but no other animal products. I was so healthy during that period and had so much energy. However, over the years I've taken to eating about 20% cooked foods and some fish (raw and cooked). The transition to eating cooked foods is mainly for social reasons, I know I feel better when I eat raw food. I would like to get back to eating more raw food again. Thank you!

Dear Sir/Madam I am medicine doctor and would like to join this society as i have gone through your web site and found it very informative. Further i would also like to know about the publishing of Article as i also have an article related to the medicine for which i am interested to be published. Could you please update me regarding the procedure of publishing and also proceed my membeship process at your earliest Please find attached my contact detail below DR WASI, Middlesex, ENGLAND

Hello, I'm 34 and I live in israel. In the last few months I have been a part of a group which was learning a lot about Natural Hygiene. I read all Shelton's books which were translated to hebrew, and I'm applying his way of life. I would like to join your organization and get all the information you can give me. thank you very much, Sharon.

hello, my name is Lexie and i would like to become a member of the natural hygiene society. my address is N.S.W. australia at the moment i am studying naturopathy at southern cross university in my first year. have a strong interest in spirituality,fasting,nutrition and and life! look forward to hearing from you soon. many thanks

My name is Teresa, and I'm from South Central Kentucky. I have always naturally fasted. But just a day, or 12 hours at a time. I do feel better after just a mini fast. I am very interested in this type of body work. The body is a wonderful healer. Its designed to fix itself. I'm looking forward to recieving this eletter. God Bless,

I knew Paul Bragg, when he was in Hawaii, and went to his lectures, he was the most dynamic speaker, and would run up and down the stage, with the mike in hand, not standing in back of a podumn, and that is what impressed me, he really got into his lectures. To bad about the surfing accident, he was 95, when that happen, but looked 50, He said he wanted to live to 120 years old, and probably would of if it wasn't for the hospital. In fact he was the most Dynamic speaker i think i ever heard. I fast about once every 2 weeks, for about 3 or 4 days, I just love the why my taste buds come alive WOW! That really is what motivates me, how you really can taste the food, alot of times I just chew the food, and till i get all the juices out of it, and then just spit the rest out, The way "Ants" do. I just love to put just one Potato chip on my tounge, after the fast, and just savor the flavor, WOW, does it come alive, once I have got all of the flavor out of it I just spit it out. Why Fasts work, is that they deprive proteins, to the disease, or viruses, as all viruses have a outside coating of protein, and of course all living cells need protein. The biggest enemy to fasting is most doctors, and the drug industry. If the american people knew how fasting works, we wouldn't have the Obesity and heart problems today. It seems that the only people the American people will listen to and take advice is their ministers, and let's face it fasting was a big thing in the Bible, as Jesus even went on a 40 day fast. I feel if we are going to get Fasting across, we need to target the churches. I am not religious, as I am a Humanist, but I feel, that the Lord helps them that help themselves. I would very mush like to be a member. Jim, Poultney, Vt.

I would like to join the Natural Hygiene Society! Background I am 40 years old, happily married, mother of 2 plus 3 step children, grandmother of 1, and breast cancer survivor. I have studied (on my own) many areas of health, natural health, alternative health, cancer, and cancer treatment. I am grateful that there's an organization devoted to natural health, that there is information available, and that there are many people in the world who support this type of living. I just want to learn more! Thank you! Name Kat, Alamogordo, NM

Hi Put me on the list for the newsletter and other mailings. I fasted years ago at Dr. Sheltons place, and want to keep up with the movement and information. The articles on the website are great. Eddy

My name is Jennifer. I live in Ft Worth,TX. I started natural hygiene after reading Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond. I effortlessly lost 30 pounds and felt great. I started back on some old habits and now having a hard time getting back. I'm hoping being a member of the society will help me get back on my wagon.

My name is Dennis from Hong Kong.. I would like to apply for admission into the membership of INHS. Actually, I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient and I believe natural hygiene would be the way for me to overcome the chronic disease.I have read several books on natural hygiene like 'Fit for Life' by Harvey &Marilyn, ''The Quintessence of Natural Living' by Dr. Sidhwa and 'Fasting can Save Your Life' by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. I wish someday I can be a Natural Hygiene professional and help others to improve their health. Please consider my application for membership in the society

I'd like to join. I live in Sandy, Utah. I once attended a NH week seminar and then did a 30 day fast. I was never healthier. Now, 20 years later, I am a wreck. I need to return to a healthy life. Fran

My name is Howard, I live in Columbus Ohio. I have been interested in the study of human life for over a period of 29 years. I am very much interest in becoming a member of the natural hygiene society organization. Thank-you!

Hi there -- About myself: I had suffered three years with Lyme disease, encephilius, seizure, psych aymptoms (sililar to syphilis).. and my son as well, his case actually worse. We underwent two years of intensive IV abx and many orals. Some symptoms abated but others plagued us. One year ago I took us both out of 'care', and began my own research and application of health via food, by reading the work of Thompson, Hay, Kuhne, ect.. applying this to us and utilizing juice fasting, ect. It's been a year of effort so far, only by my navigation alone, tho. We are much, much improved..and I am still always reading and came upon your site. Could have certainly used this site, and to read Stanton and Boss sooner :-).. but now am well studied and look forward to learning more, and am considering using my knowledge to help others or start a retreat. Thanks for preserving truth! Maureen

Rissi Teaneck, NJ I've been pursuing natural hygiene options for over 30 years. Success is exhibiting itself in the form of my teenage children making healthy food and lifestyle choices. I think a lot of important anecdotal and un"proven" healthy practices are disregarded today, and I'd like to see some re-integrated into the current culture.

