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"Energy is the key to success, in everything, even in meditation. The mind is energetically related to diet, sex, everything. The average person just needs to learn one thing, not to waste his energy."



You recently wrote the book "Energy-Karezza - How to Make Every Wife Sexually Wild About Her Husband". Why do you recommend Karezza?

To be happy. To have a better life, that's all. To increase the happiness while you are alive.
The reason I decided to write this book, is because Karezza was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
If you practise Karezza, you are practising ecstasy. Not many people know what ecstasy is. People are looking for inspiration and bliss and enjoyment, and they find it the wrong way. They try to find it in social behavior, in food, eating in restaurants, special menus. They live in fancy houses, have fancy automobiles, perhaps even use drugs. Most of their thrills are tied in with food and sex. These are the strongest drives in the human nature.
But standard sex leaves a lot to be desired. There are many problems associated with conventional sex. Karezza corrects all that. If you practise Karezza you don't need a lot of fancy things, or drugs. That cannot be compared to what is experienced with Karezza.
Sylvester Graham
Rev. Graham

Many Natural Hygiene doctors, before you, recommended Karezza?

In Natural Hygiene, doctors (many of them MDs) advocated Karezza already in the 1800's. They said, it is better for a man not to lose his fluids, or as the Bible says: "Don't Waste Your Seed". If a man saves his fluids, he will thereby save energy, which improves both his health and longevity. And when a man has more (vital) energy, he can prolong the sex, which then leads to exponentially increased pleasure & ecstatic bliss for both men and women.
Robert Walter, who formulated Life's Great Law, advocated Karezza and practiced it. James C. Jackson, who was revered by Dr. Cursio, advocated it. Dr. Trall and others used it. Drs. Jackson, Cursio and Trall all wrote about it. Dr. Cursio lectured about it.
Sylvester Graham, the minister in the mid-1800's, was one of the early promoters and one of the greatest on the subject. He must have learnt it from his research, from historical literature, because he was into religion. And religion, the yogis in India, invented Karezza and Tantra. Dr. Alice Stockham, Quaker & MD, who wrote "Karezza: Ethics of Marriage" in 1901, went to India to learn about it.

What about Dr. Herbert Shelton? He wrote many books on Natural Hygiene, but did he practice Karezza?

This part of the interview is only accessible as audio (24 min.).
It covers Drs. Shelton, Cursio, Tilden & related subjects, raw diets, the benefits of laughter, & more.
Dr. Trall
Dr. Trall
LISTEN TO AUDIO HERE: Click here for part of the interview about Dr. Shelton & more.
(It may download instead. Or you can right-click and download it.)

You say that drug-experiences cannot be compared to Karezza?

The ecstasy of drugs is far below the ecstasy of Karezza. Any person who practices Karezza will look down on drugs as being a false thrill. A harmful thrill. A toxic thrill.
I think if a man is using drugs and you turn him on to Karezza, that is the quickest way to get him off drugs. If I were taking care of drug addicts, all I would do is teach the men Karezza, and I think I could get them off drugs in a few weeks.
What if they wanted to do both at the same time? It would be impossible, because drugs are demeaning and devitalizing, and you wouldn't have enough energy for sex, after the drug. While in Karezza you go higher, higher in everything.
Why would a man exchange a thimble full of joy, followed by suffering, for an ocean of endless bliss. How can you compare these two things?
Karezza could revolutionize psychiatry. If you are dealing with drug addicts - instead of using methadone, or other drugs to get them out of it - just bring them into Karezza, and the concept of drugs will soon seem stupid to them in comparison. And that's how they might succeed in weeks. Who would want drugs, if they do Karezza? They wouldn't need drugs. That's the lowest form of getting a high.
If you have a sexual partner, why would you need drugs? Drugs are a downer. Karezza is an upper. It is like a miracle cure mentally. All they need is one experience, and after that, no need to fool around with drugs for years to break the habit.
And think about it, if the drug consumers and drug buyers would disappear, wouldn't that mean the end of the drug trade, with all its connected criminality?

Dr. Jackson
Dr. Jackson

You were in your 30's when you learned about Karezza?

