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Hygiene versus Medicine
by Dr. John Fielder

Hygiene and Medicine, are two diametrically opposed disciplines. It is important, and very necessary for us to keep this in mind at all times when considering them and their application and when discussing any matters to do with health and disease. It is especially necessary when we are reviewing the capabilities and knowledge of those trained in the various health disciplines, be they medicine or otherwise.

All forms of medicine, be they orthodox or alternative, are in fact the treatment of effect, and not, as in Hygiene, the removal, wherever possible, of cause. To move from a state of the use of medication for the treatment of disease, to that of no medicine, and complete trust in the self-healing, or self-reparative power of our bodies, requires a massive change in consciousness, a quantum leap, so to speak. And there are very few people, once having been trained in orthodox medicine who are able, or perhaps even capable, of making this quantum leap. In the final analysis they will usually, if not always, revert to their medical teachings.

In conclusion, it is important to always bear in mind that being trained in medicine does not fit one to practice Hygienically. That in fact , far from doing so, may well be a major deterrent. By the same token, a training in Hygiene does not give one a medical degree or the ability to practice medicine.The study of medicine teaches us that disease (acute) is something to be feared. That we are in fact victims of some outside entity which is attacking us and causing us to be ill. It gives lip-service to the self-healing, self-reparative action of our bodies, then claims that it is insufficient to deal with the situation and requires external help which they provide with the help of their medications.This is in fact a process of giving away our power.

Hygiene, on the other hand, is the restoration of our power. It says we are not victims at all.That the process which we refer to as disease (acute) is in fact a self-restorative and self-regenerative one, and if approached Hygienically will, in the vast majority of cases, where we have not damaged our bodies beyond all possible hope of repair, restore itself to health and harmony (homeostasis). And even when it may well appear that such damage has occurred, recovery is often possible.

This is not in any way meant to denigrate those who believe and practice disciplines other that Hygiene. It is, as Dr Shelton so well pointed out when he said that if we don't wish to have medical treament then we must not turn to those trained in medicine, an expectation in what could be termed as the impossible. We can only expect to receive Hygienic care from those well grounded and trained in the principles and practice of Hygiene.

Medicine is the treatment of disease, whereas in Hygiene, we see the disease as vital action as the body acts to heal itself of the damage that we have inflicted, knowingly or unknowingly, upon it through our un-Hygienic ways of living. It is a process to be thankful for. Thankful that there is sufficient vital force to indeed carry out this process, so that we may not further damage ourselves beyond repair.

We have much to be thankful for, and the self healing properties of our bodies is, if not the most out-standing, equally so with any other factor of which we might conceive. It has been said that there are no miracles, yet by practicing and living an Hygienic lifestyle, so-called miracles occur daily, if not at every moment. Those that have been given days, weeks, months to live, often find they are able to be restored to fullness of life, in spite of these dire prognostications.

During the early stages of the adoption of the Hygienic Lifestyle, usually the first three to four months, it may well appear to the novice and newcomer who has no prior knowledge of what to expect, that they are indeed becoming worse instead of better as the body commences its process of regeneration. This process is often referred to as "detox", yet this is really only a very minor part of the process as our body sets about restoring the damage that has occurred over the whole of our lifetime. This is a massive task for even a relatively young person, it is especially so if we happen to be 50 or 60 years of age or so. Let us always bear in mind that it requires the complete and total replacement of every cell in our bodies. Yet, if we will only persevere, we will find, in due course that slowly and inevitably surely, after that initial period, we will reap the benefits of our efforts.

Dr. Fielder between 2 medically educated hygienic doctors
Dr. Vetrano & Dr. Haag
This process of "regeneration" often manifests itself in the form of what is orthodoxly termed as "acute" disease. A fever, the flu, rashes, boils, or just a common cold, are not unusual forms for it to take. It may well be accompanied by pain, for pain is a part of the healing process. There can be swellings and inflammation too. And if we will accept these for what they are, a part of the healing process, and not medicate them and further suppress them, then we assuredly will find, in due course, that we are better than we previously were. To not fear the process, for fear can of itself surely kill us. And by continuing our regime of Hygienic Living we continue to reap the benfits and regain the joy of living.

I say to all, whilst there is life there is hope. Do not give up hope. There is another way other than that of medicine, be they orthodox or alternative, and that is the Hygienic Way. Try it, I am sure you will not be disappointed.


"Do not give up hope. There is another way other than that of medicine, be it orthodox or alternative, and that is the Hygienic Way. Try it, I am sure you will not be disappointed."

John L. Fielder D.O, DC, ND.(Adel)
Osteopath & Lifestyle Consultant
Academy of Natural Living
Cairns, Australia

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