I have several books on NH and practiced it a few years ago but stopped. I would like to get back into it and read about some of the new areas of study. Thanks, John, Philadelphia, PA

I have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 25 years including 4 years as the Director Of Healing at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Have read a few Shelton Books as well as all the Fit For Life. Am 3/4 of the way through the Transformation Institutes NH course. Health, peace and happiness to you all.
Gary, Boambee, NSWE, Australia

I am very interested in fasting, and am going to start tomorrow, August 1, 2005. I am extremely overweight and do not feel very well- stiff joints, tired all the time, unable to do alot because of my weight, high cholesterol, fatty liver, pain in my gall bladder most of the time. I ordered your book, read it and am very excited to try fasting. Thanks, Mary Lou, Clifton Park, New York

34 yrs old, 6ft, 165lbs, single white male, Natural hygienist
Thanks, Dave, Pittston, PA

Hello there!
My name is Alois and coming from city of Celje - Slovenia. In September 23. 2005 I have been celebrating 11 years of living by the principles of Natural Health - Natural Hygiene including 100% Optimal diet regime (raw food eating). In December 8. 2000. I finished Natural Health - Natural Hygiene Course in Fit for LIFE SCIENCES INSTITUTE, College of Natural Health, Winnipeg - Canada and became Practioner & Consultant of Natural Health - Natural Hygiene, Nutritionist. I am also initiator and founder of Club of Natural Health, which presenting lectures, consultings which I make all over Slovenia. I want to become a member of International Natural Hygiene Society and my interest is to play an very active role in it.
Sincerely, Alois
To sporoèilo vam je poslal naš obiskovalec Alois ( Upravitelji spletne strani od koder je bilo sporoèilo poslano, vaših podatkov nismo shranili v nobeno bazo podatkov. Obiskovalec Alois je napisal sledeèe spremno sporoèilo: There is a small act toward Natural Hygiene
Best regards, Alois
(Note: Alois has sent a long essay in his native language, - we'll put this in the member section of INHS. Here is the end:) ..... Èloveško telo se nikoli ni uspelo prilagoditi mesu, mesnim izdelkom, mleku in mleènim izdelkom jajcem, kuhani ali drugaèe termièno obdelani hrani, od tod izvirajo vse oblike bolezni, toda umetnost medicine (navkljub v Sloveniji kar 6 letnem študiju medicine, kar je najveè na svetu) tega še ni sposobna razumeti. Ljudje smo uvršèeni v kategorijo frugivorjev, saj smo najbolje usposobljeni za obiranje in uèinkovito presnovo surove hrane: svežega, surovega, zrelega sadja, nekaj zelenjave, oreškov, lešnikov, semen v že znanih razmerjih, pol litra ali veè doma pripravljenih svežih zelenjavnih/sadnih sokov dnevno; takšen naèin prehrane se imenuje Optimalna prehrana in je skupaj s slogom Naravnega Zdravja – Naravne Higiene najboljša osnova za vitko, vitalno, zdravo, za življenje sposobno telo, telo ki ne potrebuje navideznega zdravljenja stroke ali alternative. Ve to uèimo in promoviramo tudi z lastnim 100% zgledom v Klubu Naravnega Zdravja – Club of Natural Health, kot edini tovrstni organizaciji v Sloveniji.

I would like to become a member of your organisation and receive any newsletters that are available. My son has Ulcerative colitis and I have been investigating natural remedies. I have probabley read more books in the last year than I have done over the previous 45 !! I am convinced that the Natural Hygiene system is the only practical way forward, not only for those with a diet induced problem, but also for others who wish to maintain youthful health. I shall be embarking on my personal rejuvenation next week. I dearly hope that my son will follow suit and rid himself of the cocktail of drugs that he is taking.
Best regards,
John, aged 46, Dorset, U.K.

Hi, I'd like to become a member of our society. I have been practicing the "fit for Life" eating program fro about 6 weeks and have discovered from your website that there are some possible positive modifications of that regimen that should be implemented. I'd like to learn more about Dr. shelton and his approach to eating food.
Jim, Troy, AL

I began learning about natural hygiene in the early 1970's. From 1974 through 1976, I was on staff of the American Natural Hygiene Society in Chicago Illinois. I served as Natural Hygiene Press bookkeeper/customer service rep and ANHS membership correspondent. I attended conventions in Medford, Buffalo, and Milwaukee. My husband, Paul, also worked for ANHS and was the Executive Director from 1976 through 1978. My mother-in-law, Jospehine Z. was Office Manager from 1978 through 1980. My husband and I honeymooned in 1975 at R. J. Cheatham's Shangri-La in Bonita Springs, Florida. The foundation of the natural hygiene philosophy has been most valuable throughout my life as a guide to wellness and empowered healthcare for myself, my husband, and the three children we have raised. I am very happy to know that the information is still out there and that even with all the controversy over the years, the message has not been lost and is available to those who seek the truth about health.
Barbara, Madison, WI

I found your article thru an internet email I'm currently receiving from Mike Brescia, Think Right Now, which is amazing life transformation of the mind and thinking patterns. In one of his articles he talked about the protein vs starch food groups and suggested going to natural hygiene site. I'm quite amazed at some of your articles and have been studying health, nutrition and vitamins now since the early 70's and exercised. My friends referred to me as the health nut and now they come to me for advice with their aches, pains, stomach problems and vitamins to help them. I've used myself as a test site for diets and better eating habits and am like a sponge for any site to improve natural health to learn more and more. I would love to be able to afford to study more in-depth courses on the subject, but rely on being an internet sleuth for research everyday….so that sort of sums up my overview and interest.
Looking forward to your newsletters and any other article on the subject. I feel like I've open a present from under the Christmas tree today by finding your site.
Walk in Beauty on Earth, Barbara, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Respected and Dear you all, Delighted to visit site and your sincere efforts to organize society of all NH loving people who believes, respects NH and Sir Shelton by heart. Presentation of information also up to the expectations of any Natural Hygienist. Accept sincere congratulations to all Board Members and other members. I have done Diploma Nutrition and Health Education, N.D., Post Graduation in Preventive and Positive Health alongwith other alternative therapies. I remained fan of Natural Hygiene before doing all these. It was only NH which gave me real insight to understand what is health and how it can be restored, maintained and preserve it. As a subject of real interest I am trying to help people to get health education (NH) in my spare time from service for the last 12 years and I firmly believe that people are getting health benefit only due to NH. Living in western part of India – District Gujarat – City Rajkot.
I hope this might suffice along with my request to enroll me as member. With warm regards thanking you, Yours truly, S.K.