Dr. Cursio whom I learned it from, had learnt about it from the old masters. I went to one of his meetings with clients and that's how I met him. I was on my way to become a celibate yogi for spiritual reasons, but had recently heard that Karezza would also enable my spiritual goals. I asked Dr. Cursio about Karezza and wanted to get his opinion. He invited me to come to his Health Castle, his health retreat in upstate New York, so we could talk for hours without interruption. This was the trigger that brought me into Karezza, and into Natural Hygiene too.

Natural Hygiene & Karezza is more or less the same thing when it comes to energy?

The highest aspect of Natural Hygiene is energy conservation, leading to ecstatic living. The highest aspect of Karezza is energy conservation, leading to ecstatic sex. The energy conservation is why the old hygienic masters recommended Karezza.
Success is measured in terms of energy. The one who has the most energy will be the most successful. Energy is the key to success, in everything, even in meditation
That is why Energy-Karezza is the ultimate of ordinary Karezza. And Karezza is the ultimate of ordinary sex. Energy is everything. Energy is mind, ego, sex.
In nutrition and sex there is the same idea: energy is energy, and you can either enlarge it, or you can decrease it by dividing it. You don't want to divide energy, by doing two things at once.
The Energy-Karezza book is a treatise of energy, high psychology and sex. It is a treatise of many subjects. Most psychologists don't know these things. Do they know of the relationship of energy to thought, to the mind, to Karezza, etc.?
The mind is not isolated. The mind is energetically related to diet, sex, everything. The average person just needs to learn one thing, not to waste his energy. Once he learns that, then he can become a master of himself.

If a man and a woman are on the verge of divorce, would you recommend Karezza?
Dr. Cursio
Dr. Cursio

If a couple starts Karezza, then their whole relationship will change. I have seen this happen over and over.
E.g. a Hasidic man, a patient of mine, told me: "I have a woman I love, I want to marry her, but she doesn't want to marry me, in fact she doesn't treat me well, at all." He was a premature ejaculator. I offered to teach him Karezza, which would solve his problem. He said, "teach me, teach me", sounding desperate. I said, "I will give you one hour, if you put down a hundred dollars. You will learn what to do, and if you have any questions, you can call me."
He rushed a wallet out of his pocket, and picked out the money so fast, it was like I was asking for a one-dollar-bill. I then described Karezza, how he should act, what to do before sex, etc. After about 10 days he calls me, and he is happy, laughing and giggling. I asked, what's happening? He said, I practised Karezza, and I don't have premature ejaculations anymore. She fell in love with me, and she proposed to me.

Another recent case was exactly like that. This man loved a woman, and she told him she was going to leave him. His whole world was crashing. He was also a premature ejaculator. I told him about Karezza, energy and diet, and the same thing happened, the woman fell in love with him. These men became good friends of mine. They loved me, and respected me, because I changed their life. They would have sent me a lot of patients, if they could have done so without being embarrassed by disclosing their private life.
When men get together, they talk about sex, they all start bragging to each other, about what wonderful women they have, and what great sex they have. None of them will confess that they have premature ejaculation, or that the sex is bad, because a man equates himself with the sex. If he is a great lover, his ego is high. If he is a poor lover, he feels insecure. And then he doesn't like himself, he hates himself, because he feels nobody loves him, and that his woman is disappointed in him.

I also remember a priest who had a problem with his sweetheart. He was having sexual problems, related to premature ejaculation, or sex that was too short. After learning Karezza he became a skilled lover, and his woman stayed with him.

Another interesting case was a rabbi, who had been fasting 40 days under my supervision. He had a girlfriend he loved, but she was Christian. He would never have married anybody but a Jewish girl. Rabbis live in religion, they think of God all day long. Since marriage was not possible, she told him she was going to find somebody else. He asked me, his doctor: "what do you think?"
I said, well, when it comes to marriage, she could convert to Judaism, that is one possibility. But another way is, that if he had really great sex with her, she wouldn't leave him, even if he didn't marry her; at least until she got somebody else with the same skills. That would mean she would be with him for a long time. He started practicing Karezza, and as I predicted she soon fell in love with him, and decided to stay with him, even without marriage.
Dr. Walter
Dr. Walter

Percentage-wise, in your experience, how many marital problems are connected to "too short sex"?

I would say all. I am quite certain that all marital problems are due to "too short sex". The average man, how long is his sex? If he can last 20 minutes he is doing fine. He wants sex, because he's got the drive, and he thinks having an orgasm is the way to end it. He doesn't know that there is another kind of sex. So consequently he doesn't try to control himself. Then if he is excited, he is going to move according to the excitement. And the faster he moves, the quicker he will come, and the woman ends up unhappy and frustrated. Because she needs much longer time for satisfaction, and by the time she is beginning to warm up, he is finished.

