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Natural Hygiene books
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Here are some Natural Hygiene book options.

Free online literature

Articles on this website by Dr. Shelton, Dr. Gian-Cursio, Dr. Bass, Dr. Fielder, Dr. Goldberg and others.

soilandhealth.org free online library has books by Herbert Shelton, Dr. Bieler, Dr. Tilden, Dr. Trall and others.
Go to Health/Alternative Medical Therapies Library.

drsbass.com has some free booklets (as pdf files) for download - "Remarkable Recoveries from Severe Health Problems" and "With 3 Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists". For the latest in Natural Hygiene theory download Dr. Bass' "website as pdf-file". One of very few hygienic reading materials available today that is not vegan/vegetarian.
A Natural Hygiene healing encyclopedia - as excerpts from Dr. Shelton's Orthopathy (1941) can be found at drsbass.com/orthopathy/


The Fit for Life books by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond - the first book was published in 1985. These books introduced tens of millions of people internationally to Natural Hygiene, mainly its diet principles based on living foods, in an upbeat, easy-to-read style. The earliest books were based on TC Fry's fruitarian NH, and contained ideas like "fruit-in-the-morning", gave vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes.
"Exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, sick and 50 pounds overweight when he discovered Natural Hygiene - Diamond is convinced that eating living food is what restored his heath."

British Dr. Keki Sidhwa: The Quintessence of Natural Living - a collection of articles from 45 years with "The Hygienist" the oldest Natural Hygiene magazine in existence - about Dr. Sidhwa's experiences, life and travels, always exemplifying hygienic principles. Vegetarian/vegan approach. At his website you can read several of the articles free.

There is much more - and we'll add it here little by little ....

Natural Hygiene courses

What courses are there in Natural Hygiene?

Academy of Natural Living's course
For extensive professional understanding -
Academy of Natural Living, in NE Australia, has a comprehensive course, that covers Nature Cure and Natural Hygiene as well as anopsology and biogenic living. (Nature Cure is the European version of Natural Hygiene.) It gives certification, on-campus internship, and continual personal help by Dr. John Fielder, who is one of the founders of INHS, and the president of INCS (International Nature Cure Society). He has 50 years of professional experience as doctor and fasting retreat director.
Available via correspondence or on-campus at Clohesy River Health Farm. The full course takes 4 years, and includes a 6-month internship. Click here for course details. --- Click here for chapters & contents & lesson examples.
There is also a shorter "general interest" version of the course for non-practitioners.
(Note: this course recommends vegetarian & omnivorous diets, and has a non-vegan diet approach.)

The Australian College of Hygiene
The Australian College of Hygiene was established by Drs. Alec and Nejla Burton, fasting retreat directors, in 1972 for the purpose of training professional hygienists on-campus (for those who already have a practitioners degree). Over the years it has contributed significantly to the education of a number of professionals who, through the work of the College, have achieved certification of IAHP (International Association of Hygienic Physicians). It is promoted by NHA (National Health Association).
A correspondence NH course for non-practitioners is also offered, that is designed to equip people with the necessary knowledge and information to be able to talk intelligently about the subject of Natural Hygiene.
(Note: this course has dietary errors, since it has the old-fashioned pro-vegan diet approach.)
Website: www.alecburton.com

TC Fry's course
This is an easy-to-read "general interest" non-optimal Natural Hygiene course, created by TC Fry in the 1980's. It has quite a few dietary errors. Even in its latest updated versions (e.g. by Transformation Institute), the course has retained fruitarian recommendations (as far as we know).
1. Here is one US version: the Transformation Institute course(s). You can find a lesson example here (pdf-file).
2. Here is another version, published in Canada by the Fit For Life College
3. Then we have the LA City University course(s).
4. Plus the course(s) by University of Natural Health -- based in Brandon, MS.
(All these are probably updated versions of TC Fry's course, to a greater part. Which also means that they promote pro-fruitarian/pro-vegan diets, something that INHS warns about, as unhealthy long-term diets. But you will likely get a diploma, a title, and learn the basic principles of NH.)
Note: You can find most of the original course online here at no cost.

The original TC Fry's course in book-form
It may be possible to get hold of the original TC Fry's course on the re-sale market.
TC Fry was a Texas-based educator and businessman, who constructed this NH course in the 1980's, when it was quite popular. TC Fry was a fruitarian, and died in the 1990's. Find most of the original course online here.
Note: Harvey Diamond who wrote Fit for Life in the 1980's used this course as basis, so if you read the Fit for Life books you'll get the major concepts in an easy format.

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