I started studying Natural Hygiene in 1972.
Paul, St. Marys, KS

I would like to be put on the listing to receive newsletters and any information on Natural Hygiene. I tried to contact someone last year about a course in Natural Hygiene but the email was never acknowledged. If you know of a course/training in the United States (or online), please let me know. I am not financially stable at this time but would like to have this information for future reference.
Thank you. Peggy, Mesa AZ

Believe in your health philosophy and would like to learn more.
Thank You, Rich, Longwood, Fl

Dear Hygienists,
I'm from Santiago-Chile and I'm currently living in Los Angeles. My whole family lives in Chile and my mom and dad are 100% hygienists. I try to do as much as I can from what my mother has showed me and from a few seminars that I joined in Chile with the chilean Hygienist Mauricio Esteban. There are some friends of mine that would like more information about it and technical explanations that I haven't been able to give them and everything I have is in spanish. I'm glad I finally found the organization here in the US, so I would like to join in order to get more info and also to buy books in english that me and my friends can read about the true human lifestyle that we should follow.... Please let me know where I can get more info and buy books about hygienism and the explanation as to why and how we should eat.
Thank you, Marcia, Los Angeles, CA

To whom it may concern, I am interested in finding out if there are any practioners and fasting retreats in Southern California. I have had a chronic fatigue and brain fog problem for more than 15 years, and have found no answers.
Thanks for any help you can provide, Pat

Hi, My name is Toby and I live in San Diego CA. I'm a 20 year old college student with a major in fitness, nutrition and health. I've read the Fit for Life books and became very interested in Natural Hygiene. I have long questioned many of the theories and "doctrine" in the medical field today, and I believe that prevention through natural hygiene is the only way to live. There are many questions I have and that is why im seeking to join the website. Thank you for your time.

I'm reading the Fit for Life book (Harvey and Marilyn Diamond). Its very interesting, and would like more information regarding "Natural Hygiene". I have a couple of questions: Can I have salmon(flesh) with veggies and soybeans? Aren't soybeans both a starch and a protein? I thought I was being good eating two proteins and veggies. I don't want to mix to complex foods together and have spoiled contents in my stomach. Is peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches a no no? Thanks! Michelle, Elk Grove Village, IL

Involved in engineering practice in Scotland, Tanzania, Mauritius and South and Western Australia (1957-1976). Then got mixed up architects and teachers and swamis. Currently tutoring university-entry-seekers students in Mathematics. Concerned about deteriorating world standards in values, food, health, consumerism, education etc.
Kanubhai, Lynwood , Western Australia

I have been a practicing Hygienist since 1975, I live in Carlsbad California:I was fortunate enough to receive an unsolicited introductory email from INHS,and Immediately decided to Join!I was a member of the Old US Hygiene society,before it went Allopathic.:-(( Theodore

read natural hygiene 5 years ago, started practicing and it changed my whole way of thinking, and eating. people think i'am 35 years old and i'am realy 50 Douglas sac. ca

Hi, I'm Kristy, I'm in the process of reading 'Fit for Life' by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, and I thought I'd do a search on natural hygiene, and I ended up here. I am a fledgling in the field of natural hygiene, but I'm very interested, the principles make sense to me. I am in the education stage, and am making small baby changes to my diet and lifestyle to be healthy. I have a film degree, and am a single mum, and I live in New Zealand, where there hasn't been much talk of Natural hygiene in the mainstream of society, but I would like to help change that if I can, by starting with me, and starting in my back yard, spreading the word.

Marc, Belgium 38 years raw food for about 95%, bio food about 50%

Mary Jane has been studying and teaching in the wellness field for over 30 years, including 8 years experience in organic gardening, plus 10 years experience in natural healing using Living Foods Lifestyle Concepts ("Let food be your medicine," Hippocrates) as taught by Dr. Ann Wigmore, at Creative Health Institute. Mary is a certified Living Foods Practitioner, and a certified Touch For Health Instructor trained in massage, muscle testing, emotional stress release, and personal attunement. Her expertise has been developed through personally motivated studies and has included research on many subjects relating to wellness and healing, including: Physiology, Herbal Medicine, Organic Food Production, Indoor Gardening, Detoxification, Uses of Wheatgrass and other Green Herbs, Food Combining, Sprouting, Lightly Fermented Foods, Colon Health and Elimination, Massage, Body Balance, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Water Purification, Nutritional Supplementation, Home Remedies, and more, all the while believing that God did not put mankind on earth to live in pain and suffering. It is only by our choice that we do so. Mary Jane currently resides in Cassville, Missouri as a caregiver and teaches a wealth of knowledge through her business GREEN ANGELS, and, her website: , helping others to prepare the body temple to do great things in God's name.

