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Our motto:
"trust the body"

Our philosophy:
By following the simple rules of the socalled LAWS OF LIFE we can achieve lasting health & optimal energy.

Our goal is to teach, discuss & improve the best healing methods available. If they are low-cost or free, so much better.

We teach that drugs are unnecessary and will usually delay healing and cause new diseases.

We present excellent no-drugs methods for health recovery, tested and perfected by doctors for over 175 years.

We want to promote health independence and critical thinking.

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Links to Natural Hygiene articles

Here is a selection of web articles by hygienic doctors.

Links to hygienic physicians with information about fasting and detoxification:

Dr. Virginia Vetrano (Texas): Russia Explores Fasting
Dr. John Fielder (Australia): Introduction to Principles & Practice of Fasting
Dr. D.J. Scott (Ohio): Fasting - Health by God's design
Dr. D.J. Scott (Ohio): Lab-tests, and list of diseases benefiting from fasting
Dr. Stanley S. Bass (New York): My first water fast. - Q&A about fasting.
Dr. Stanley S. Bass (New York): How important is diagnosis?
Dr. Paul Goldberg (Atlanta,GA): Patient information - Detoxification/Fasting
Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac (Hawaii): Fasting Testimonials
Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac (Hawaii): Benefits of Fasting
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): Questions and Answers on Fasting
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): Fasting Information
Dr. Keki Sidhwa (England): Some practical hints for a detoxifying regime
Dr. Keki Sidhwa (England): What is this toxaemia?
Dr. Keki Sidhwa (England): How soon can you get well?
Dr. Alec Burton (Australia): Fasting & Rejuvenation
Dr. Alec Burton (Australia): The Paradox of Health
Dr. Ralph Cinque (Austin,TX): Facts about Fasting
Dr. Ralph Cinque (Austin,TX): Quit-for-good - fasting to overcome addictions
Dr. Robert Sniadach (Texas): Fasting - Basic facts
Dr. Robert Sniadach (Texas): When is juice fasting preferable to water fasting?

More about fasting:
Dr. Herbert Shelton and Arnold DeVries: Fasting articles

Links to hygienic physicians with information about certain conditions:

Dr Gregory Haag, M.D (Texas): Why "Just Say No" Just Won't Work (about drug addiction)
Dr. Paul Goldberg (Atlanta,GA): Arthritis and Rheumatism Sufferers: The Forgotten Patients
Dr. Paul Goldberg (Atlanta,GA): Exploring Chronic Fatigue Syndrom
Dr. Paul Goldberg (Atlanta,GA): Fibromyalgia - Another Name for Impaired Health
Dr. Paul Goldberg (Atlanta,GA): Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Colitis, Crohn's disease)
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): A Natural Approach to Treating Uterine Fibroids
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): Understanding Blood Pressure
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): A Natural Approach to Curing and Preventing Acne
Dr. Ben Kim (Canada): Getting to the Root of Eczema


Dr. Virginia Vetrano (Texas): Interview in this magazine
Dr. John Fielder (Australia): Doctor in the Australian Bushland
Dr. Ralph Cinque (Austin,TX): Dr. Cinque remembers Herbert Shelton
Dr. Robert Sniadach (Texas): Dr. Sniadach on exercise, sunscreen, enemas, acupuncture etc.
Dr. William Esser (Florida): Interview with Dr. Esser
Dr. David Scott (Ohio): Interview with Dr. Scott

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