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"Radical cure of tumors requires a removal of all causes of metabolic perversion and a restoration of normal nutrition. When this is done, tumors tend to disappear."


Chronic Disease Example --- Tumors are Life-Saving

The purpose of all disease is to restore health, and if this is impossible, at least to prolong life. Tumors are body-efforts to erect barriers against toxins and irritation, and thereby prolong life.
For the tumors to disappear, the irritations must be stopped, and the causes removed. The natural tumor disappearance process is an example of autolysis.

Herbert M. Shelton: TUMORS

Photo by Tampa plastic surgeon Guernere
Definition: A tumor is a morbid growth of tissue not normal to the part. Tumors are divided into benign (innocent) and malignant (cancer). Cancer will be discussed in the succeeding chapter. Hence we shall here confine ourselves to the so-called benign tumors.

Tumors are made up of flesh and blood and bone; are composed of tissues, the same kind of tissues, in fact, as the other tissues of the body. There are many names for the different kinds of tumors, but the names all indicate the kind of tissue of which the tumor is composed. ....

We do not see how it can be maintained that tumors grow independently of the body and we do not believe that it can be shown that they serve no useful purpose. It will not be denied that those portions of a cyst, or at least some cysts, which are genetically related to neoplasms, serve a very definite and imminently useful purpose. A cyst which forms around a foreign body, a parasite for example, is definitely useful and protective.

A process similar to this is seen in plants that have been invaded by parasites. The large, rough excresences seen on oak trees form about the larvae of a certain fly. This fly lays its eggs beneath the bark of the tree. The larvae which develop from the eggs secrete a substance that results in the formation of the huge tumorous mass. Large tumor-like masses form on the roots and stalks of cabbages as a result of parasitic invasion.
The olive tree also develops tumors from a similar cause, while cedar trees present peculiar growths called "witches brooms," as a result of a fungus growing on them.
There are many other examples, and they are all quite obviously protective measures.

Tumor formation is, undoubtedly due to a variation in the complex relations determining normal growth, and is of a distinctly protective nature. A tumor is not a source of danger until it begins to break down.

It is our opinion that tumor-formation is always and ever orthopathic, and that it prolongs life in the face of causes, which, except for the tumor-formation, would produce death much earlier.

"Tumor formation is of a distinctly protective nature.The tumor actually prolongs life."

Symptoms: Tumors, per se, produce no symptoms. They often are so located and grow to such sizes that they produce pressure, occlusion or obstruction, or, by pressure upon a nerve, produce neuritis, and nerve degeneration. Pressure on the optic nerve may produce blindness. A tumor in the intestine may produce obstruction....

Etiology: Tumors begin as hardening and thickening of the tissues at a point of irritation as a means of defense. Hardening and thickening of the tissue may occur in any and all parts of the body to resist constant irritation. ....
Were it not for the erection of the barrier, the causes against which it is erected would destroy life long before they ultimately do.
The tumor actually prolongs life.

Herbert M. Shelton: Orthopathy - Chapter 22

"Tumors begin as hardening and thickening of the tissues at a point of irritation as a means of defense. "


Tumors have the same causes as other diseases -- read more here.
If we don't succeed with our daily toxin-removal - perhaps due to large intake of new toxins - our bodies slowly will get into chronic disease, and perhaps even early death. Tumor formation is an advanced stage of chronic disease.

One reason for advanced chronic disease could be that longterm "treatments" (drugs, herbs) have made daily self-healing & toxin-removal difficult:

abnormal versus normal functioning
This is what our bodies are designed for - return to normal as soon as our life-style improve
one disease process produces many symptoms
This is what can happen if no better lifestyle --- therefore no return to normal --- then tumors may form slowly

THE 7 STAGES OF DISEASE - and tumors are formed in stage 6

Induration is the result of long-standing, chronic inflammation with bouts of acute inflammation interspersed. The chronic inflammation causes an impairment or sluggishness of circulation: and because some cells succumb, they are replaced with scar tissue. This is the way we lose good, normal-functioning cells - by chronic inflammation and death of cells. Toxins may or may not be encapsulated in a tumor, sac, wen, or polyp. ...
Read more here

Before we get to the induration (tumor) stage, we must have ignored the preceding 5 stages (enervation, toxemia, irritation, inflammation, ulceration). These stages must have produced warnings. Only if we don't listen, and continue the disease-causing life-style, will the disease continue to the next stage.
(Note: stage 6 = (benign) induration/tumors; stage 7 = (malignant) cancer.)
Read more here

Herbert M. Shelton: TUMORS

Care of the Patient:
Doctors and surgeons commonly believe that there is no "cure" for fibroid tumor except its surgical removal. While surgery is still preferred for other types of tumors, X-ray and radium are frequently used in treating them. Neither removal of tumors by the knife nor their destruction by X-ray or radium removes their cause and they usually recur, often in malignant form.