I want to join. I've been connected to the writings of natural hygiene since 1974, subscribing to the ANHS and the Hygienic Review since that time. I wrote two booklets on the subject, Food Combining Simplified (1983) and Maximizing Your Nutrition (1988), both now out of print. I operate a wholesale book business, offering hygienic books and other health-related books to health food stores. Dennis, Santa Cruz, CA

Hello my name is Elena I am currently studying Natural Hygiene ( Transformation Institute) very much interested. I live : Miami Florida

I would like to become a member of your org. because it sounds interesting and I would like to learn more about it. Thankyou, Alan, Rochester, NH

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! My name is Brian and I live in sunny and sub-tropical Brisbane in the state of Queensland, Australia. Although not a practitioner, I have been researching health, diet and natural therapies for the past 30 years. I would very much appreciate it if you could enrol me as a member of the INHS. Kind Regards

I first became interested in Natural Hygiene around 1984, when a doctor told me that I was likely to die unless I took a great deal of steroids to treat a lifetime problem of Asthma. I immediately decided that one of us should have a positive attitude and vowed not to return to him or put any trust in the medical profession.

I found several books, some by Herbert Shelton and another called the Mucousless Diet by Arnold Ehrett. After a few years on a mostly raw vegetarian diet, my health improved and I donated my quite extensive librrary on NH to the local cancer society. Now after nearly 20 years I have decided to renew my association with a NH Society. I am still a raw vegan and love the good health it has afforded me over the last 20 years. Although I still wheeze a little, I have not been hospitalised since the day he "specialist" gave me his 'news'. I woiuld love to join this society as I find it easier to be web-based. Regards Jocelyn, Kensington, Western Australia

My name is Janet, East Lansing, MI. I am a gynecology nurse practitioner and a PhD candidate at Sancta Sophia Seminary writing my dissertation on "Living Food as an Adjunct to the Spiritual Path". Pleast sign me up. Thanks for organizing, Janet

I would like to become a member and learn more about this fasinating topic. It has been a life journey to date already but there is always more to learn Cheers Tarnyia, Parkerville Perth WA

My Name is Sergio, I'm 44 years old born in the Dominican Republic, but been living in the US for 33 years of my life. I have considered myself to be in good condition and not satisfy with that, I'm want to be in execlent condition without the use of any drugs. I'm not a Hygienic nor a Dr but I'm certanly interested in knowing how to live a healthier and better life. Just recently a combination of things happened in my life; I keep getting shooting pain around my joints specially around my nockles when I reach out for something, my joints are weakening, my blood pressure without drugs is over the 140/100, I feel tired and sleepy all the time, I go take a physical and my doctors tells me that my prolocton level is way up like three time over what is supposed to be, so he sends me to a specialist who prescribes more drugs. I got fed up when I have to pay $30 for two tiny pills. But one night while was watching TV an infomercial caught my attention. Kevin Trudeau and his book about Natural Cures that I bought his book and while reading one of his newsletter I came under the name Herbert Lay. I thought I look it up in the web and came up with your site which very informative and appealing to me that I decided that I would like to be a member. Thank you in advance, Sergio, Austin, Texas

Hi! I'd like to become a member as I've been working with diet since I was 20 years old (1974) when I became a lacto-no-ovo vegetarian. I've been mostly a vegan for the past 3 years, and I continue to have questions regarding how to best maintain good health. I so appreciate that above all else, you seek truth rather than more concepts. I approach life in general in this way. My name is Julie and I live in Lawrence, Kansas.

I am wanting to improve my health naturally, I suffer with back pain. And the doctors here only prescribe more pain pills----I can`t continue this way Mary Bellamy, Plevna, Kansas,67568

Hello! My name is Cricket, Salt Lake City, UT. I am a teacher / field biologist and vegetarian of 15 years. I recently stumbled upon information about NH in the book Fit for Life. I admire your open approach and I have always sought out a diet/lifestyle that I believe could be duplicated in any human age, time period...basically, no modern influence. So, I do it limited dairy, goat cheese being my favorite. I enjoyed browsing your website and look forward to learning more from your web community.

Hello. My name is Costa. I am a certified nutrition specialist, a registered dietitian and a Ph.D candidate in Natural Health. One of the required readings in my program is Dr. Shelton's, "Fasting can save your life". This is how I came across your organization. I am in full favor of natural hygiene practices to restore health and would like the opportinity to interact with like minded persons/professionals. My address is: Flushing, NY

I am 54 years old, and I want to know more about this, I went to tophrology conference last week. Thanks. Bertha from Monterrey Mexico

Hi ! I came across natural hygiene via Fit for Life ( H.& M. Diamond) in 1988 and found what I read to be utterly logical ! I've slimmed myself, my kids and my husband, and talked to numerous people about the "system" of getting back to basics really. It is true that not unly are we in better shape (to look at), but also in better physical condition and rarely sick. When the entire neighbourhood is down with severe head-colds, we're fine ! I've also started working out seriously, having recently aquired a gym ! I ve added a protein-drink to my otherwise clean diet - partly because it contains all essential amino acids ! Hopefully, they're good enough to be used by the body. Cecilie, Holmestrand, Norway

I am an advocate of Dr. Shelton's diet, in good health and energy. I live in Granby Que Canada. There is an association of natural health in Montreal that is about 40 miles from here. I would like to join Thank you Suzanne

Dear Sirs, My husband has been interested in natural medicine for many years. He's read a zillion books, but never did much more. About a year and a half ago we were introduced to a program called Balanced Body through True Beginning Health. We were so impressed with the program that we asked to become educators/agents. Since then we have learned a lot about natural healing and have taught many classes. However, the company has changed directions and put the program on hold. We are not ready to be put on hold and are looking for new avenues to share this wonderful information. Vincent has now gone back to college pursuing the nursing program, but his goal is eventual naturopathic medicine. We're both in our mid-forties and would like to pursue something in natural medicine while he/we get certified Both of us have attended many years of college/trade school and have totally unrelated certificates, but no degrees. I'm certified in interactive media (Publishing/Web Design--Graphic Design) and Travel and Business and Vincent is certified in bookkeeping and computers (itt). Being involved with Balanced Body has opened new interests for us. We are looking for ways to make a business out of helping people with natural medicine... eating foods that will heal your body... and want to become certified and get some health degree... I'm thinking nutritional counseling or something like that. We were hoping maybe being connected with your organization would help us in our pursuit. Vincent & Tamara, Idaho Falls, ID

