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"The power of the disease is also the power of life." Dr. Shelton


There are two types of disease, acute and chronic. Acute disease is often violent, with colds, fevers, weakness, convulsions etc. Chronic disease is a later stage and develops only after several failed attempts to remove toxins - it equals a lower level of functioning and a lower level of vitality. The following is what Dr. Shelton says about acute disease.


Gould and Pyle say, Cyclopedia of Medicine and Surgery, second edition: "The pre-eruptive stage of an exanthematous disease, especially scarlet fever, is sometimes ushered in by one or two convulsions followed by coma. The temperature is high, the pulse is rapid, and the respirations are frequent. The coma disappears with the appearance of the eruption."

These same authorities say of smallpox: - "The fever rises rapidly from 103° to 104° F., within 48 hours, where it remains until the third or fourth day, or until papular eruption appears, when it falls several degrees"

The lesson of these two cases is obvious.
  • The eruption rids the system of the poisons that are endangering life.
  • The high temperature, convulsions and coma in the first case and the high fever in the second are preliminary preparations for the eruptions.
    The eruptions serve the same purpose of elimination, they do in secondary syphilis. That this is so is evidenced by the ending of the coma and the decline of the temperature immediately upon the appearance of the eruption.

    Thus is manifest the truth of the oft repeated assertions of Louis Kuhne, when dealing with smallpox, measles, scarlet-fever, and other eruptive diseases that
  • "the more profuse the eruption the less is the child's life endangered.
  • The less abundant and slighter the eruption, on the other hand, the greater is the danger."
  • "The smaller that portion of the skin which co-operates in expelling the morbid matter, by admitting and eruption to break out, the greater the danger."
  • "As soon as the rash is fully developed, vital danger is over in most cases."

    This may be questioned by some because confluent smallpox is more severe than the discrete form. But this is only an apparent contradiction. Such cases represent, it is true, more severe forms of the disease but the greater severity is not due to more rash but to more cause for the rash.

    The fact still stands, I believe, that the greater the area co-operating in the work of elimination (eruptions) in these cases, the less is the danger to life in the individual case.

    A young boy was all his life, up to six and one-half years, in poor health. He was underweight, suffered with frequent nose bleeds, with the beginning of each spring had bronchitis, and had gone the usual round of treatment and operations. Tonsils and adenoids had been removed. He had been carried from one hospital to another and had had his lungs X-Rayed a number of times in search of evidence of tuberculosis.

    At six and one-half years of age he developed a very severe case of scarlet fever. His life was dispaired of. The eruption was great and scaling afterwards was as great. But after this the whole condition of the boy changed. His weight became normal, his nose bleeds ceased, he had no more bronchitis, and, upon being examined at school, was given a health percentage of perfect.

    "Improved health follows all eruptive diseases if they are not suppressed by the treatment."

    If this were an isolated case, it might be regarded as proving nothing. But it is not an isolated case. This improved health follows all eruptive diseases if they are not suppressed by the treatment.
    A few years ago a brilliant young English Nature Cure physician showed from the official statistics of that country that wherever an epidemic of smallpox had existed it was always followed, in that locality, by a falling off in the cancer rate. The rate of falling off in cancer was far in excess of the number of deaths that occurred during the smallpox.

    Previous to this, however, a Dr. Wallace in a work entitled "Cholera" and in another entitled "Necessity for Smallpox" had shown that acute diseases have saved many lives. An acquaintance of the present author was always in very poor health until he had a case of smallpox. For many years thereafter he enjoyed excellent health.
    Is there any wonder Dr. Claunch declares smallpox to be almost a cure-all. There is no means of estimating how many people are saved from tumors and cancers and other degenerative diseases by the cleansing and reconstructive work accomplished by acute disease. Were it not for acute disease, man's present mode of living would produce far more physical degeneracy than exists at present, and would produce it much earlier in life.

    Herbert M. Shelton, Human Life - Its Philosophies and Laws, 1928

    "Were it not for acute disease, man's present mode of living would produce far more physical degeneracy, much earlier in life."

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