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to the magazine of INHS, a non-profit organisation for discussing & teaching Natural Hygiene, a scientific view on health and disease with roots as far back as 1822.

Our motto:
"trust the body"

Our philosophy:
By following the simple rules of the socalled LAWS OF LIFE we can achieve lasting health & optimal energy.

Our goal is to teach, discuss & improve the best healing methods available. If they are low-cost or free, so much better.

We teach that drugs are unnecessary and will usually delay healing and cause new diseases.

We present excellent no-drugs methods for health recovery, tested and perfected by doctors for over 175 years.

We want to promote health independence and critical thinking.

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"Satisfied customer sends message: Instant cure is a fool's delight, I'm happy amongst the angels."

Dr. Sidhwa: if you have this idea about instant cure, I am going to read to you a poem of mine that is of paramount importance regarding how this so-called instant cure is not to be followed. It goes like this:

by Dr. Keki Sidhwa

Now being sold throughout the world,
This century's instant cure,
Family pack, seventy-five pence,
Hospital sizes, pound ten and upwards,
A crude but potent mixture
Of all toxic poisons

Derived from the mineral kingdom,
The plant kingdom,
And the venoms of reptiles,
Not forgetting the serum and vaccines
From infected animals plus pure sugar.
Guaranteed free from all wholesome ingredients,
Natural food substances and life sustaining trace elements.
Simply swallow it
With or without water.
Results guaranteed.

One teaspoon dissolves away all aches and pains,
This laboratory tested preparation
Makes diagnosis superfluous,
Doctors redundant,
Hospitals empty,
And even a child can use it.
Has to be seen to be believed.
Act now, money refunded,
Satisfaction assured.

This instant cure is obtainable from your regular physician,
Or chemist, druggist, herbalist, homeopath, baker,
Confectioner, butcher, licensed victualer and grocer.
Special immortality tablet containing jungle aphrodisiacs,
For ageing Romeos and juvenile delinquents,
Wrapped in coloured cellophane,
Or special uplifting for pendulous females,
Twenty-five pence extra post free.
Extra strong dosage for environmental pollution.

Satisfied customer sends message:
"Instant cure is a fool's delight,
I'm happy amongst the angels.

"Book your order and astonish your friends,
Big cash discount,
Non-specific ageing material,
Time immemorial.

(By K.R Sidhwa, from The Quintessence of Natural Living, 1994)

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