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We want to promote health independence and critical thinking.

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"Fasting is primarily a rest of the organism."


Rest the digestive system
= drink only water!

by Dr. H.M. Shelton, 1934

The Hygienic System is not a system of treating and curing "disease" and "disorder." It does not recognize the existence of hundreds, or thousands, of "diseases," but regards all of these many so-called "diseases" as varying expressions of the same thing. ...

Fasting is primarily a rest of the organism. There is no condition of "disease" in which rest of the vital organs is not of benefit to the whole organism. Rest gives all of the organs an opportunity to repair their damaged structures. Rest affords to organs that have been lashed into impotency by overstimulation, an opportunity to recuperate their substances and forces. ...

Fasting does not remove the toxins. This is done by the excretory functions of the body. Fasting only affords them the opportunity to perfect their work. ...

Fasting does not do anything. It really stops the doing. ...


To sum up, fasting, by affording the organs of the body a rest,
by withholding raw materials and by stopping the inflow of decomposition-poisons from the alvine canal,
permits the repair and recuperation of the organs of the body.

Fasting is not a cure; it will not cure any "disease." ...

A period of abstinence, or of very light eating, with rest in bed, and the giving up of enervating habits, mental and physical, will allow nature to eliminate the accumulated toxins; after which, if enervating habits are given up, and rational living habits adopted, good health will evolve and will be maintained so long as the individual continues to live correctly. ...

We do not claim that fasting cures disease, but simply that it enables the organism to heal itself.
What, then, does fasting do?

  1. It gives the vital organs a complete rest.
  2. It stops the intake of foods that decompose in the intestines and further poison the body.
  3. It empties the digestive tract and disposes of putrefactive bacteria.
  4. It gives the organs of elimination an opportunity to catch up with their work and promotes elimination.
  5. It re-establishes normal physiological chemistry and normal secretions.
  6. It promotes the breaking down and absorption of exudates, effusions, deposits, "diseased" tissues, and abnormal growths.
  7. It restores a youthful condition of the cells and tissues and rejuvenates the body.
  8. It permits the conservation and re-canalization of energy. ...

By Dr. H.M. Shelton, 1934

Enemas waste valuable energy!

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