I am a doctor, and when a woman is consulting me, she may tell me that she is not happy with her husband. I ask her why, and we talk. Finally I find out that she doesn't know what is wrong. But if you probe enough, you always find that the sex is lousy, but she doesn't know that anything is wrong. Why? Because everybody has the same problem. I would say a majority of women, if you ask if they are happy in sex, they think they are. Even if the sex is bad, they think they are happy. It is weird. The sex is the problem, but nobody knows it is the problem. Since everybody has the same experience, quick sex, they think this is normal. Instead they intellectualize what the cause of the problem is, blaming the money, nagging, sarcasm, his/her ego, etc.

In an unhappy marriage when the wife looks at her husband, she looks at him critically, analyzing him negatively. She will be judging him all the time, because she is not happy, she is frustrated. And he will criticize her if he is unhappy. Of course, he will be tolerantly happy if he has sex every 2 weeks, but he is not going to be wildly happy.
I have known a lot of men who had bad relationships with women. If I tell them about Karezza, and they are interested enough to try it, the whole relationship changes. Now it is like she is meeting him for the first time. It is like they are going out on a first date.
Let's say they have known each other for a year, and the sex is just blaah. When he starts with Karezza and starts controlling himself, then she starts enjoying the sex more. All of a sudden she sees him in a different light. All the earlier memories and experiences she had with him begin to disappear, because the new experience is different.
Visualize a miserable relationship, that has been miserable for 10, 20 years. Then they start Karezza. All of a sudden it becomes like she picked up a new guy.
Dr. Bass
Dr. Bass

Most men and women have a semi-secure but boring relationship. Couples may not know they are unhappy. If you have not experienced Karezza, how can you factor that into the equation? You just factor in the average life, which is incomplete. Karezza takes all the boredom out of sex.
When they start Karezza everything changes. Now she loves him and can't do enough for him, and he is very happy with her, always buying her presents. He is talking nice to her, being very polite, because he is so happy.
He feels very good, he has energy, sex is always available and he never gets tired of sex, and the woman becomes an integral part of his life. He depends on her, because he needs her.
There is no depletion, so he can have sex as often as he wants. And the woman always feels complete: oh my man, he loves me, he never leaves me alone, he is always touching me and kissing me, caressing me. And their egos zoom, they love themselves, they respect themselves. If a man loves a woman, she feels complete. She feels secure. But if a man doesn't love a woman or is arguing with her, then she feels insecure. So with Karezza, the whole psychology changes completely. The psychology gets unbelievable, it gets so great that if you talk about it, people don't believe it. They think you are exaggerating.
Why do people overeat? Because they are bored. If people have good sex with Karezza, they won't overeat so much. They will spend more time with sex, more time exercising, and less time eating. Karezza is excellent exercise, better than jogging. This will prolong their life. They will look better, become slim and trim, have more energy and become healthier.

If Karezza is so exceptional, why isn't it common already now?

Well, you have to know about it. We are not at the highest point of civilization, so people don't know about it. When we reach the highest point, everybody will be doing Karezza.
Also, people may only know what they read in the newspapers, or hear about. Existing books about Karezza are few and far between. Older Karezza books are very enthusiastic, but more descriptive than instructive. They may be flowery, bubbling over with happiness. The authors talk about how wonderful they feel.
J. William Lloyd, in "The Karezza Method" from 1931, uses a lot of fancy words and talks about it in a lofty way. He is not very instructive, trying to become ecstatic in the description. He is trying to mentally give you some kind of sensation about it. At the time people were puritanical, and his style of writing may have been exciting for them.
Then there is Alice Stockham's "Karezza: Ethics of Marriage" (1901) (read it here), John Noyes "Male Continence" (1872) (included in Energy-Karezza's appendix 1), and George Noyes Miller's "The Strike of A Sex" (1891), which don't go into much practical detail either. If you wanted to learn Karezza from these books, then you had to do what I did, test it out on your own.
And if you don't know enough about the topic, you may not always succeed. Prolonged sex requires knowledge. The average man would probably take a woman out, have a big meal at a restaurant, which then interferes with Karezza. And then he will say: it is phony, it doesn't work. Because he doesn't know about the connection between nutrition and sex. That is why energy-understanding is so valuable.