I would like to join your organization and get your e-mails. I was a memberh of the old ANHS. The diet almost ruined my health until I put meat back in my diet. David, Walnut Creek, CA

Please sign me up. I used to be into Natural Hygiene years ago and need to get going again! Bob, Juneau,AK 99803

Hello, I found your site as a serious student of natural hygiene, I would love to join your association. My name is Mellisa and I am living in France at the moment, but will soon be back in NY

I am interested in the practice and philosophy of Natural Hygiene, and would like to join the society. Gareth, Castleblayney, County Monaghan, Ireland

Dear Friends, I would like to become a member of INHS. I completed the course by T.C. Fry in 1992. I have a Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine. I practiced for several years, but I have not worked for the last ten years due to a couple of car accidents which required a great deal of self-healing. I am now fifty-nine and considering setting up another practice. I am now living in Queensland, Australia. Could you tell me what is happening now re fasting? Ten years ago you had to be an M.D., Osteopath or Chiropractor in order to even be allowed to study fasting. Is that still the case today? Your website is great! I finally found out about the difference between the different Hygiene Groups. Thank you. I'll look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Mary Jo

Hi My name is Steve from Brampton Ontario. I have been reading "Fit for Life and have been totally taken in by the concept of natural hygiene. I knew nothing about this and am very interested to make this a part of my lifestyle. I am currently 43 year old male at 6'1" and weight 260 lbs.

i was a vegetarian for 7 years and recently became a vegan. i would love to learn more about the INHS and would even love to find a way to make it part of my profession. thanks, lara

Hi, My name is Allison. I live in Rexburg, Idaho. Last spring I read a book by Harvey Diamond and discovered Natural Hygiene. I first learned about the raw diet from my sister-in-law and thought she was nuts until I read about Natural Hygiene. It makes so much sense to me. Yesterday, I was informed that I have thyroid cancer. They want to remove my thyroid and have me take radioactive iodine. I really do not like the idea of taking the radioactive iodine into my body. I have faith in Natural Hygiene and that it can work for me. I have been doing a mono diet for the last 2 weeks and I feel wonderful. I need more tools to know how to take my life into my own hands and not at the expense of a doctor who think cutting and distributing pills is the best way. I am a 30 year old mother of 3 young children. I exercise on a regular basis (an hour a day 6 days a week), I survived rheumatic fever 4 years ago and am surviving rheumatiod arthritis. I know that my immune system is week and I need the tools to make it stronger. Please help and allow me to join your organization.

My name is Jennifer. I live in Ft Worth, TX. I originally started natural hygiene after reading a book by Harvey Diamond. I lost 30 pounds effortlessly and felt great. I slowly picked up some of my bad habits and don't feel so great, so I'm trying to get back on my wagon. I'm hoping this membership will help by me staying plugged in and informed.

Hello, I would like to join the International Natural Hygiene Society. I enjoy studying teachings on natural hygiene, in particular books by Herbert Shelton. Thank You, Nick, Tucson, AZ

i have been into natural hygiene off and on for 18 years....and the best health i have had is when i am on the natural hygien, i want to re-commit....thanks barry, Richmond, VA

Dear Sir/Mdm, I introduce myself as a Registered Medical Practitioner (Alternative Medicines) & Educator, currently representing exclusively a number of UK/USA/Canada Professional Examining Bodies/Colleges/Universities in the Asia-Pacific Region. I write with the intention to become an ACTIVE PRACTITIONER MEMBER & FAR EAST CO-ORDINATOR/REPRESENTATIVE of your Society for the purpose of the exchange ideas, etc.... in INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. Hope that you could e-mail the MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE including the title "FAR EAST CO-ORDINATOR" so that I would be able to download and spread the word around about the INHS for you in this part of the world. My details are as follows:- Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Blessings! Namaste, Ken. Taichung City, Taiwan

Hi My name is Mark, I am 43 pages into the book "FIT FOR LIFE" and find it absolutely fascinating. I would like to become an INHS Member. I would like to adopt all of the Natural Hygiene concepts into my life as I can feel the benefits after only 2 days. Regards Mark, Logan Reserve Australia Queensland

My name is jim. I have been reading/practicing natural hygiene since the 70's remember the old la paloma buffet, peoples foods & the rest. I live in valley center but was gone 20 yrs to live in the SF & LA areas before returning to SD area. Good to made contact w/ another hygienist - Jim

My name is Nellie. I'm from Daytona Beach, FL. I am 32 years old and have been interested in the raw food lifestyle/natural hygiene for the past year.

I found out about this group from Dr. Fuhrman's web site and would like to find out more what it is about. yeldex, tampa bay

I am 67 and was involved in natural hygiene for many years but felt unwelcome when I started eating raw meat. Dr Bernarr suggested that I sign up here. I have eaten mostly raw since 1986.
David, Santa Monica

Being a world-class professional ballroom and latin dancer/teacher, as well as a professional fitness and health trainer, I would love to join the INHS. My personal goal is to live a healthy, vibrant, and radiant life and to help as many other people to do the same. I feel that the information that the INHS presents would be a great addition to my own life as well as the lives of my teachers and students. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Brett, Eagan, MN USA Professional Dance Competitor/Instructor Ranked 5th in the U.S. Ranked 20th and 17th in the World Professional Fitness and Health Coach

Good Morning,
I would like to become a INHS Member. I am enrolled in the Transformational Institutes Natural Hygiene course and 50% complete. I have been working in incorporating the Hygienic principles slowly into my life. I would love any information or newsletters you offer on the subject. Thanks for what you're doing. I am in the US Air Force stationed in Ramstein Germany. Thanks again. Caroline

