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An inspiring around-the-world trip
by Dr. John Fielder

The past few weeks have been, for me, very busy, full of sharing, caring and learning - most rewarding and productive I can assure you. Not only for myself, I trust, also for those whom I have visited and made contact with.

It all commenced in Malaysia, on the island of Labuan, which is just off the north coast of Borneo, the home of Peter and Kath, who originlly came from Australia and have been living here for the past few years. Labuan was earlier a British colony and has all the trappings of such, being displayed by its ageing infrastructure. Nevertheless it is a delightful tropical paradise. Peter and Kath are themselves delightful people and hosts and ardent students of the Hygienic lifestyle.

On then to Slovenia, which has only recently gained independance as well as joining the European Common Market. I spent a few days with Don and his most gracious wife, students of mine, sharing the message of Hygiene with the people there. They also very kindly took me to see the original home of Arnold Rikle, the modern founder of the Heliotherapy movement, devoted to the exposure of ourselves to the sunlight and its inherent values. Unfortunately his works have never been translated into English so he and his work is very little known in the west. Of course life never goes completely smoothly and just as we were to leave for the airport for me to catch the plane, the car decided it would not co-operate, and just would not start. Panic stations were all the go for the moment as it was a public holiday and all the friends were away. There was no public transport all the hire cars were unavailable. Eventually a relative was able to be contacted, which was followed by a fast and furious drive over a winding mountain pass, fortunately with an extremely competent driver, to arrive a few minutes prior to the departure time.

From Slovenia I travelled on to Edinburgh, Scotland, via Manchester and York to attend the annual Conference of the Incorporated Society of Naturopaths in my role as President, a society established some sixty years ago. After having fulfilled my role as President of the Society, I then travelled back with my friend Leslie, a former graduate of the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics, which was conducted by James C., and C. Leslie Thomson of the Kingston Clinic, Edinburgh, Scotland, to York. James C. and C. Leslie Thomson wrote many articles on Nature Cure which were reproduced by Dr Shelton in his Hygienic Review over the years of its publication.

After our return to York I was able to spend a few days with my dear friend Leslie discussing matters relevant to Nature Cure and Natural Hygiene. We alkso visited other practitioners discussing the future and direction of the profession.

My journey then took me to New York where I visited with Dr Penepent, and then on to West Palm Beach and my good and dear friend Dr Paul Goldberg. After three splendid and enjoyable days with Dr Goldberg I spent the next twenty or so hours travelling from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Houston in Texas. Why did it take so long? Firstly my journey was routed through Chicago, one end of the country to the other. Then the weather conditions with sever thunderstorms caused numerous flight delays till eventually I arrived in Houston around 2.30 am instead of 7pm the previous night, a delay of some seven hours. The thunderstorms appear to have disrupted phone lines as well as causing compters to be down, adding to the dramas.

Since arriving in Houston and under the very kind care and guidance of Anna, I have been able to visit with Dr Ralph Cinque in Austin, as well as visit the University of Texas and spend valuable time with Jan and Terry Todd, both of whom are Professors in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University. They also have been instrumental in gathering together and invaluable library of books pertaining to all aspects of Alternative Health, including those of Dr Shelton, Dr Gian Cursio, and Dr Jesse Mercer Gehmann, which we were priviledged to view. They shared with us the fact that they have received a grant of 3 million dollars to build a library, house and care for this unique collection of books and papers, running to several thousand volumes. It was also mentioned that the contents of the library will be digitalised in the future. The opening for this wonderful venture is set for 2008, which we look forward to attending.

Then to bring our cup to full and overflowing, the next day we visited with Dr Virginia Vetrano and Dr Tosca Haag at their very lovely retreat near San Antonio, spending a most fulfilling day sharing experiences plans for the future.

In a day or so I will be making my last call with a visit to Little Rock Arkansas, as the guest of Dew, where it is intened that we will have the privilege of spending time with Viktoras Kulvinskas prior to returning to Australia and home.

I trust this brief account of my travels will give us all added impetus to continue along the Hygienic path of life.

John, 6/5/06

John L. Fielder D.O, DC, ND.(Adel)
Osteopath & Lifestyle Consultant
Academy of Natural Living
Cairns, Australia

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