"I wanted to write about Karezza already 25 years ago, but felt that in those days people were a little too puritanical."

Alice Stockham, MD
Energy-Karezza is a practical book?

Absolutely, practical for every man on earth without exception. I have been teaching Karezza for over 50 years, and have seen every student succeed, most of them within a few weeks. I wanted to write about Karezza already 25 years ago, but felt that in those days people were a little too puritanical. I knew it would make a great book, but I kept thinking: people are not ready for all the details. But as the years went by, I noticed they were writing about sex everywhere. Sex was in fashion. So I finally decided to write about my experience. It is a fascinating subject.
(Read the first 10 pages of Energy-Karezza here.)

What have you added, compared to older books?

As I mentioned, earlier books were more puritanical. My book is instructive, as well as descriptive. Plus from my experience as a hygienic doctor, I added energy-enhancement. Without energy-understanding it is not easy to overcome the obstacles to prolongation for hours. Since my goal was spirituality, I tried to avoid all orgasms for 50 years, while prolonging sex for hours, several times a week. I wonder if earlier authors got as much experience as I did, or knew about yoga, energy and psychology in connection with sex? People are limited by their education. If a man has no education, and writes a book on Karezza, he can only talk about his feelings. He cannot talk about psychology, because he doesn't know how the mind works. He may not know anything about nutrition, energy and spirituality, so he will never realize there is a connection. Does any other book cover all the things that are in Energy-Karezza?
In this book I have been looking at sex from all angles, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological. The average man doesn't analyze his mind during sex. He is just having a ball, and doesn't analyze it. But since I knew why, I checked everything, and tried to perfect it.

How would you compare Karezza to standard sex?

What is standard sex? It is short sex. It lasts 15 minutes perhaps. It is even shorter than the ecstasy of a meal. And since the average woman needs more time just to get warmed up, standard sex is seldom satisfying for women.
And it is also a kind of punishment for a man, because when a man has an orgasm, he loses his sexual drive and physical power, and has to wait for weeks to recuperate.
Karezza is completely different. First of all it is deeply satisfying for women, allowing multiple female orgasms, and increased excitement for men. Comparing Karezza to standard sex is like comparing the finest food in the world to garbage. Peak orgasm is the highest bliss you reach during standard sex. But it lasts just a few seconds and is finished. Karezza allows both hours of prolonged valley orgasms and occasional standard peak orgasms.

So with Karezza you can have sex for longer than 15 minutes?

Yes, you can go for 15 hours. I wrote a story in the book about that in Energy-Karezza, how one person I know went for 12 hours, in order to test the concept. I used to average 4 hours per session, three times a week. But for others, one hour may be enough. A typical comment when people hear this is: isn't it very sore to have sex for hours? The answer is no, there is no soreness during Karezza sex, because of the natural lubrication. If a healthy woman is dry during standard sex, it is because she doesn't find it very exciting. But Karezza is very good sex for women, so their secretions automatically increase. Not only that, but when a woman feels loved and is happier all the time, her body works better and is healthier, which also increases secretions. And since the sex goes on for such a long time, there is a lot of caressing and kissing during the slower cycles, something women also benefit from. In my experience, women love Karezza, and cannot get enough. There are no frigid women, in my mind. The main problem so-called frigid women have is that their men do not last long enough.

"Who would want drugs, if they do Karezza? They wouldn't need drugs. That's the lowest form of getting a high."

What is the difference between Karezza & Tantra?

Karezza is an introduction. It is like baby-Tantra. Sex is the highest you can go on the physical plane. When you are doing Karezza, it leads you right into the highest above the physical plane, which is the spiritual. Karezza is the prolongation of sex, with or without (peak) orgasms. Tantra is the prolongation of sex, without any (peak) orgasms at all, for hours.
Tantra starts as Karezza. When you prolong Karezza, while also minimizing the energy-loss, it becomes Tantra. The energy-level and the meditation of Tantra awakens the psychic centers of the body, and raises the energy to the chakras and to the brain. And that's where the meditation transforms into spiritual experience.
With Karezza you will get into physical emotional ecstasy, with Tantra you get into spiritual ecstasy, awakening the spiritualized aspect of the person. See how sex leads to the highest? But note, for most people it is necessary to first reach the physical bliss of Karezza, before being able to reach the spiritual ecstasy of Tantra. People start by looking for the highest physical pleasures, and they wind up being a spiritual being, on a spiritual path, and experience self-realization, naturally. It is like a mysterious practice almost, it leads to the highest.

