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"My father had asthma. Homeopathic medication only could take him so far. Dr. Cursio put him on a natural hygienic plan and he could breathe again. "

INTERVIEW with Dr. Anthony J. Penepent.
Early learning about disease-healing with drugless methods

How did you learn about drugless natural healing?

Dr. Cursio
Dr. Chrisopher Gian Cursio
In the 1930's, before I was born, my father had asthma. He used to tell my mother, "you will have to raise the family - I am not going to live". He use to come home in the middle of the day and lay down on the couch, he just couldn't do anything. He had seen a homeopathic physician, which was good. The physician stopped him from smoking, and gave him homeopathic medication. But he only could take him so far.

When he met Dr. Cursio, who was a relative of ours, Dr. Cursio put him on a natural hygienic plan and he could breathe again. My father was able to go back to work and he was very energetic, once he was working. We lived in upstate New York, in the western part of the state. Dr. Cursio's wife and my mother were second cousins.

We heard about him through an uncle on my father's side. Another uncle, on my father's side, went to him. He had a problem with hay fever and Dr. Cursio put him on raw vegetable salad for 30 days. The hay fever went away and never came back. After that, he became our family physician.

My family changed their eating habits. If it hadn't been for Dr. Cursio, we would not have been successful contractors. We built bridges and roads, bridges mostly. If it hadn't been for Dr. Cursio, my father wouldn't have been around, my brothers would have been sick or dead. No, it was because of him that we were able to do it.

What else did Dr. Cursio do for your family?

A few years after they met Dr. Cursio, my mother came down with double bronchial pneumonia, and he fasted her for 30 days. She was very sick, she had a problem breathing, even during the fast she came very close to death but she survived. I would never take a case like that.

In any case, my father and my brothers decided they wanted to do it hygienically, so they called Dr. Cursio and he put her on a water fast for 30 days and she came out of it. Cursio said that my mother was the patient in his entire career that came closest to death, and survived.

My mother was having trouble with repeated miscarriages and she went to fast months prior to the pneumonia for 30 days to increase her fertility so she could conceive and carry me. She was 43 years old! I had four older brothers, all were 15 years to 25 years older than me.

When did you start practising drug-free methods??

I always loved Hygiene, and when I got out of medical school I just started to practice Hygiene, as much as I could. I also held a job at a clinic, so I would have enough money to live, because Hygienic physicians are notoriously poor. I interned with Dr. Cursio. I lived at his house for a couple of years.

When I was 20 years, I became his chauffeur; when he came to Buffalo, Rochester, and Batavia. I would drive him everywhere, and he would teach me about his patients. When I was a driver for Dr. Cursio, I went with him to see his patients, and I conversed with the patients a great deal. This is what made me decide to go to medical school.

When I lived with Dr. Cursio, in Lido Beach, I was a medical student. It was during my clerkship in the hospitals. Dr. Cursio lived there too, but at that particular time he was a fugitive, because of a case in Florida. Sometimes, I thought Dr. Cursio took on cases that were too dangerous. He used to rush in where angels feared to thread. He took chances and took cases that were too risky. Usually that is what got him in legal trouble. Cursio was a naturopath, N.D. One time he went to jail because he took a blood pressure! Back in the early 50's.

The first case I treated was a man with diabetes. They wanted to cut off his leg, his wife brought him to me, and I put him on a nutritional plan. Within the first week his blood sugars went down to normal, and he came off the insulin. In one month's time, the swelling of his leg went down. After 3 or 4 months the surgical stocking came off. That was my first very good case.

The second case was a young woman with endometriosis. She was 28 years old and the doctors wanted to do a total hysterectomy and take out her ovaries, so she would be free of pain. She wanted to bear children. So with her, I fasted her on distilled water for 5 days, and then advanced the diet - a hygienic plan. Within 5 days of fasting the pain went away. She went on to have 3 children

Do you remember some of Dr. Cursio's cases?

The first case I remember of Dr. Cursio's was a very wealthy man who had Parkinson's disease, the early stages. He was about 65 years old. Dr. Cursio put him on a nutritional plan, and after about 9 months to a year he became better. The Parkinson's was corrected, there was no longer any signs of it. He began to feel so much better that he went and found a 27 year old woman, remarried (his wife had died previously), and they had a baby.

Dr. Cursio had one case of schizophrenia. Her parents brought the girl to Dr. Cursio, and she was so debilitated that she would take feces and put it in her hair, and her mother had to clean her. Once, when she was at our house she wandered outside and took off all her clothes. Luckily, we lived in the country and nobody was driving by. (Dr. Cursio would see patients in our house once a month.) This patient got well, went on to have 3 children and led a normal life. Anybody that has a mental health problem, and goes on a hygienic program, their sanity improves.

There were a number of conditions in my family. My father had wet psoriasis that Dr. Cursio cured. He put him on a potato diet. My father also had a cyst on his elbow when Dr. Cursio was alive. He put him on a potato diet, and it went away.

My mother had congestive heart failure when she was in her late 70's, and he fasted her, and I assisted him over the phone, and I would give him the information, and after a 11-day fast, I had to wake up the grocer, to get oranges, so we could squeeze oranges to break the fast. It was 4 oz of orange juice that we gave her. It was 10 pm at night when we broke the fast. She went on to live another 5 years, she went on to live longer than he did.

Why didn't you wait until the morning to break your mother's fast?

My cousin ran the store, it was a distant cousin. I called him and he agreed to open the store. The reason we didn't wait until the morning, was because it couldn't wait. The fast had to be broken then! She had abruptly lost her energy, which indicated that the fast had to be broken. The patient was going into starvation. She had to be fed at that point, right then!

"Dr. Cursio put him on raw vegetable salad for 30 days. The hay fever went away and never came back."

Anthony J. Penepent was M.D. in New York, using Natural Hygiene methods, and lacto-ovo vegetarian diets.

Christopher Gian-Cursio operated a fasting retreat in New York, the Castle. He developed new understanding of the optimal diet, promoted lacto-ovo vegetarianism in NH, and pointed out the dangers with veganism. He was a good friend of Dr. Shelton, and co-founder of the American Natural Hygiene Society.

Read more at Dr. Penepent: No one needs to die from Bird Flu!

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