My name is George and I am a founding member of Junk Food Anonymous & Media Anonymous, AKA Sucrose Addicts Anonymous, 12 step recovery programs for anti-nutrient addicts. I would like to become a member of the Natural Hygiene Society, as the work of Doctor Shelton has had a great influence in my recovery. Toronto, On.
Pls. feel free to list our WebPages:,,

My wife and I are Australian citizens choosing to live in Malaysia. I am studying part time with Dr John Fielder in Australia. Going slowly with the course at present. Have spent about a week with John at 'the farm' a while back and enjoyed this immensely. Blessings, Peter

I am 67 and was involved in natural hygiene for many years but felt unwelcome when I started eating raw meat. Dr Bernarr suggested that I sign up here. I have eaten mostly raw since 1986. Dave

I learned about this concept about fifteen years ago from the book Fit for Life by Diamond. My intent is better health and wellbeing including weight loss. I'm in my fifties and need to start before it's too late. John, Yulee, Florida

Dear INHS, My name is Clint and I'm from South Africa. I discovered your site while surfing the net and found it very interesting, and while chatting to a friend he mentioned he had the book "Fit for Life". I find this approach very logical and wondered why I don't know anything about it? I'm an Emergency care Specialist with anatomy and physiology background. Its absolutely like opening a window in a dark room. So much makes sense. Hence would like to receive your newsletter and be a member.

Many years ago I read the book Fit for Life and enjoyed the book and lived by the priciples. At that time I lost over 40 lbs and never felt better. I was a younger man at that time so getting up and running or lifting was not a problem. I just turned 50 years old. And subtly over time the weight and and the miserable feeling has now reappeared. I feel aweful all the time, I want to sleep. And as Paul mentiones in the site my eyes are cloudy in the morning not clear like his were. In desperation I remembered the words Natural Hygiene and punced it in on Google and ended up here. So I thought I would write and see where I would end up. Thanks for your time in the matter. Daniel, Kemah Tx

My name is Marion. I live in Los Angeles and have used Herbert Shelton's fasting book to do short, 3-4 day fasts. I just completed a 3 day post-Thanksgiving Day fast. I am looking for a doctor in Los Angeles who could support a longer fast. Can you tell me where I can find one? It's hard to believe that there is no one on your doctor list in LA! The 3-4 day fasts have been phenomenal every time I have done them. I would like to make time for a longer one. Also, I am looking forward to reading your newsletter. Thank you in advance for your attention and reply.

Interest: I've been vegan, Macrobiotic, Grainatarian and mostly veggie for the last 20 years and my current body was less and less able to maintain health few months ago. Went through 2 cycles of dark nite of the soul where I was given the chance to check out. Chose to stay and finish my game plan for this life time. That was the turning point toward health. Big tumor on the colon, heart lost pressure, tension throughout the body, sluggish lymph, lack of vitality and libido. Challenges with maintaining any income flow. Pulling inward and yet know that is only survival at its fundamental levels. Friends are disappearing because they dont know how to respond to people who are on the edge of life or death. I accept 100% responsibility for my condition and for finding the answers. I got myself into this situation and I'll find the way out and continue on with life to fulfill my life goals. Deep down, I know this is only a road bump and that I'll figure it out. I have total faith in my own abilities to figure things out and go with the new programs how ever I discover. I am not into "Vicarious Healing" by anyone else to do it for me. That seldom if ever works. This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. The best project that I've been in for my whole life. The thrill of the challenge is keeping me alive, awake and constantly curious. I will find the answers and soon. I learn from anywhere possible, which is great. And yet the response to healing is not for anyone else to do it for me, Its up to me. As such, I've been reading LOTS of books and today ran across the concepts of Natural Hygiene. I've been on the computer all day even skipping meals because I know this is on the right track. This intuitively and logically is going in the right direction for balance and long term health... and yes I know that there are yet more questions yet to be answered by everyone. Its the direction that is important. After reading the "Case against Vegan" article, it BLEW all my cherished beliefs away in those pages. OK, back to zero. What do I eat tomorrow? Is there a hold button that I can push to put my hunger on hold until I figure this all out? And then start with the new program of what, when, which sequence and timing of it all? Is organic raw horse meat permissible, there is a horse out in the back pasture and maybe I could take a bite or two to get some additional nutrients that I'm obviously missing now... chuckle... I did not see any investigation of the electrical and or magnetic influences of food digestion, food contamination and EMF on the body with regards to health which is a whole other area to investigate. Becker & Gerber come to mind as authors. Homeopathy & radionics principles also didnt seem to be included anywhere and have value in maintaining health. Looking forward to reading anything any of you publish online or off line... Thanks, Steven 60yo
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

I have fasted many single weeks and one 27 days fast in bed. I would love to be a member of your forum. Best Regards, Hans, Pau, AQUITAINE, France

Respected Sir/Madam, I hope you in your good health. I want to join this society and want to promote it in my country. Kindly accept my membership. my particulars are attached. -- Take good care of yourself & others, kind regards, Ashiq, Tehsil Jampur.District Rajanpur. Punjab.Pakistan