Radical cure of tumors requires a removal of all causes of metabolic perversion and a restoration of normal nutrition. When this is done, tumors tend to disappear.

Tumors being composed of tissues, the same kinds of tissues as the other structures of the body, are susceptible of autolytic disintegration, the same as normal tissue, and do, as a matter of experience, undergo dissolution and absorption under a variety of circumstances, but especially during a fast. The reader who can understand how fasting reduces the amount of fat on the body and how it reduces the size of the muscles, can also understand how it will reduce the size of a tumor, or cause it to disappear altogether. He needs, then, only to realize that the process of disintegrating (autolyzing) the tumor takes place much more rapidly than it does in the normal tissue.

Due to a variety of circumstances, some known, others unknown - the type of tumor, its location, the amount of weight carried by the patient, the general state of the body, local conditions, etc. - the rate of absorption of tumors in fasting individuals varies. Let me cite two extreme cases to show the wide range of variation in this process.

A woman, under forty, had a uterine fibroid about the size of an average grapefruit. It was completely absorbed in twenty-eight days of total abstinence from all food but water. This was an unusually rapid rate of absorption.

Another case is that of a similar tumor in a woman of about the same age. In this case the growth was about the size of a goose egg. One fast of twenty-one days reduced the tumor to the size of an English walnut. The fast was broken due to the return of hunger. Another fast a few weeks subsequent, of seventeen days, was required to complete the absorption of the tumor. This was an unusually slow rate of tumor-absorption.

Tumor-like lumps in female breasts ranging from the size of a pea to that of a goose egg will disappear in from three days to as many weeks. Here is a remarkable case of this kind that will prove both interesting and instructive to the reader.

A young lady, age 21, had a large, hard lump - a little smaller than a billiard ball - in her right breast. For four months it had caused her considerable pain. Finally she consulted a physician who diagnosed the condition, cancer, and urged immediate removal. She went to another, and another and still another physician, and each made the same diagnosis (an unusual thing) and each urged immediate removal.
Instead of resorting to surgery the young lady resorted to fasting and in exactly three days without food, the "cancer" and all its attendant pain were gone. There has been no recurrence in thirteen years and I feel that we are justified in considering the condition cured.

Hundreds of such occurrences under fasting have convinced us that many "tumors" and "cancers" are removed by surgeons that are not tumors or cancers. They cause us to be very skeptical of the statistics issued to show that early operation prevents or cures cancer. ...

In Europe and America literally thousands of tumors have been autolyzed during the past fifty years, and the effectiveness of the method is beyond doubt. ...

Herbert M. Shelton: Orthopathy - Chapter 22


Dr. Ben Kim's Natural Health Newsletter
August 16, 2005

Last week was a mighty busy one at our fasting clinic. The highlight was one of our guests waking up on day 7 of her water-only fast and discovering that she could no longer feel the large uterine fibroid that she had been carrying around for years in her lower abdomen.
I can confirm from the evaluation that I did on her first day with us that she had a mass that was about the size of a medium-sized adult fist in her lower abdomen, diagnosed by ultrasound as a uterine fibroid before she arrived. I couldn't find even a trace of a mass when I did a thorough re-check of her abdomen on day 7.
I was, of course, extremely happy for her healing experience. Although some of the guests who visit our clinic experience obvious symptoms of cleansing and detoxification like diarrhea and vomiting, it never gets old to see a dramatic change like the melting away of a benign tumour. ...

Dr. Ben Kim

Ben Kim's Clinic is in the Toronto area, north of the Niagara Falls

Important: today, avoid water-only fasting for detoxification. Instead - start with raw diets = to build strength. Do short fasts later.

Why? ---- For safety-reasons.

  • Why "safety-reasons"? - Because - at least in USA and other industrialized countries - today people are more toxic than ever before, which also makes them deficient. And with too high toxicity & deficiency, we must avoid prolonged fasting. Instead we must prepare for fasting with raw foods or raw juices. This will make the fasting safe!
    (EXCEPTION: If you have never had industrial-processed food, & never been on medical drugs, & are non-deficient - then you may possibly go ahead the old-fashioned way, with a longer fast.)

  • EXAMPLE for new-comers: Start out with a one-day fast, and break it correctly on raw foods or raw juices, followed by a raw diet (or almost-raw). Repeat the 1-day fast a couple of times. Then try a 2-day fast, a couple of times - then a 3-day fast. Inbetween a mainly-raw diet (with veggies & animal foods).
  • THE LATEST UNDERSTANDING: Raw foods + short fasts is safer & will give better results than a long fast (for new-beginners). Fasting is more difficult today, than during the mid-1900's!! (At least for typical Westerners, who nowadays are both too toxic & deficient; typically with hundreds of toxins in their blood.)

    EXAMPLE of RAW cancer diet   in Remarkable Recoveries by Dr. S. Bass -- free pdf booklet to download -- with article about a successful cancer recovery via raw diet

    Read about fasting here - article by Dr. Shelton

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