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"trust the body"

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By following the simple rules of the socalled LAWS OF LIFE we can achieve lasting health & optimal energy.

Our goal is to teach, discuss & improve the best healing methods available. If they are low-cost or free, so much better.

We teach that drugs are unnecessary and will usually delay healing and cause new diseases.

We present excellent no-drugs methods for health recovery, tested and perfected by doctors for over 175 years.

We want to promote health independence and critical thinking.

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"Hygienic living embraces all aspects of life."

by Dr. John Fielder

As Hygienists we must be aware that Hygienic living embraces all aspects of life. Too often we lull ourselves into a false sense of security by thinking that a diet of raw foods, grown organically, periodic fasts, ample exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and adequate rest etc., will solve all of our problems. We neglect to stop and think there may be other factors in our milieu which are effecting us. Or perhaps we think we can ignore them, and by practising the fore-mentioned overcome their effects.

As the following comment illustrates, it is possible that by living Hygienically in all other ways we may minimise the deletorious effects of these other factors. At the same time though, continual exposure must surely effect us to a greater or lesser degree.

"Recently in an Australian regional shopping centre they were being plagued by theft and criminal activity. At that time the music being piped throughout the complex was of a pop nature mirroring the pop culture of today. On it subsequently being changed to classical, easy listening, the crime rate immediately fell by 40%."

As can readily be observed from this article, exposing ourselves to sounds, including music, which is inharmonious to our beings, has the potential to bring about anti-social behaviour, which in itself is a form of illness.

Although Hygienic living is basically really very simple, we must learn to not over-simplify, and look beyond the square in our quest for top level health and equanimity.

May we all achieve this in 2007.

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"Although Hygienic living is basically really very simple, we must learn to not over-simplify."

"Look beyond the square"

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