Dear INHS, I don't know if I've signed up for membership already, but here is my address info. I'm pretty sure I already sent you this a year or two ago, but since I haven't heard anything in my e-mail inbox, I will repeat myself. I was a member of several Natural Hygiene groups back in the 70's, when I was in my 20's. My favorites subscriptions were (and I still have a big box full of old issues): Herbert Shelton's "Hygienic Review" ANHS "Health Science" T.C. Fry's "Healthful Living", "Health Crusader", "Better Life Journal", "Total Well Being" (nom du jour) (Fry was all over the map, especially with his later conspiracy publications, but he published lots of great articles from Ralph Cinque, Keki Sidhwa, Shelton, Alec Burton, Arthur Andrews, Virginia Vetrano.)   I also recall a brief membership in "The Religious School of Natural Hygiene", I think it was Arthur Andrews' group. I'm not religious at all, but I liked Andrews' principled writing, while ANHS tried the "big tent" theory of gaining members by watering down their teachings. I have at a few dozen Natural Hygiene books. Most of Shelton's classics and a few from T.C. Fry's offerings. Some reprints of old classics; "The Natural Food of Man" by Hereward Carrington "Food, It's Influence as a Factor in Disease and Health" by J.H. Tilden "The True Healing Art" by Russell T. Trall Too bad, I'd have more good old Natural Hygiene books and magazines, but I always loaned them out to friends and family.   My wife Krystal and I went to the ANHS convention in Bridgeport Conn., back around 1982 or '83. We met Ralph Cinque, Virginia Vetrano, Alec Burton, and a lot of other big Natural Hygiene teachers and activists of the day. Krys and I eat only about 50% raw and healthy, but we do avoid medical drugs if we get a little sniffle or tummy ache. Natural Hygiene has helped us stay away from most of the poisons of everyday life. We are so far from living "Hygienically" it's not funny, but it's amazing what just a little application of Natural Hygiene knowledge can do for your health. We are pretty good about eating fresh fruit (alone) every morning. We eat lots of raw salads, avoiding multi-course meals, getting sunshine and exercise as much as possible, avoiding painkillers and other medical drugs, get adequate sleep, get positive mental exercise with creative work. We're not vegetarians, but we go easy on meat consumption. We know that when we get sick, it's caused by "garbage in / garbage out", and we don't try to suppress the symptoms. We usually fast or drink juice if we are sick. We used to fast one day a week, but have long ago fallen away from that healthy practice.   Back in the 70's, when we were getting Natural Hygiene magazines in the mail, it gave us great motivation to stay on track and improve our habits. We're hoping to get back on track, and a big part of our motivation will be reading Natural Hygiene books and articles. (Fit For Life was a great new motivator when we first read it back in the mid 80's.) It's great to have the internet as a resource to help us get back in touch with our Natural Hygiene roots. Best wishes in your work pursuing "Health For The Millions". Thanks! Rick and Krystal , Allegan, Michigan U.S.A.
If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people?   -- Anonymous

My wife and I are houseparents for Milton Hershey School. I became aware of Natural Hygiene by reading the book Fit For Life by Harvey and Marylin Diamond almost 20 years ago. After much inquiry during that time, I decided to enroll in a Life Science Course sponsored by T.C. Fry. I completed that course about 15 years ago. My plans to practice Natural Hygiene professionally fell short because of a lack of credentials.   I have shared the principals of Natural Hygiene with many people and have spoken to groups of people on several occasions. Enrolling for membership may help me to beome more actively involved in spreading the principals of Natural Hygiene and an encouragement for my own personal quest to attain a higher level of health.   I am interested in contacting members in my local area if possible.   Thank you, Sandy Joseph, Hershey, Pennsylvania

My name is Ryan, Springs, CO.  I'd like to join the society and receive the email newsletter at this addrss. Thank you, Ryan

I would like to receive your newsletter, and join the on line discussion groups. I happened upon a book called "fasting can save your life" a few years ago, and have been hooked ever since.  I strongly believe in the type of "medicine" that you advocate, and would like more info. Sincerely, Deborah, Gretna, La

While searching the web today, I was thrilled to find your organization.  My husband (Fran) and I have been members of the ANHS but are not happy with the turn it has made away from the principles of natural hygiene.  We are progressing to eating a much higher % of raw foods.  (I did 7 weeks of totally raw meals last spring and it was surprisingly easy.  I 'always' knew what lunch or dinner would be—and it was delicious.  I never tired of the salads; rather, I relished them afresh each meal.) We're in the 60-ish age group—so, of course, health building is more important than ever. I also do some teaching and coaching on diet—so I am interested in recommended reading. Please enter us as members: Fran and Kathleen , Livermore Falls, ME

dear sir I have studied MBBS and MD (biochemistry ) and  now i am biochemist at a medical college. i look forward to interesting proposals w.r.t india yours sincerely dr.srinivas asst prof in biochemistry, Belgaum, INDIA

Dear Friends, My name is Ginger Anne, Bel Air, Maryland   I am a mother of two children and a grandmother of five grandchildren.  I am retired from the field of education.  I have been reading about natural hygiene for many years, but I have not always adhered to its principles.  My main problem is giving up coffee and caffeine.  I have hypothyroidism and osteoporosis and I am certain coffee aggravates both of these problems.  I look forward to receiving information from you. Sincerely, Anne

I first heard about Natural Hygiene in the Fit for Life book.  I followed the lifestyle and lost over 55 pounds.  Unfortunately over the years I let things slide and ignored the principles that I learned.  Now 5 years later I find myself in the same position as I was back then!  So I have decided once and for all to stop fooling around and get on with things again - and not stray from them again.  My address is Maple Ridge, BC All the best Mark

Respected Sir/Madam, I hope you in your good health. I want to join this society and want to promote it in my country. Kindly accept my membership. my particulars are attached. -- Take good care of yourself & others, kind regards, Ashiq, Tehsil Jampur. District Rajanpur, Punjab.Pakistan.