You say that Karezza is a solution for the overpopulation problem?

Absolutely. It may be the only way to master it, because of the higher ecstasy with Karezza, compared to standard sex. The average man, using ordinary sex, may wind up with a lot of children. Very poor people often have more children than they want, have large families, and cannot afford them. But they can't help themselves, because sex may be their only real pleasure.
If these people learn Karezza, with postponed (or no) ejaculations, then they can get even higher pleasure. Increased pleasure without the severe penalty of large families, which they can't afford, and which lead eventually to overpopulation and the destruction of the world.

Karezza could have an impact on prostitution and sex-slavery?

Prostitutes make a lot of money from people who are frustrated in sex. If a husband doesn't satisfy a wife, she may always be "too tired" when he wants sex. So he doesn't get much sex, and is always frustrated. His wife doesn't want sex, because she doesn't get any pleasure with it. Their sex-life is boring, and nobody gets anything out of it. Their marriage becomes like a knocked-down and dragged-out affair, because they don't know anything better.
Prostitution is the lowest way to experience sex. Historically prostitution was flourishing, because men were frustrated in sex. But with Karezza this changes. Karezza removes marital frustration. Because Karezza is more exciting than eating, more exciting than power, more exciting than making money. Hundredfold more exciting than standard sex. Once a man knows Karezza, he doesn't want a prostitute, he wants a real woman.
I think if Karezza became standard practice, it would mean the end of prostitution, sex trade and sex slavery.

"If you are living a life of bliss, through Karezza and Tantra, you love everybody - there is no competition - and
you are eliminating the psychological principles of war."

MAD magazine
In order to sell products these days - Madison Avenue, Hollywood, television, other publishers ... everybody exploits SEX  - but we'd never stoop that low
humor & sex
(a topic in the audio-interview above)
MAD magazine:
"In order to sell
products these
days - Madison
Avenue, Hollywood,
television, other
publishers ..
... everybody
exploits SEX
- but we'd never
stoop that low!"
You think our world would change?

If all the big oil men were having good Karezza, they would not be indifferent to the public, and push oil just to make money. They would become morally transformed in the process. Didn't they say in the sixties, make love, not war? They said it unconsciously, but actually it was true.
When people are full of love, they want to help others, they want to share beautiful things, they don't want to damage other people, they don't want to destroy nature in a greedy way.
Why are people greedy? Because they are not fulfilled. Right? What causes greed? Lack of fulfillment. If they are fulfilled completely there is no greed. There is a sharing automatically. That's the "kingdom of heaven".

So Karezza promotes love, not war?

If you are living a life of bliss, through Karezza and Tantra, you love everybody. There is no competition if you love everybody. If you love somebody you don't want to compete with them. You enjoy them.
And if you eliminate competition, you are eliminating the psychological principles of war. You see, competition means war. You grab this way, that way, at somebody else's expense, because things are limited. Money is limited.
But there is no limitation in Karezza. You can get all you want. Nobody can take away your bliss. Can I steal you bliss?
That could be the end of all wars. Why would people want to fight with each other, because we know from experience that people who learn Karezza are very loving. All the time. They love everybody. And when you are loving, you are not going to get into wars. Even competition becomes kind of a downer.
Why do we have wars? We have insecurity, lack of love, competition; it is like a psychological war in the field of business and social life. If you eliminate competition in society, aren't you eliminating wars? War is like trying to steal somebody else's things, it is competition for land etc. So if you eliminate that - won't the whole world change?

How would you want to summarize your life with Karezza?

In my life I first practised standard sex for 20 years, and after that, Karezza and energy-enhanced Karezza and Tantra, for 50 years.
To me, a life with Karezza and Tantra, it is like living a God-like, beautiful, ecstatic, blissful existence, beyond imagination. And practicing ordinary sex is like living in a sewer, in comparison.
In the future I think Karezza will become very common, probably a lifelong practice for most.

Read the first 10 pages of Energy-Karezza here.

Dr. S.Bass websites:
"A life with Karezza and Tantra, it is like living a God-like, beautiful, ecstatic, blissful existence, beyond imagination"

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