I have fasted many single weeks and one 27 days fast in bed. I would love to be a member of your forum. Best Regards, Hans, Pau, Aquitaine

My name's Jen. I've been eating mostly raw foods for about 3 years now. I started out on a very fatty 100% raw diet. I did well for 6 months until I had my first cooked meal; I've been struggling with cravings & addictions ever since. My husband and children also eat mostly raw foods, but have had more flexibility. This last year we've leaned more towards the fruitarian Natural Hygiene diet as put forth by Doug Graham. However, we've had lots of times when we're traveling or in transition (and without a home base) these last 6 months and eat typical vegetarian food (cooked of course). My 8 year old son thrives on raw food and is the healthiest of us all--he's a great poster child for the diet. While he still likes cooked foods as well, he fantasizes about living on the edge of the woods and foraging for all of his meals (while living in a tree).
However, my 5 year old son A. is in a pretty major crisis and I desperately need some professional guidance. In July he was diagnosed with anemia. I figured it was partly brought on by our more recent poor eating and planned to get back on track after getting settled in New Zealand. A few months ago we started getting affordable organic fruit and have been eating quite a bit of it (along with some nuts, greens & other veggies). Though we haven't been eating nearly the volume of dates, bananas, and raisins that we used to eat, we all seem to have signs of yeast overgrowth. But A. is having the worst time of it! He has all the symptoms of full-blown Candida (mouth thrush, crawly skin, severe insomnia, fears & paranoia, major fatigue, emotional frailty, hyperactivity, etc). It's been months since he's had a full night's sleep (used to sleep 12 hours, now gets about 8 or less). Additionally, he looks malnourished and his physical & emotional development is delayed. His behavior is a huge stress on everyone (especially his older brother) and we're at the end of our rope. A's never had a strong digestive system (I think partly due to mercury toxicity from immunizations and the fact that I had a severe case of chicken pox and was hospitalized while I was pregnant with him during the second term--when the digestive system is most under development), and so I've really tried to keep him on a healthy diet. I've focused on leaning towards a raw diet to give his digestive system a chance to heal and to thus better assimilate nutrients. When I asked Doug Graham for advice, he suggested a fast; however, I won't do this to him. He already feels so deprived by not having the comfort foods most people eat (and that he constantly craves), that I don't think it would be psychologically healthy for me to withhold food from him. However, we've hit such a low lately, that he can't even get through the day. I've had to remove him from school and every little moment is a major crisis for him. He doesn't play anymore and he's unhappy. I want my carefree little boy back! With no-one available to give me any solid advice, we're now in the middle of a 3 day "slow". I've told him he first needs to drink 2 glasses of water before he can eat (which he resists), then he can have cucumber (which he cries about for hours because though he usually likes cucumber, he only wants oranges, bananas, or dates which I understand will all feed the yeast). So in effect, he is practically fasting (having only eaten 1/2 a cucumber in 2 days, and throwing most of it up). But I'm only going to keep this up for 3 days, then I'll transition him back to the less-sweet fruits and greens. Hopefully the yeast will have died back some at the end of these three days.
PLEASE, can you direct me to someone who can advise me -- someone who understands the path we've been on, who knows how to overcome Candida, who's experienced working with children, is affordable, and who can help us in our transition to a healthy mostly raw vegetarian diet without addictions, binges, and food obsessions. My intuition at this point is that the fruitarian diet, while it may work for people with a healthy digestive system, isn't working for A. and that I may need to switch to more of an Ann Wigmore approach (sprouts, energy soups, fermented foods, etc). At this point, I don't care if our diet is raw or not, but it needs to work and something has to be done to bring our yeast under control. By the way, for most of A's life, whenever he eats his whole belly bloats up as if nothings really getting digested. Please point me in a direction where I can get some help (and the sooner the better--right now it's looking like a pretty grey Christmas). With Great Appreciation and Hope, Jen, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, I would love to become a member of the INHS. My name is: Alli, Fort Valley, GA, USA A bit about myself... I just recently found the wonderful world of Natural Hygiene and it has been an amazing journey so far. I am taking the Essential Natural Hygiene course with Dr. Robert Sniadach at Transformation Institute and I love it. I am an online teacher, specializing in Reiki and some other spiritual/holistic therapies. Natural Hygiene just seems like the missing piece of the puzzle to me.

Hygiene was my best subject at school but after I went into study and practice of Engineering I lost touch with hygiene. This seems to be an opportune time to reconnect with hygiene. I would like to learn more about natural hygene and also I am also looking for information on hypothyroidism and how it can be treated and or handled naturally. I really enjoyed water-fasting in Hyde Park,NY many years ago. Do you have contacts for such today? Peace and quiet for Thanksgiving week is what I crave. Thanks. peggy

Name: Chantel, Geographical Location: Miramar, FL, US A little bit about me: I just started reading Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond and it interests me SOOO much... So I thought I'd look "natural hygiene" and I found you guys! yay!!!!

My name is John although people refer to me as Jack. I live at Shrewsbury, MA, USA with my wife and daughter. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist a Reiki Master/Teacher and have successfully completed the Course in Natural Health 14 volume edition. I was introduced to Natural Hygiene by a Natural Health practitioner over 12 years ago when a friend suggested I go and see this practitioner for chronic life long allergies that were developing into much more severe lung problems. Three weeks later my incurable allergies were gone. I have been practicing Natural Hygiene to different degrees in my life ever since. I am always introducing the essence of Natural Health to my massage clients and have developed several courses to help people start living naturally. I'm interested in getting involved with people that haven't forgotten the true value of Natural Hygiene. Sincerely, Jack


Philip, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK Too tired to write anything else....... Merry Christmas

This email is intended to apply for membership in your organisation. I am a Natural Therapist and a believer in Natural Law. I have been looking for this group for a very long time. I am so very happy to find you. The old address I have is for the American Natural Health Society. This has since changed. I live in Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies. Sincerely, Glenda

Hi, I'm 22 year old Student at Columbus State. I am an ACE Certified personal trainer, Recently I've been trying to learn about the Nutritional aspects of being fit and I stumbled upon Harvey Diamonds Fit For Life. After Reading I found the info very interesting, plus it makes very good sense! and I am interested in learning as much as I can regarding this field! Thank you, Sean, Columbus, OH

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